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Starfleet Academy applications drop as civilian opportunities increase

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SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Starfleet officials reported today that the academy received its lowest number of applications in nearly three decades, as the organization struggles to reshape itself and compete against a growing number of civilian alternatives for deep space exploration.

“I want to make clear that while we did have a lower than expected volume of applications, the number of applicants still exceeded the number of available spots,” said Arun Mehta, Dean of Admissions at the academy. “This year’s incoming class continues the proud Starfleet tradition of upholding the highest standards.”

Yet many others, from retired officers to politicians, warn that today’s report shows the urgency needed to revitalize the venerated institution.

“I’ve been saying it for years,” said Councillor Antasa Dros of Peliar Zel II, who disagreed with Mehta’s assurances. “Even if you have more applicants than spots, fewer applicants means you have fewer choices from which to pick the best.”

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