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  1. R'Ariel waved at the transport pilot, as she stepped out into one of Starbase 118's many shuttle bays. The trip from Starfleet Academy had been uneventful, but enjoyable. The transport had brought more than a Cadet passenger fresh from the Academy who was (mostly) eager for her Cadet Cruise, but it had also included a young pilot, unsure of himself in his new marriage, and ended with a more confident, self-assured, slightly-counseled Pilot, who had enjoyed his unofficial session with R'Ariel during the trip. "I know you will do great, look at all you have accomplished so far", R'Ariel remarked. The pilot nodded, waved, and departed with the shuttle and a smile. Truth be told, she was having some confidence doubts herself. Counseling the newly married shuttle pilot had helped boost her own confidence (not that she had any experience being married, or likely ever would). She had enjoyed the Academy, they were more accepting of her hybrid nature, than most prior-to-Academy experiences, and now the Academy was behind her. R'Ariel looked at the Padd containing her orders, and realized how much time she actually had before reporting in. With a few basic navigational inquiries of the station computer, she found her feet and made a mild-mannered entrance into one of the social establishments. Taking a seat near a window, she deliberated on her choice of drink. Would she go with one of her old favorites, or on such an occasion as this, try something new? What can I get you Cadet? inquired a friendly, but tired waiter. R'Ariel smiled at the waiter, seeing her own reflection in the window behind him, a reflection of herself disappointed in herself for not having decided just yet. "Maybe you should get some milk, just be careful not to get it all over all that hair you have, you don't want to be a mess for your Cadet Cruise." the Deltan side of her reflection seemed to say, silently chiding at her half-Caitian heritage. She closed her eyes, and shook her head, before opening them again, intent on replying to the waiter. Her reflection had changed in the window this time. "You wish getting milk on your fur was a problem, you don't even have a single wisp of hair or fur on your entire face" her Caitian heritage silently rebuffed. R'Ariel looked up at the waiter, with an apologetic look. She half wanted to ask the waiter if he agreed she was an ugly Deltan for having all that hair, or an ugly Caitian for having no hair on her face, or if perhaps, as she endeavored so arduously -if her meticulous attention to style, makeup, and the like, sufficiently covered her unappealing features... "You know what they say about the psychiatric field... it starts with the person wearing your own shoes." R'Ariel quipped with a well rehearsed chuckle. A confused waiter replied, "Which drink was that?" -Cadet R'Ariel Caitian/Deltan Hybrid Academy Counseling Major
  2. "Hello Here!" Everyone calls me Kat. I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. And shocker, I will be playing a diminutive Caitian Deltan hybrid, and chosen position - Counselor (so original). It is great to be here!
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