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Lt Alexander Bishop - Murder or Self Preservation?

Dizmim ChNilmani

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((Rear Entrance - Dou'lempor))
:: Fortunately, the elements were working with Alex and his companions. Having been forced for the past week to work in very low light in an effort to save on their supplies, he had gotten very used to working in near darkness. There was just enough ambient lighting to provide what he and his team needed to be able to work comfortably enough to hold this rear exit. ::
:: Alex motioned to the other members. Since they were inside the ship, he did not want to give away their position by causing too much noise, so he resorted to hand gestures. Hopefully he remembered them all from his cadet years. First, Alex pointed at Lt. Barrett and signaled for him to watch the corridor to the left, then to Ensign Saavei to watch the doorway behind them. Finally, he signaled that he would watch the corridor to the right and to only speak if they had contact with anyone from any direction. ::
:: Alex could hear noises and shouting from within the corridor as it echoed off of the walls until it reached him.  The sounds were fairly far away and did not make him believe anyone would be coming in the next minute or two. His mind and heart raced in anticipation for what could possibly happen next. To be safe, he readied his bow and readied an arrow, but waited to pull back, he had learned through practice that holding the arrow back on a pulled bowstring too long would cause him too much muscle strain and he needed to be certain that the arrow would be able to hit its mark when he needed. ::
:: Several minutes walked by and he heard footsteps coming from down his corridor. He quietly tapped his foot behind him to try to alert his team that someone was coming. He peered around the corner waiting for someone to come towards them. He saw some light down the hall from around another corner start coming closer. ::
:: Three figures turned the corner and Alex caught a quick glance, there were two women, dressed like the ones they had fought and killed before and a man in his early twenties he guessed. This guy had a collar around his neck and did not dress like the women around him. Alex readied his bow. From past encounters, he knew it was a "Them or Us" scenario. ::
:: Fortune was on his side, the enemies that approached had not seen him yet. Alex ducked back behind the corner and waited. He [...]ed the arrow and pulled back, waiting for the enemy to finish their approach. He felt the presence of his companions come closer, they must have heard the footsteps of the people approaching them. ::
:: Alex signaled using the tip of the arrow that he would strike the one on the right first, then hoped that Ensign Saavei and Lt. Barrett would pick the other two and take them out, or incapacitate them somehow. As the slavers turned the corner, Alex loosed his arrow into the head of the woman on the right, killing her instantly. ::
Lt Alexander Bishop - C239112AB0
Chief Medical Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-90221-A
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