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  1. Greetings all, I'm David, I'm from the sunny East Midlands of England. I've been a trek fan all my life pretty much, odd that I've only recently found this group. Well I look forward to start training and getting to know you all.
  2. As Jala stepped off the transport she ran her hands through her, slightly willy black hair, although usually confident she felt somewhat shy standing here. 4 years at the academy, even there she felt out of place, however here she definitely did, in a sea of starfleet uniforms and civilians. She caught the odd glance from people as she strolled through. "Guessing they don't get too many Orions here?" She muttered as she passed through the arrivals area into the main hub. Starbase 118, she slung her pack over her shoulder and headed to the balcony and watched the swams of people on the floor below go about their day. "New arrival?" The voice made her jump as she turned to face a starfleet officer, she glanced at his pips, he was a Lieutenant and stood to attention. "Cadet Jala O'connor, here for my Cadet cruise sir." He smiled. "At ease." He stood next to Jala "Its my favourite place here, watching the new cadets and people come and go, not this much traffic on a starship." Jala smiled and lent with her back against the balcony. "Anywhere the action is, that's were I'll go." She smiled as she imagined what laid out infront of her, all the wonders that awaited, all the adventures and heartbreak. "Well, best be off, see you around Cadet. Look forward to seeing you out there." With a smile he started to walk away. "What's your name?" Jala called out, he looked back smiling. "What kind of name is O'connor?" He called back asking. "Not my mother's." He laughed gave and wave and disappeared into the massing crowd. She sighed, "should of asked earlier." She turned around and looked back over the balcony. She was going to enjoy this, very much. Jala O'connor Orion/Human
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