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Lt. Commander Parker, " Cat Food"


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(( Jurassic Duronis II ))

:: Hannibals' senses were working over time...it seemed the place was literally crawling with things that would kill them. J'em Haddar were easy compared to this...::

PARKER: Something is watching us...

WALTAS::Quietly:: There's probably 50 things watching it watch us. DOWN! NOW!

:: Hannibal and Hannah hit the dirt, and felt the breeze of something large pass over him. Quickly rolling over and looking at the sky, Hannibal saw something he thought could only exist in the deepest pits of hell..except at the moment, it had just tried to kill the three of them. The creature reminded Hannibal of a tiger...a tiger far larger and anything he could have imagined, and this one had the added advantage of flight. Hannibal could see into its mouth, green fluid dripped from its fangs as it looked at them from where it landed, its roar filled the air. Hannibals' heart raced, and he heard Hannah gasp at the creature...::

WALTAS: Nice kitty..

Parker:: Keeping his voice even, then clicking off the safety of his rifle:: How would you like to housebreak that?

:: Hannah was not having it, and he saw her slide a booted foot back away from the snarling overgrown housecat...::

Martinez: I...I think it would be more interested in eating us than being a pet....Ideas, Colonel?

:: It was a primal fear which still manifested itself in humanoids...the fear of being eaten by another animal.Even in their time, some sentient beings regarded human flesh as a delicacy. While the three of them knew better than to run, it was getting more difficult to stay, but they had to do something...::

WALTAS: What do you want me to do, feed it kibbles?! We're its kibbles!

:: Hannibal was in no mood to be anythings' dinner, much less one of Commander Rossh's possible ancestors..::

PARKER::: That thing is beginning to [...] me off......

MARTINEZ: I vote for killing it.....

WALTAS::Shaking his head:: We can't kill it unless we have no choice.

:: Hannibal knew it was Hannahs' fear talking, and Tyr was right...they couldn't kill it unless they had no other options...and the creature was narrowing them greatly. Tiring of the staring match, Hannibal saw the creature settle back on his rear legs, ears pinned back, it eyes trained on the smallest member of the party...Martinez...she was out ahead of them and literally in no mans' land..::

Parker: Hannah...back up real easy.....

:: Hannibal issued his warning too late. With a speed which alarmed Hannibal, the cat pounced, with Hannah initially fending it off with her phaser rifle, the only thing keeping the cat from sinking its teeth into her. Hannibal leveled his phaser, firing around the cat o try to distract it, and Hannibal could hear the sound of gunfire, and could see the dust rising from the bullet hits and both Tyr and Hannibal closed on the hellcat. The creature leaped away from Hannah, and she rolled away, rifle at the ready. Now the creature was looking at Tyr at the source of its latest irritation, which left Hannibal slightly miffed...he was used to being the one everything usually shot at...::

WALTAS: Frak. Run!

: The three took off at a dead run, although all of them were weighed down with more than sixty pounds of equipment each. Hannibal would look over his should and see they were rapidly putting the hellcat behind him, but still they did not slacken their pace until they saw the cat stop, howling at the fact it had just lost its meal...they stopped, winded but alive, one of the reasons Marine training emphasized physical fitness. Hannibal knew a regular Starfleet officer might not have been as fortunate...::

WALTAS: Well...that was...fun...too bad we didn't have a ball of yarn.

Parker: And five gallons of catnip.......

Martinez::: Finally getting a chance to inspect herself for claw marks or other damage, and relieved she was only scared:: I'll make sure we bring some next time we have to go to Dino land...

:: Hannibal noted their shadows were gone, replaced by a gathering cloud cover...and the volcano rumbled its dissastisfaction. Looking down at his boots, he saw that they were gone, covered in mud. He tried to raise his boot out of the muck, but his greater weight only made him sink faster. Hannibal looked to his comrades, and found they were sinking as well...::

WALTAS: I'm beginning to hate this planet.

:: Hannibal was sunk down to his waist, Tyr was thigh level and Martinez was sunk the least amount, thanks to her lighter weight...::

Parker: This sure as hell ain't Risa....

Martinez: The desert in Arizona would be better....

:: And, as if their luck couldn't get any worse, a snarl from their feline friend got his attention...they had run into his trap. All the overgrown housecat had to do now was wait them out. The cat sniffed around the edges, then settled down on its haunches, licking its lips and looking at them expectantly. They were ambushed and trapped by a prehistoric feline, not exactly the way Hannibal pictured his death...::

WALTAS: And we were worried about the Admiral getting into trouble..

Parker:: sinking further:: Yeah...we were supposed to be protecting her....

Martinez: Yeah..when they find what's left of us they will know not to come here....

:: Before Hannibal could respond, his communicator beeped...::

BRELL: =/\= Brell to Commander Parker. =/\=

WALTAS::Raising a finger out of the sand just far enough to point a warning at him:: Not a WORD..

:: Relieved at being only a few seconds from freedom, and not wanting in any way to divulge their rathr precarious predicament, Hannibal tapped his commbadge, which was now almost buried...::

Parker: =/\= Parker here. Go ahead Lieutenant.=/\=

BRELL: =/\= We had to change our landing site, that storm overhead is about to turn nasty. I'm sending our location to your tricorders, we are about three kilometers from you. =/\=

WALTAS::breaking in:: =/\= Might want to give us a few moments Lieutenant. There are plenty of nasty pitfalls around here and predatory animals. =/\=

:: Hannibal and Hannah both stifled a grin...she was now taller in the trap than they were, and it was one of the few times she could look at either man eye to eye while standing up...::

BRELL: =/\= We could beam you over if you would prefer. =/\=

:: Brell didn't know it, but he had just saved them a world of embarrassment. The three of them would easily keep the secret of their "dishonor"...::

Parker: =/\= We would appreciate that, Mister Brell. Beam us up. Parker out.=/\=

:: As the transporter beam enveloped them, Hannibal looked at the cat and smiled, while Tyr gave a universally known finger symbol, while Hannah mouthed "frak you [...]!" as the transporter beam took them...::


Lt. Commander Hannibal Tiberious Parker
First Officer
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy

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