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  1. Sliding a duffel bag from his shoulder, allowing it to drop to the floor at his feet a young man stands looking around the hallway outside the docking port. A hand idly brushing away a lock of brown hair from his eyes he tilts his head and lets out a barely noticeable sigh: "Now where to go next. Sir, a moment, I need to report to...". The officer he tried to catch the attention of keeps walking down the corridor. Once more he tries: "Excuse me, I'm Sakinth. Cadet Sakinth... I need to report for cadet training, but I lack the knowledge of the layout of this particular starbase design." The officer he asked looks at the young Vulcan man, noticing an almost imperceptible hint of... embarrassment? "You'll need to go down there, take the turbolift, go to..." the officer patiently explains where the new cadet should go. As the cadet jogs off to the turbolift the officer waits a second before calling out: "Cadet, your bag.. " and then turning around with a grin and walking on himself. As Sakinth returns for his bag he looks after the officer, picks up the bag and starts to follow the directions again. Half an hour later, after he has reported and stowed his gear in his assigned quarters, Sakinth studies a map of the station and makes his way to the promenade. (( Not my best work.... my grandfather in law will be passing away and I must admit my mind is not fully on it. I also requested a delay in training because of that... ))
  2. Greetings and salutations, I am Jos, from the Netherlands. Love Star Trek, love D&D, love fantasy, love cooking... love my wife 🙂 Love far too much really. In daily life I'm in I.T., but currently 'in between jobs'
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