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  1. Runabout Wolga, nearing Starbase 118 The runabout felt cramped after being on the Sovereign for over two weeks. It had been a rather unusual way to transport a class of new cadets, but Captain Frovegh had apparently offered to shuttle them as she was heading out here anyway. While on the bridge of the starship, he’d felt the urge to be at the helm, but of course that was not allowed. He had not been commissioned yet, so he wasn’t allowed to be on active duty. Instead he’d spent as much time as he could on the holodeck simulating various ships and manoeuvres. Now the time was finally here. The Captain had decided that instead of docking, the cadets would take a runabout to the station while the ship continued on its course, and Taban had relished the idea of getting to steer something, even if it was just a transport. But after six hours being confined to such small quarters with a dozen others, he was starting to wish he was back n the ship. Starbase 118 came into view, and he was immediately struck by the sheer size of the station. Easily bigger than the McKinley facility in Sol, or DS9 orbiting his native Bajor. He docked the runabout, and then waited for his former classmates to leave. Despite having spent the last four years at the academy with them, Taban had never really been considered one of them. He’d been introverted, a loner. Spending most of his free time reading books, preferring actual paper copies over digital whenever he could find them, he hadn’t made many friends. And the two friends he had made had been sent to K7 for their final training. He stepped onto the station and he felt as small as he head that first day at the academy. He looked around and soon made his way to the central hub, from there heading up towards the administrative area to get his next orders.
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