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Lieutenant Skyfire: I know them...

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

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((Palace of Her Majesty Virah-Latyi, Myla-Rothra City, 15,000 years ago))

:: As Ryan continued to recite, Chythar was trying hard to stay relaxed. He was remembering to breathe slowly. As he inhaled, he tensed and held his muscles which he released upon exhale. oO This is a really bad idea.... Oo ::

::The room began to grow quiet.::

King: If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, ::pause::

::With a wave of her flaps the Queen moved in toward Ryan, inching closer a look of impatient anger in her face as the level of her voice began to raise. Closing the distance surprisingly quick, her sinewy neck lowered until it sat squarely in line with his.::

King: oO She’s going to eat me. Oo ::softly:: Where's the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked?

King: (If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,) ::pause::

Tura-Fe: ( I think you've made your point, Human King. )

::Tru-Dar-Orr nodded his agreement. Clicking in his water voice, he turned to Tura-Fe.::

Tru-Dar-Orr: ::water voice:: ( On that we can agree. )

King: ...Davenport, turn the UT back on…

Virah-Latyi: Interesting. What was that he spoke?

:: It was actually a tongue twister, but tongue twisters were harder to describe than poetry. Surely a civilization like theirs must have some sort of a bardic aspect to it, so CD tried to explain with a bit of an exaggeration. ::

Skyfire: He just recited a poem in our native tongue. Which sounded presumably like nonsense to you. Much as your words first sounded to us.

Male Peppalexan: I don’t believe this trickster for a second…

King: ::Bowing:: I speak the truth your Majesty. ::Leaning his head back, Ryan snapped his neck around in an attempt to shake out his mane of long hair, emulating the neck flaps of the Peppalexans.:: Who are you that would question my integrity?

::The tall Peppalexan moved from the dais where the throne sat slowly, taking a moment to size up the young Ensign, he replied icily.

Tru-Dar-Orr: I am Tru-Dar-Orr, First Minister to Her Majesty. And you, my foul smelling trickster are a liar.

:: The queen seemed to shoot a displeased glance toward her first minister, though exactly what the emotion was Chythar had no idea. ::

Skyfire: Since our weapons demonstration failed, he felt it necessary to demonstrate our technology in another way. Our current communication seemed like a prime example. If there is to be any blame for Mr. King's actions, I accept full responsibility.

Tru-Dar-Orr: Weapons, you say? You bring weapons with you? :: as he turned to Virah-Latyi :: Your Majesty, it would appear that these. Outsiders come with ill intent.

:: The conversation seemed like it was getting worse. Given the events of the last four hours, Chythar was starting to doubt that he would get out of this alive. Especially after Ryan pulled his little stunt with the tricorder. ::

(( Flashback -- moments earlier ))

::As a spear was placed on the ground and the guard backed away, CD locked gaze with the ensign.::

Skyfire: Go ahead, Mr. King. Lowest setting you can.

:: Ryan frowned as he moved forward, hands raised to grab the device from the guard. Raising the phaser to eye-level, and there was a dull beep. He closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. The battery was dead. He pressed the button on the phaser as the room filled with the sound of gasps.::

King: ::to Skyfire.:: Dead battery, thankfully.

:: CD's eyes narrowed slightly at Ryan, but didn't go into the man's head. The look that was conveyed spoke volumes: 'Do not lie to me.' His gaze shifted back to the surrounding crowd and forced himself to relax. ::

::The noise in the chamber began to die down as they realized nothing had happened. And then the noise levels reached new heights. ‘Liars. Tricksters. Do not believe them!’::

:: CD's eyes narrowed slightly at Ryan, but didn't go into the man's head. The look that was conveyed spoke volumes: 'Do not lie to me.' His gaze shifted back to the surrounding crowd and forced himself to relax. ::

::The noise in the chamber began to die down as they realized nothing had happened. And then the noise levels reached new heights. ‘Liars. Tricksters. Do not believe them!’::

King: If you would allow us to prove ourselves in a different way? We can communicate through the most excellent device my colleague ::motioning to Davenport:: holds in his hand. But what about when we turn that off?

Skyfire: :: under his breath :: Please don't do anything stupid...

::Virah watched as they fiddled with something upon the items that bedecked their bodies.::

Virah-Latyi: What is that device?

::To her there was no answer, rather the man who had attempted to win her favour with compliments spoke to his companions before to her, and when he finally did, his words were no longer comprehensible.::

King: ::to Skyfire and Davenport:: (This should be fun.)

