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Lt Cmdr Sinda Essen - Shanghai Shenanigans


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(( Earth – Mr Chongs food palace, Shanghai ))
:: Things had escalated quickly, to the point where the trio of commanders were left with a serious dilemma. Ess found herself wondering what Weston would do under these circumstances. Or Kells. ::
Gunman: You! American spy!
Hael: That ain’t good.. I mean.. No.
:: Ess heard Foster groan at Hael's response. ::
Gunman: You, stop talking!
Hael: I ain’ to good at that un’r pressure.
:: Tension levels in the restaurant were rising to the point where they were nearly ready to snap when Rustyy spoke again.::
Hael: So… I’m’a :: Raising his voice over the noises that hadn't stopped.:: Goin’ that’a way! :: He pointed towards the front door:: Ya’ll can call me when ya can!
:: It was about to happen. Ess didn't know exactly what Hael had in mind, but every standoff had a point where something snapped, and in this case it turned out to be Hael charging the gunman. The sudden commotion brought everyone in the restaurant to their feet and Ess couldn't see what was going on over their heads. There was a gunshot, followed by an acrid smell, and someone was running through the restaurant nearby. ::
Williams: That way! We should be safe in there!
Sinda: Are we all in one piece?
Foster: Well, I'm not shot yet. I thought policemen were supposed to be the good guys...
Williams: The police is probably looking for crime cartels. Given the status of this place it’s safe to say Mr Chong has deep pockets, if you get me. All the more reason to skip dinner and get going. This place will be crowded with cops soon.
Foster: If we want to make a break for it, now would be a good time.
:: Ess followed Williams as the taller man as he forced his way through the crowd towards the kitchens. They were already empty, pans and spilled food scattered across the floor, and the wide open rear door indicated the cooks had had the same idea as the officers.
The backyard was covered in walls with high fences on top and a small metal door led to a small alley. Alex took the lead and ran towards the door, his gun still in his hand::
Williams: Careful, where not out of harm’s way just yet. This side of town looks like the underground. Gang territory.
Sinda: Okay, take it slow. Hopefully your uniform will be enough to scare off any would be muggers. Let's put some distance between us and Chong's.
Foster: Right.
::They slid through the maze of alleys for several minutes, seeing nothing more threatening than a couple of stray dogs. Seemingly alone, they came to a stop in small courtyard strung with washing lines and damp laundry, and Ess lifted the pendant on her necklace, squeezing the small gemstone. She was rewarded with the familiar sound of a Federation communicator. ::
Sinda: =/\= Hael, speak to me. =/\=
Hael: =/\= I’m’a alive… :: He whined… :: Fer now. =/\=
:: Ess closed her eyes and let out a sigh. ::
Sinda: =/\= Thank the Prophets for that! =/\=
Foster: =/\= Are you hurt? =/\=
Hael: =/\= No, but I drank a lot of water… =/\=
Foster: =/\= ... =/\= ::His jaw lolled open a little:: =/\= Sea water? Are you kidding me? =/\=
Hael: =/\= I think I threw up ev’r’thin’ I ate since last week. =/\=
Foster: =/\= Yeah, well keep throwing up. That's probably the best thing you can do right now and sit tight until I can get to you. =/\=
:: Ess grimaced. She'd caught the smell of the ocean as they'd entered the city and even at that distance her Cardassian senses could detect the odour of rot and decay mixed in with the brine. Behind her Williams made a gagging sound. ::
Williams: BURP!
Sinda: =/\= Agreed, we'll come and find you. Are you safe where you are? =/\=
Hael: =/\= Yea’ I be good fer now. You good? =/\=
Foster: =/\= We're alive. Enough. =/\=
Williams: ::joining the conversation:: =/\= You know where you are? =/\=
Hael: =/\= ? =/\=
Williams: =/\= Might be a good spot to look for a ship or supplies. Anything interesting sight Mr Hael? =/\=
Hael: =/\= ? =/\=
Sinda: =/\= Keep out of site, we're on our way. When we get close I'll contact you again, Hael, and you can guide us to your location. Sinda out. =/\=
::With the com closed It was time to regroup::
Foster: what now?
Williams: Regroup, and lie low for the night. The police will be looking for Hael now.
Foster: ::He shook his head:: Now everyone knows Rustyy's face. He's a liability, isn't he?
Sinda: True. It's going to make things harder. We might well skip to plan B and find a ship to Singapore or Hong Kong.
Williams: They will probably look for him in the main city. We might be safe in the docks.
Sinda: You don't think the police will be patrolling the docks, too?
Williams: On the contrary, with the police seeking Hael in the city they might pull some guards back from the ports. Giving us some more room to work.
Sinda: In that case let's make the most of it.
Williams: Your call commander ::looking at Sinda::
:: Essen sighed and ran a hand through her hair. They'd planned on keeping a low profile, not being the subject of a police manhunt. And now they were sneaking through stinking, muddy alleyways searching for a half-drowned Chief Engineer. She looked up at the half-moon hanging in the sky above the city - somewhere orbiting it was the Conny, and if they couldn't find what they were looking for, the ship would remain stranded. ::
Sinda: We get out of here. Shanghai is too much of a danger for us now. We'll acquire a boat, as planned, but we're going to have to look for supplies elsewhere. I want us out of this city before sunrise.
Williams: Alright, the docks should be that way.
:: He pointed to the less illuminated part of the city. Ess sniffed the air, that same smell of fish rot and salt wafted from the direction Williams indicated. ::
Sinda: The dark, smelly part? ::she sighed yet again:: Of course it is.
Williams/Foster: ?
:: As the trio moved on. Ess found herself irrationally annoyed that her dress was pretty much ruined. ::
Lieutenant-Commander Sinda Essen
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Constitution-B
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Although not a joint post, I've nominated this one to highlight the simming of Foster, Williams and Hael mostly. All I did was piece it together!

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