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  1. Thank you! I'm still searching my emails for instructions, but I couldn't wait to let some people know about my character
  2. The slight twitching that came from his eyes were not noticeable to someone just standing there. It was down to the tiniest micrometer. It was noticeable to him though. The grey eyes stared at the mirror before closing slowly. Upon opening them, they shifted to a shade of dark blue before settling back to a piercing royal. Lifting his hand, he switched on his portable razor, and continued the process of cleaning the hair from his jawline and upper lip. He had enjoyed not having to shave his face over the past 4 weeks. It did take an extra few mins off of his day if he didn't have to continue the grooming regime. The scruffy 1 month growth had hidden a smooth and angular jawline, a young look that was offset by the mess of hair atop his head. He had finished cutting his hair earlier, straightening the lines and keeping it now out of his eyes. He could have passed for a human with the amount of hair that he had atop his head, now, there was no denying the Vulcan heritage that he had. Dressed in a plain set of black clothes, the pants tailored to his legs that led down to his boots. His top, a close fitting ribbed turtle neck with a grey jacket over it. He did have a small Star Fleet Medical symbol attached to his collar. He looked at himself again before he finished shaving his face and doing one last warm rinse to his skin. Drying his face off with a towel, he placed it away in the disposal before clearing his throat and closing his eyes once more. He stepped back, picking up the sling bag from the ground next to him before he replaced his grooming kit within the depths of the pressed brown leather. Replacing his jacket, he turned and moved to the sliding doors, stepping out onto the promenade and looking from left to right at the bustling people on the Star Base 118. "I see you've returned to looking presentable." A stern voice came from around the pillar next to him. Silor turned his gaze to the Tall Vulcan who appeared from his resting place beside the pillar. "I was never not presentable" he replied crisply as he turned and joined his father. "Your presence here, while welcomed, is not needed." He said as the two turned and walked together. "I was there at your birth, I was there when you took you first steps, said your first words." The elder Vulcan slowed his pace slightly, folding his hands over his sternum before stopping and stand still. "I did not miss your graduation from the Vulcan Science and Medical Academy, I did not miss your graduation from Starfleet." Blue eyes cast from Sivok's gaze to his son. "And now, I do not intend to miss watching my son, Dr.....Cadet... Silor take his steps to board his cadet cruise." "Is this where we are?" Silor asked as he lifted a brow. "Are you here because you are proud, or because you are still atoning for something?" "I am not ashamed for saving my son." Sivok said as he maintained his even gaze. "I would do it again." "What you did...." Silor said, the slight raise in his voice causing his lip to tremble before he consciously settled himself back down. "I failed the rite or Kohlinar.." "It was not your doing." Sivok rebutted before he shook his head and took a step forward. "Not your shame to bear, or your failure." The older Vulcan came to stand in front of his son, reaching out to place a hand on his chest. "I was selfish." He looked down before he removed his hand. "perhaps I am not the best teacher when it comes to our ways. I saw my son in a bloody mess on the floor, all of that training and life, and potential slipping through my hands." He paused, "I was not ready to see you go." He blinked before he inhaled deeply, releasing the calculated breath. "My son, you have always worked hard. All of your life. And because of me, you will have to work even harder now." He wet dry lips before he took a step back. "But I do not believe that this is an undertaking that you cannot handle." "That I am to be made a pawn in some game that your high council and Starfleet wou..." Silor blinked and shook his head. "Not a game, Son." A sudden coolness rushed over Silor's being as he stared at his father. "I do not require your presence any further at this point in time." He felt his heart hurt. "If you wish to stay, I will take your blessings with me as I continue. And I hope you take my blessings home to mother." Silor looked down before lifting his gaze back to his father. "Live long and prosper, Father" he lifted his hand in the traditional Vulcan gesture. "Live long and prosper, my Son." Sivok said as he returned the gesture, watching as his son turned and continued on, through the myriad of people making their way through the base.
  3. Hello people! I just wanted to drop in and say hello OOC before I make a post to let you know who my Character is! I'm Jon, and I work full time at a local Police Department. I'm also a full time Student and full time Dad! I do have time to write, so I would enjoy the interaction and release that comes with writing. Looking forward to going through training with you all.
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