(( End Flashback ))

:: The one Chythar barely recognized as Tura-Fe , a creature of historical artifacts and finds. Much like their own Ian Dunross aboard the Garuda, this XY chromosome being was a man of science. ::

Tura-Fe: Your Majesty, if I may?

Virah-Latyi: You have my leave, Tura-Fe.

Tura-Fe: I urge you to consider their words. I have examined the relics my entire career. The ones they bring now... it is unmistakably of the same origin.

:: Chythar's hearing must have been affected by the knock on the head. Relics? What relics...? ::

Skyfire: oO We weren't here before! Oo

:: The First Minister seemed agitated. His tail and neck fins shifting to a fiery shade of purple. ::

Virah-Latyi: Your relics?

Tura-Fe: Please, just have a look at-

::The captain of the guard clicked his tongue.::

Je-San: That's enough, Tura-Fe.

Tura-Fe: No, it's not enough. These creatures are perhaps the greatest discovery in the history of our Kingdom.

:: Pandemonium erupted. The entire audience chamber seemed up in arms about the status of Skyfire's team being considered a discovery. CD thought it was strange. Then, there were alarms that echoed throughout the chamber. ::

Soldier: Captain! ::to Virah-Latyi:: Your Majesty!

Je-San: ::annoyed:: What is it?

Soldier: Fire falls from the sky!

Skyfire: oO Sky...fire....? Oo

:: Tru-Dar-Orr’s mouth curled again. He turned his neck to look to the southeast as a large fireball descended toward the city below, a menacing black trail of smoke in its wake. Pandemonium broke out for a brief moment as those in the audience chamber began to panic.::

Je-San: Protect the Queen at once!

:: She was surrounded by guards no more than two seconds after he gave the order. ::

Tru-Dar-Orr: ::His voice booming:: Silence in the Chamber of Her Majesty! ::Turning to Je-San:: Do your job, get the Queen to the protected rooms under the Palace!

Virah-Latyi: Wait…

::The large ball of fire come to rest just outside the city's walls, far off in the distance. The ground shook beneath them, throwing courtiers, tapestries and plush pillows throughout the Chamber.::

::Je-San turned back to the creatures, seething with anger.::

Je-San: Are you responsible for this?

oO Think fast, CD. Think fast. Oo

Skyfire : No, we are not.

Tru-Dar-Orr: Of course they are! They have rained fire down from the sky. Tricked us with their “weapons.” A true predator lays in wait for the moment to strike when least expected. Distractions. Tricks. ::pointing a taloned hand at Skyfire:: We are tired of your lies.

Skyfire : On my life, I am telling you the truth: we are not responsible for this. I suspect the same phenomenon that sent us here is the one that brought down this oO Think fast. Use a word. Oo fireball.

King: First Minister, our leader speaks the truth. We have not done, nor is it in our people’s nature to rain fire down from the sky. ::nodding to Skyfire.:: Though the unfortunate naming coincidence isn’t lost on me.

::Shouts erupted from the Chamber as the assembled Peppalexan’s fear and anger grew.::

Soldier: Your Majesty! It has landed on the outskirts of the city. It is some kind of sea-faring vessel from the sky!

Tru-Dar-Orr: An invasion force perhaps? Your Majesty, we must ride out to meet them in battle before it is too late! ...And we should bring these ::motioning to King, Davenport and Skyfire:: things to witness the destruction of their allies. ...And to pay for their deceit.

Davenport: ::raising his hand:: Excuse me, but doesn’t that seem like a bit of an overreaction?

:: Skyfire just stood there in silence, trying to come up with a response. He was spared from having to come up with one once the queen spoke again. ::

Virah-Latyi: Silence. Tru-Dar-Orr, reassure the people that all is under control. Jen-San, take some soldiers and assess the damage.

Tru-Dar-Orr: Of course, ::Bowing in formal supplication, his flaps prostrated.:: your Majesty.

Davenport: And what are you to do with us?

:: He nodded his thanks now that the ministir and guard captain were given something else to do. Otherwise he kept his silence, for dead docs weren't much fun or use to anyone. And he quite liked living, thank you very much. ::

Virah-Latyi: Our *guests* are to remain with me. Tura-Fe, you also. You mentioned some relics, let us see them now.

:: There was a long pause of what seemed to be hesitation from the historian, who seemed almost reluctant to obey. Chythar thought to himself oO Well, what are you waiting for? Oo as he glanced at Tura-Fe, but said nothing. ::

Virah-Latyi: I believe I commanded you to do my bidding.

