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Disclosure of Information Gathered

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Please be aware:

- This forum system has a function which allows Global Moderators and Admins to view the IP address of every member. This is in place to ensure that members who cause a nuisance can be effectively banned.

- Most popular forum software systems are built on the PHP scripting and mySQL database systems. These are by no means "secure", in the sense that the administrator of this site has access to all private messages that are sent within the system.

- No personal information is collected on any user beyond what he or she fills out in the registration, and their IP address which is collected for security purposes, as noted above. We do not sell e-mail addresses, and indeed take steps to ensure that non-members do not have access to them. Even using the back end of the mySQL database, we can not access your real name, address, or any other personal information beyond what you have supplied.

- Although we do not collect personal information, or sell your email address, upon registration, your email address, username or IP address may be checked against anti-spammer databases to ensure you are not a spambot.

- Your password is changable by Global Admins (Wolf and Aquiss). If necessary, they are authorized to change your password for the purposes of: assisting in fixing a board problem. (i.e.- Logging in "as you" to ensure that an error is no longer occuring.) We do not suggest that you use a password which is of any personal importance to you. Furthermore, it is never advisable that you give your password to anyone here. The admins have no need of your password (as we can change it, or disable your account via our administrative tools), and thus will never ask for it. Giving your password to anyone is a risk that may allow your information to be changed on the boards -- leading to a possibly embarassing situation.

- You should never give out your home phone number, address, social security number or (duh) credit card number anywhere on these boards.

Direct any questions to the forum admins.

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