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  1. Full name: Finnley Quinn Paxton III Species: Human Gender: Female Age: 23 Finnley tied back her medium length blond hair and stuffed her PADD away into her tightly packed duffle as she felt the transport complete the docking sequence. “We’re here”, she said as she nudged her new found friend Tavish awake. Finnley was a “Marine brat” as they say and moved around growing up which fostered her ability to make quick friends. Together they grabbed their duffles and leisurely made their way on to the Starbase. Upon entering the main room, Tavish put a hand on his stomac
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm Dorothy. I live in Huntsville, AL (also known as the Rocket City) and I'm an Aerospace Engineer. I grew up watching Star Trek and have always been a fan, it's part of what inspired me to become an Aerospace Engineer in the first place! I haven't done a ton of writing (insert joke about engineers and writing), but I do have a creative side and I was looking for a good outlet to express my creative half and improve on my writing skills when I stumbled upon Starbase 118 via a Google search. I've honestly never quite done anything like this before, but I'm really excited to b
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