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Ensign Severina - Let's Start at The Very Beginning


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(( SB118 - The Night Garden ))
Sinda: Looks like we're in the right place.
:: Dotted around the park were various groups handling a variety of different instruments with a staggering amount of inexperience. They appeared to be musical workshops. Ess glanced to their right where a Vulcan tutor was having her calm emotions solely tested by a gaggle of Tellarites murdering Vulcan harps. ::
Severina: Rather too many options if you ask me - I don't suppose just asking people will get an honest answer?

Wilmer: response
Sinda: I guess there's a clue around here somewhere?
Severina: How about those Tellarites...? ::Pointing towards the greatest amount of noise Lydia added, :: They seem to not fit in and are clearly torturing the Vulcan - and my nerves incidentally.

Wilmer: response
Severina: For one thing I would have assumed they would prefer a percussion instrument, something that fits a Tellerite hand better. And for what it's worth I would be inclined to interrupt just to make the noise stop.
:: Essen found herself grinning at that. ::
Sinda: I hadn't thought about the shape of their hands to be honest. Seems you pick up on the little details, Ensign, I guess that's how you ended up in Security?
Severina: I have found it to be a very useful skill.
Sinda: Exactly. It's not all about just pointing your phaser at the bad guys.

Severina: ::Amused, she answered.:: Well no, sometimes we need to use our brains rather than brawn.

Wilmer: response
:: Luckily for everyone's sanity, the Vulcan tutor called a halt to the harp lesson. The Tellarites looked surprisingly pleased with themselves as they stood up and starting a good-natured argument about who was in tune and who wasn't.
Ess exchanged a glace with both of her colleauges - assigned to the Apollo for less than a day and here she was about to humiliate herself in front of her fellow crew. On the plus side, even with a broken hand, she wouldn't be as bad as the previous bunch. ::
Severina: Hooray...that's finished. ::She said it softly so as not to offend, just loud enough that the others would hear.::

Wilmer: response
Sinda: Here goes nothing...
:: They stepped forward and the Vulcan motioned them to sit and narrowed her eyes at their appearance. ::
Vulcan: You are the crew from the USS Apollo-A?
Severina: Yes we are.

Wilmer: response
:: The Vulcan motioned to someone behind them. Ess turned to see another woman approaching. Her elegant dress and elaborate hair, complete with live flowers, suggested a Betazoid. ::
Havnor: Welcome! ::she clapped her hands together enthusiastically:: Welcome, brave Starfleet, to the Night Garden. I am the owner, Lillian Havnor, and I believe I have a task for you.
Severina: I can hardly wait. ::Now now, sarcasm was unbecoming and she needed to change her tone, so she forced a smile.::

Wilmer: response
Havnor: Oh I guarantee it will be interesting!
:: As she spoke, the Vulcan tutor stepped forward and provided a musical instrument to each of them. Ess accepted an interesting, long instrument made from a deep jade-green wood. A long neck protruded from a curved body and five taunt strings ran the entire length. ::
Havnor: Ah! The Caitian viola. A most beautiful instrument. Caitians usually play it with their claws but other species have to make certain adaptations... ::she handed Ess a curious glove made from supple leather:: If you can master it you will truly be the envy of your friends! Not an easy one to play, however...
Sinda: Well, great, I'd hate this to be too easy after all...
:: Lillian turned to Ensign Wilmer. ::
Havnor: And to you, Sir, a Risian lute. Have you ever played a Vulcan lute?
Wilmer: response?
Havnor: No? Oh well, I'm sure you'll pick it up all the same. They are very similar.
Wilmer: response
Havnor: And, of course, I have saved the best for last for you, my dear
Severina: You have? ::Havnor held out - a - a - something that vaguely resembled an instrument or a work of art. Baffled, Lydia took it, turned it around, tried to work out and finally gave up and just asked, :: What is it?
Havnor: I was hoping you would ask! Why it's a Klingon accordion of course. I'm sure you will be a master in no time!
Severina: Oh. Oh, I see. Uh...thank you. ::Great, the accordian looked rather like a complicated piece of Terran origami combined with the results of a transporter accident.::
Havnor: Ah, the task, yes! You three are tasked with coming up with a unique piece of music, to celebrate diversity. Once done, I'll provide you each with a recording for you to take back to your ship.
Sinda: Severina, I think you're the only one with any experience. Shall we follow your lead?
Severina: ::Great, turning it around she managed to work out which part had the keys - :: Sure. I think. ::Try to sound confident -::

Essen/Wilmer: response

Severina: Now have either of you ever played an instrument?

Essen/Wilmer: response

Severina: Or did you take any music classes....? Learn some songs in childhood? ::She ran a hand over the keys and the accordion let out a noise that sounded like a dying targ...oh fabulous, this was going to be just fabulous.::
OOC: Not sure if they have musical skills or not so leaving this open ;)
Ensign Lydia Severina
Security Officer
USS Apollo-A
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