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Ensign Rustyy Hael - I'm Blind...


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((Main Engineering))

::Oh how the engine room hummed out a tune similar to gospel to engineers. The constant vroom, vroom ,vroom Sent from my iPhone

::To most anyone else, the room would have sounded loud and obnoxious. But to the trained ear it sounded like a finely tuned, healthy machine... Like a doctor listening to a healthy heart.::

::Rustyy stood over the computers in charge of initiating and monitoring the QSD. He didn't exactly specialize in its operation, but he didn't really specialize in anything. He was an everything kind of guy. Made him feel more useful.::

::Rustyy had been almost fifteen minutes late to the morning shift. He had planned on working the graveyard. But apparently one of his 1st shifters had gotten sick the night before, so here he was in all his splendor. Bed head galore, wrinkled uniform and boots barely on with the laces tucked into his socks. But he had made it just in time to receive the Commander's call, so no harm no fowl.::

Lex: Good morning sunshine. ::The man mocked as he walked up on Rustyy.::

Hael: Hey, you the coffee delivery guy?

Lex: Nah, that would be your girlfriend, Penny.

::Rustyy turned to look at Lex and leaned against one of the many computers. He crossed his arms a shook his head with a smirk.::

Hael: Girlfriend? Ha! Not likely, you see me bein' the type fer datin' anoyone?

Lex: Please, you two spit fire at each other the same way people dance the salsa...

Hael: ::Balked at Lex.:: The crap that mean?

Lex: Seriously? Don't you know what kind of dance that is?

Hael: It's a dance? ::Looked slightly horrified.:: I thought you was talkin' 'bout food.

Lex: ::Paused.:: Ooookaaay... ::[...]ed his head. It just looked like to the rest of us that sparks were flying If you know what I mean.

Hael: ::Deadpan.:: I know what that means... Really? Ya'll thought that?

Lex: Oh yeah...

Computer: Message for Ensign Rustyy Hael from Dial.

Hael: Go 'head play it.

Dial: Hey hey. Actually I had hoped we could have dinner alone. Tell me what you think about that

Lex: Sounds like you got two girls into you... ::Baffled:: How does that work?

Hael: 'Into' me? What Dial? Nah we just friends is all.

::Rustyy turned to check on his computer. There had been a noticeable silence in the room. Lex hadn't said anything after Rustyy denied the supposedly interested girls.::

::He hadn't been on the ship for a week yet. Penny had a child, so dating a child was out of the question. And Dial wasn't exactly a female so would she even be interested in males? It wasn't something he had asked her about yet.::

::That and Rustyy wasn't into the whole relationship thing. It took to much work, you had to watch what you say to them AND to others. Rustyy was a flirt but no charmer.::

Hael: What don' believe me?

Lex: Can't say I do, man. Sounds like that nurse is asking you for a date.

Hael: ::Paused. Baulked at Lex.:: No, no way... Really?

Lex: Yeah man, she's asking you to dinner... Just the two of you... You know... Like what couples do....

Hael: Friends do that too.

::There was another moment of silence. Rustyy crossed his arms high on his chest and bounced from foot to foot. His mind now pacing through every time he hung out with Dial. ::

Haell: No... No freakin'' way...

::He bit his lower lip just as realization hit him like a Mack truck. He was being hit on and he didn't even realize it... But the thought of being in a relationship turned his stomach... Nope it wasn't something for him.::

Lex:: Yes way, what I want to know is how?

Hael: :::He huffed and puffed.:: You got me.

Lex: I mean no offense, you you're not much to look at. And most of the time you're kind of rude.

Hael: :::Deadpan.:: Thanks fer that.

Lex: Soooo are you going to go out with her?

Hael: I'll go to dinner, but only to let'er know I ain't in'erested.

Lex: Any idea why she was?

:: Rustyy shrugged, then pointed to his hair.::

Lex: Wow... Okay then.

Hael: Honestly I donno why. You know where we be goin' in such a hurry?

Lex: Why to change subjects... But no I don't.

Hael: Then what good are you? Don't you be gotten work to be doin'?

Lex: Sure, we'll go with that.

:: Lex smirked as he turned to leave. Rustyy once again stood alone in the secured room of the QSD.::

:: Slight panic began to set in. It wasn't that he wasn't into girls. Not by any means. But the thought... Of dating. Just not his thing. And why did either of those girls seem interested in him? Of all people.::

((Timeskip - Arrived at DS 285))

::Rustyy had found many ways to kill time. Mostly just twiddling his thumbs, getting coffee and bantering with those few engineers he knew. ::

::The call would come in to shut down the QSD because they had arrived at their location. Where that was, he didn't know but they seemed to get there in record time.::

Rajel: =/\= This is your Commanding Officer speaking. All of you have
received a message just this minute. This message is your Transfer
orders. A small part of the crew will leave us and has been assigned to
new ships. Thank you for your service and hard work, it has not gone
unnoticed. You have made us and Starfleet proud. The bigger part of the
crew is going to relocate to the USS Constitution effective immediately.
Please begin to pack your things and head to Docking Bay 45, where the
Constitution is located. You may use cargo transporters when needed. I
will see you on the Constitution. Bridge out. =/\=

:: Rustyy shared looks with his fellow engineers. The voice hadn't sounded like the commending officer Rustyy knew. D something... Now he was going to have to move again and try and remember another person's name...::

:: But just as the new commander had said, consoles scattered all over the engine room lit up with messages. Rustyy looked down and saw that he was one that would be going to the Constitution. As well as a few officers he knew and a few he didn't...::

Hael: Fer those of ya headin' out away from me, best of luck. :: He announced to the room.::

((Timeskip - Rustyys personal room - Constitution))

:: Rustyy hadn't yet bothered to really unpack. Not because he didn't thing he was going to stationed on the Apollo long. But because he was to lazy. The laziness paid off. It took minutes to pick up his things and walk over to his new ship... He couldn't wait to check out the new toys that was meant for this style of ship.::

Hopper: =/\= Hey Rustyy... You busy?=/\=

Hael: :: He tapped his comm badge.:: =/\= Not really.=/\= :: He threw his luggage onto the two seater couch...::

Hopper: =/\= Why doesn't that surprise me? =/\=

Hael: :: Grunted.:: =/\= Whatever.. What you be needin'?=/\=

Hopper: =/\= I need some help moving.=/\=

Hael: =/\= Um... Yeah sure I can do that... =/\=

Hopper: =/\= No don't go making this weird or anything. Room 17. Can you be here soon?=/\=

Hael: =/\= I ain't gonna make nothin weird, I'll be there in a jiffy.=/\=

(( Timeskip - Out Front Penny Hoppers Room - Apollo))

:: Rustyy stood outside Penny's room. The thought past his mind last minute that he might meet her daughter. There was a scary thought... He rang the doorbell.::

Hael: Can I come in? :: He yelled though the door.::

Hopper: Not yet! I'm in a towel! :: she yelled back.::

Hael: ::He paused. She was going to bite his head off for this one.:: I'm blind, it's okay.

Ensign Rustyy Hael
Engineering Officer
USS Constitution - B

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