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Ens Imsary and Ens Ilwary - We're going to...


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((Road of the Mind))

::Being stuck in the mind was never funny, but being stuck in somebody else’s mind was even less.::

::Sayre was aware they are in Ireya’s mind, he could make some minor changes in the environment, but everything here was far too playful and in pink-purple shades, that it was obviously girls playground. He was pretty overwhelmed with a smell of thousands of flowers. Most of them were pretty familiar, but the size was wrong. They were all oversized. Oversized so much he thought they fell into a giants land.::

::So fully aware that they are in her mind, Sayre was afraid if he will not follow her he may get lost in her mind and never be able to leave this maddening place he was following her like a lost puppy. His life was not a bed of roses and he was afraid of returning, but all the counseling he has been through after the torture in the hands of Orion Slavers taught him that there is no escape that would be worth of losing a life.::

IMSARY: I don’t want to die, Ireya. Please, let me go.

ILWARY: But I’m not holding you.

IMSARY: You know you are, please don’t do that. I want my life back.

ILWARY: Let me play just a little more, please.

::And that is how it was always ending. She didn’t want to listen. In this imaginary world she was normal, healthy woman who could run and jump and climb trees and swim freely and even fly of her own will.::

::Ireya run to the flower jumped up and rocked it to swing. She was happy and Sayre sat leaning on the tree with his back to her crying. He was not happy. It is true that here he could forget his fears and pain, but slowly he was also forgetting people he knew and it was obvious this was leading them to madness. They were losing themselves.::

::Tears dried on his face and Ireya was tired, so the night fell on the realm of her mind and she approached him and sat by his side. As it always was, he hugged her and made her warm to can rest. He was afraid to rest in the darkness. It was frightening.::

::That last for days, maybe months or even years. It was impossible to measure time in this place. Ireya was still playing like a child who never had a chance to play before... what she actually was... and Sayre, he was crying more and more.::

::Their verbal fights were more often and he was losing faith that they will ever end it.::

IMSARY: Tell me about your mother, Ireya!

ILWARY: What about my mother?

IMSARY: What color is her hair, her eyes? What is her favorite color?

ILWARY: It doesn’t matter, Not here, let’s play...

::Sayre was trying to recall the color of his mother’s hair. He knew it. Somewhere in his mind there was the fact that it was brown, but was it dark, light? Did it have some grays in it, some red locks... he couldn’t remember and he knew same is with Ireya. He was trying to shake her with his questions, but she was too happy to listen.::

::He was wrong, though. She was afraid of his questions and was afraid more and more. But every time she was trying to think of her parents, first picture in her mind was of ugly male Orion face. And a pain! She knew the pain, she knew the sorrow, but this pain was more than anything she ever felt before and it was too much for a gentle Betazoid.::

ILWARY: How did you endure that?

IMSARY: I was thinking of my mom and all the loss she experienced during the war. I knew I can’t abandon her and had to make it through.

ILWARY: You never thought Starfleet may forget you?

IMSARY: Never!

ILWARY: You think they care for us now?


ILWARY: But I don’t want to be who I am. I want to be perfect...

::She jumped and flew away from him and Sayre cried again. After some time she returned laughing, all wet from running, her sweat was smelling... it was actually not smelling so bad. But Sayre was angry, he was mad.::

oOAquonazine 10cc stat!Oo

::The thought created a bucket of water with ice cubes inside and he laughed with fire in his eyes and threw the water on Ireya. She screamed and screamed, but the bucket was again full of ice-cold water and Sayre threw it on her all over again.::

ILWARY: You can’t do that, this is my mind.

IMSARY: Really? ::He threw another bucket of ice water on her and she screamed again.::

::Ireya wanted it to stop, but then again she didn’t want it...::

((ICU Unit ~ USS Atlantis))

::Ireya Ilwary was screaming her lungs out and Sayre Imsary by her side was laughing like madman on drugs. Nurses were trying to keep them from tearing each other’s hand when they both opened their eyes and looking at the hands let go of each other. Nurses removed neural inhibitors that held them together, separating their minds.::

ILWARY: I’m... co..cold.

::What seem like eternity for them, was 30 hours. They were awake, but tired and soon they were both sleeping again, but this time healthy and restful dreams.::

To be continued...

Ensign Ireya Ilwary
Science Officer


Ensign Sayre Imsary
Engineering Officer

as SIMmed by
LtJG Wanda DyAmone

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