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Ensign Shayne: Confidence Afterglow

Alex Blair

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((Deck 1- Bridge, U.S.S. Gemini))
::Shayne sat back hard into his chair. The brazen, self-assured confidence that had flowed through him like a drug was causing him to crash. Hard. He felt a little sick. His eyes were wide, as if they were saying, "Holy cow, what was that?" The chirp of a commbadge disrupted his musings.::
Konstava: =/\= Chief Konstava to Ensign Shayne. Could I borrow a word for a moment sir? =/\=

Shayne: =/\= Ah, yes, Chief. What, um-What can I do for you? =/\=

Konstava: =/\= I have just been informed that the Transporter system has just blown out. Something that should not have been possible under normal circumstances given the modifications I helped implement. If it is not too much trouble sir, would you mind explaining what just transpired? =/\=

::Shayne was suddenly feeling constricted, almost mortified, by the chief's innocent question. He knew he needed to respond, but he felt as if he spoke, he would spew his last meal all over the deck. He'd experienced this phenomenon many times before, and over the years he'd learned a few tricks for getting past it. So he took several deep breaths and, in an almost comical maneuver, licked his wrist, which had a small amount of salt on it. His speech returned, but he knew it wouldn't be long before a relapse, so he rushed through.::

Shayne: =/\= Ah, uh, I, um, I modulated the deflector to emit an anti-proton pulse which briefly allowed both our transporter and that of the, um, Klingons to-to, um, to integrate, in a sense. Then I modulated our beam to use the Klingon's beam as a sort of carrier, which allowed me to lock onto their transporter room, deep inside the ship, and actually beam most of it straight out of there, along with Captain Clarkson. The transporter was never meant to handle such an uncooperative load all at once, and that's probably what did it.=/\= ::Almost nonsensically, he began to apologize:: =/\= I'm sorry, I just had a flash of inspiration, and, oh, you think I'm mad--=/\=
::Thankfully the Chief put an end to his blubbering rather quickly::

Konstava: =/\= Mad sir? Quite the opposite in fact, I should imagine they’ll be naming that little piece of trickery the Shayne manoeuvre. I shall have to remember it for future reference so I can plan equipment modifications appropriately. You should be very proud of what you managed to achieve. =/\=

::Shayne almost let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Now that the chief had given him some reassurance, his controlled demeanor began to return.::
Shayne: =/\= Oh, um, thank you, Chief. (Ahem). I'm sorry about the mess down there. =/\=

Konstava: =/\= Not a problem sir, thank you for speaking with me. If you ever want to just talk shop, my ear is always open and you’ll normally find me in the Twin star lounge, Chief Konstava out. =/\=

::Shayne leaned back into his chair, as a smile began to creep across his face. If he was correct, he'd just made the first impression he was hoping for::
oO Well, that went well Oo
Ensign Randal Shayne
U.S.S. Gemini
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