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    Avid outdoorsman and world traveler. Right into snow sports and mountain biking. In my downtime I do a bit of gaming.

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  1. The transport ship dropped out of warp, entering the sector of space where Starbase 118 is located. The new cadets on board all move to the ships window to get they're first look of the space station. Excited chatter filled the cabin as the cadets drank in the view of where they would recieve they're first assignments and postings. They largest of the groups on the ship all centered around a tall handsome young dark haired man, talking confidently as the group watched and listerned in awe. He boasted about stories of his time at starfleet academy, about how he impressed all of his instructors and how an Admiral was preparing something special for him on his first assignment. No one was really paying much attention to the one person in the cabin sitting by themselves at the edge on the window, only occasionally looking up from his book to observe the commotion of the group and take in the view of the starbase as the ship entered it's docking pattern. He had kept to himself for most of the trip. Only moving from his seat to take a meal or cup of tea from the replicator. Cadet Derik Mulligan, a 25year old human from Earth of average height and dirty blonde hair. In his youth he moved around Earth with his family, so when he was accepted into starfleet, the change to a life of structure was shock to the system but Derik adapted quickly. Never excelling in classes but also never at the bottom. The ship docked and as the people began leaving the ship Derik sat there watching and waiting. In his mind there was no point joining the line to leave the ship, the station wasn't going anywhere so might as well be comfy until the line shrinks, then follow the rest of the cadets out. As the large group of cadets, began heading off to the closest bar to relax from the trip, Derik decide he wasn't in the mood for making new friends just yet. He had sadly seen the rest of his friends from Star Fleet Academy get posted else where in the quadrant. Never really knowing where his assignments were coming from or what they were for, the best that he could do and always did was adapt. So he ended up here, Starbase 118. Derik just began walking with no mission in mind except to get his bearings around the station and stretch his legs after being on the transport for so long. He walking around the habitat, the promonade, the commercial sector, anywhere that he was allowed and had clearance for. He walked until he legs and feet were sore. Until he needed to take a seat on a bench over looking a ship in a drydock. He sat down and took a shoe off to rub his foot "I might as well go and check in with the Holodeck now to introduce myself and find out what my assignment actually is" he thought out load as he rubbed his feet. "oh and find where I'm going to sleep for the evening" He put his shoe back on and stood up, leaving the view of the ship this time walking with a purpose.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, I remember watching Next gen as a kid with my dad, but never really took too much in. Recently we just noticed it's all on Netflix and we just sat down and started watch from start to end. She watched Enterprise the whole way through and I sat down for most of the episode with her
  3. Hi I'm Travis (Character Derik Mulligan), I'm an Aussie but I live Near Vancouver in Canada. I do ski patrol up in the Mountains. Was rambling through facebook and saw a post for this and thought hey this could be a laugh. Never done anything thing like this, never played D&D but always wanted to give it a try. My partner is a bigger Star Trek fan, But I've been enjoying watching the series with them. Currently going through DS9, but we've watched Next Gen and Voyager together.
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