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Lt. Kaji - Lucky Break

Dizmim ChNilmani

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((USS Victory - Kaji Quarters))
Nugra: =/\= Nugra to Victory crew. As per Starfleet order 239203.04 hash 102, the crew of said ship is ordered to stand down from their duties and to be placed on temporary leave. What this translate is you all get free two weeks to do what you will. Please grab belongings that you will need from your quarters as when the refit begins, all possession's in said rooms will be tagged with your name and ID number, then stored in a transporter matrix buffer until refit is complete. I will be on Deck 65 of the Utopia Planitia main tower in office 2439 if you need me for anything. That is all. =/\=
::Kaji couldn't believe her luck. Two weeks of leave at the Federation's premier shipyards and then Iria's offer to take Ben to visit Mars. It was as if Fate had dropped a diamond in her lap. She waved Iria and Ben off, almost forgetting to kiss the little boy goodbye in her excitement. The door closed behind them, and she hurried to get the packing done as fast as she could. She tossed clothes into bags from each of their rooms, hardly bothering to check what they were. Moving to the bathroom, she scooped the toilitries off the sink counter, into another bag. A few toys, books, and games filled the last bag, and then she was done.::
::Taking the bags with her, she headed for a transporter. The technician found her allotted quarters in the database and within minutes, she was whisked away to her temporary home. The rooms were familiar, the same standard billeting design frequent across Starfleet. Two twin beds with trundle cots underneath, a dresser, desk, a small sitting area, a replicator station and a bathroom. Neutral colors everywhere, and abstract art graced the walls.::
::Kaji didn't bother to unpack, but left the bags in the middle of the room and headed out to inspect the base. Her PADD connected to the station's mainframe and downloaded a map of the place so she wouldn't get lost. She scrolled through it until she found what she wanted. A green line marked a route, and she watched it carefully as she meandered through the busy base.::
::Down at the end of a corridor, the green line ended at a door. Looking up at the real thing, she saw 6022.3 painted above the doorframe, and below that were the words "Record Room A". Kaji backed into a doorway, and waited until the hall was clear. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and shudders ran through her body. Another deep breath. Then she opened her eyes and stepped out into the corridor again. It took a moment for her to orient herself, the ceiling seemed much closer and the floor much further than normal. But she walked confidently up to the Records Room door.::
::A retinal scanner was located beside the door. She had to bend down a little to get centered on it, then the blue scanning light washed over her eyes. The computer chirped a greeting, and the door swished open.::
::The room was filled with busy technicians. A few looked up at her entrance and visibly blanched. Several scooted out the door behind her. She approached a terminal and glared at the nervous lieutenant who manned it. He coughed and backed up, guesturing for her to take over. Another glare encouraged him to seek occupation elsewhere and he hurried off. Sitting down, she had to adjust her center of gravity so the small chair didn't tip over. She scrolled through meaningless information until the other techs got bored and went back to their work. Typing was surprisingly difficult, and she had to stretch her fingers a few times to get them limber enough to reach all the keys. Soon she was running well, though. Schematics and blueprints flashed across the screen. Detailed engine designs and ship diagrams. She fished a small information drive from her pocket but dropped it, her fingers thick and clumsy. She looked around, then quickly retrieved it from the floor. She sat it on the desk in front of the screen. It recorded everything on the screen without downloading directly from the mainframe. The information was well guarded, and a download like that would have set off alerts all over the station.::
::Soon the recording was finished. She spent a few minutes deleting her history and setting up a false one showing a series of files on old starcraft. She stood and calmly left the room, nodding to the technician she'd booted as she went.::
::She went straight back to her quarters, walking quickly and confidently to discourage anyone from stopping her to talk. Once back in her room, she went into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. Breathing heavily, she let herself melt into the tub, exhausted from her little adventure. She would get up in a bit and put the drive somewhere safe, but right now it was time for a little nap.::

Lt Talia Kaji

Chief Counselor
USS Victory
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