:: Those who had been given other things to do took their leave, and the guards formed what Chythar thought was a kill circle around the primary, waiting to kill anyone who threatened her life. Despite how much training he was given in the art of combat, he didn't like it. ::

Virah-Latyi: Tura-Fe, lead.

::She paused, then added.::

Virah-Latyi: Skyfire...walk with me.

:: The guards did allow him access into their little circle with a bit of reluctance. CD's mind started to scream oO TRAP! Oo and he quickly clamped down on that in order to maintain his exterior calm. He allowed the neutrality to come into his voice with a practiced ease. ::

Skyfire: Of course, your majesty.

::As Tura-Fe led the small procession, Virah held back a bit to converse with man who, despite the attempts by one of the others, seemed to be the leader.::

Virah-Latyi: Tell me truthfully, is this of your doing?

:: The million credit question. Was the Garuda capable of creating these anomalous rifts they seem to have fallen through? No. Was it his fault that they they transported into a subspace fracture? No. Meaning it was an external influence that caused this to happen. And he was blameless. ::

Skyfire: On my life, I swear it is not so.

::She cast a sidelong glance at him.::

Virah-Latyi: I believe you.

:: He looked visibly relieved. All that tension he'd been holding since Ryan's stunt with the tricorder seemed to vanish away, thus making him relax. He wanted to hug his puppy. And wanted to get the hell out of here. In one piece. ::

Skyfire: I am glad to hear it. :: He paused, and attempted to read her features as his forehead creased in worry. :: You seem concerned, Your Majesty. Care to discuss it?

Virah-Latyi: I have had these dreams. I used to have them long ago, but they faded and with them my memory of them. When I was told of your coming, however, they returned and they have done so every night until I finally realized I must see you.

:: He was interested, and though not a psychologist, he knew the power of dreams. Or rather, he had some basic idea because of the fact it was a required medical class. Many Terran figures were psychologists and thought up amazing things about REM sleep. ::

Skyfire: Me, specifically? You have my attention, Your Majesty.

Virah-Latyi: There was a woman who seemed to be of the same species as you, even about your height. She had long, dark hair. It...waved, like the water does and her eyes were as green as my gills.

:: He thought about that long and hard, and was silent for a few seconds as he tried to think which of the crew, specifically which of his patients, matched that description. His brows arched for only a moment in surprise as he attempted to figure out who she meant. ::

Skyfire: What was her name?

Virah-Latyi: Name...her name was…

::She paused there as she tried to recall.::

Virah-Latyi: I believe it was...Al-Or-Uh.

:: Another second passed before his eyes widened. He wasn't the only one being transported through time -- she'd met Alora DeVeau. Oh man. He had to wake up from this hellish nightmare, soon. And then get checked out by the shrink to see if he was crazy. Again. ::

Skyfire: Alora....You met one of my crew mates.

Virah-Latyi: Did I? Are you certain?

Skyfire: I can't be sure until I see... :: He paused, swallowing his fear. :: ...the relics.

Tura-Fe: ::looking back:: Your Majesty...

Virah-Latyi: Ah, we have arrived. Perhaps you will have an answer awaiting you inside.

:: As they arrived at the great circular antechamber where all the "relics" had been placed, there was a giant rectangular table in the center with various items. All metallic. Gleaming like they were shiny new, or maybe slightly corroded. Things that Chythar recognized immediately: a tricorder, a type II phaser. a box of tools...? oO That looks like an engineering kit... Carter? Oo He continued staring at the objects for a moment longer before his attention was retrieved once more. ::

Davenport: :: Whispering:: There’s something off about this place…

King: ::quietly:: Ummmmm…

:: He walked over to another set of tables, numbering three. This time, each one looked more like a stone slab which almost reminded him of the layout of an autopsy theater. oO Suppress that thought, doc. Just do your job. Oo He realized also that the personal effects of each of the three cadavers had been kept with the bodies, presumably for archival purposes. And as he took a good look at the skulls, he began to sweat a little from nervousness. His face nearly went white as a ghost, and he swallowed hard. ::

Skyfire: I know them....

:: Three skeletons. Three uniform colors: red, gold, and teal. Three species: Betazoid, Rodulan, and Vulcan. One thing was for sure -- the remains weren't recent... but that still didn't explain how they got here. ::



Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire

Chief Medical Officer

Temporally Displaced

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