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Peace talks between Brekka and Ornara end with a fistfight


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Stardate 239201.19
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ORNARA — Peace talks between the two civilizations of Ornara and Brekka came to a spectacular end today when an Ornaran ambassador threw a fist at a Brekkian delegate.

The sudden aggression by Ambassador Wenrequi Cartop was reportedly caused by "an offensive remark regarding the Ornaran people" from the Brekkian delegate Renei Oberm. The Brekkian delegate denies this remark was ever made.

Having finally removed the addictive drug felicium, of which was initially supplied to the Ornarans by the Brekkians to combat a fatal plague many years ago, from the streets of Ornara, the peace talks between the two were supposed to abolish murmurs of war between the two races and ease the tense relationship built up since the Starfleet intervention in 2364, when it was revealed to the Ornaran race that the Brekkians were exploiting them for a better lifestyle.

Since then, the Ornarans have become a thriving race, now a unified planet and having become warp capable in recent years. The Brekkians, however, have simply stalled in their current way of life.

"Despite reports of their own technological advances, the Brekkian race still heavily rely on Ornaran engineering," says Ornaran representative Kyyn Serrenor. "They are in severe disarray. Brekka have several different governing entities, all of whom want something different for their part of Brekka, making it difficult to work with their 23 ambassadors. Parts of their world are at the present moment facing things like famine and interstate conflicts—as much as they deny it, they need our help."

Regardless of the urging by his fellow delegates, Oberm is not pressing charges against Cartop - though if the peace talks are to resume, a statement by the Brekkians demands a formal public apology by Cartop on Brekkian soil;

"We believe that it is in Brekka's best interests that we withdraw from negotiations with a race of whom obviously cannot control their own aggression until such a time Ornaran Ambassador Wenrequi Cartop gives a formal public apology on Brekka for the assault on Delegate Oberm."

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