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  1. Hey Guys, I'll be playing Harold Turak and I actually graduated a while back but had to leave cause of time commitments. I am hoping a second go at this will be successful. Still remember a few people there were a lot of help when I was here last. Hopefully everything is going great, about 20 years I heard.
  2. The day has finally come, the future awaits...my future that is. Harold takes a gander around the transport vessel that he is on and finds that there are many conflicting emotions running through him. He should be excited about this new phase of his life, but at the same time terrified that he will find a way to screw it up. The situation from the very beginning was not of my own choosing... joining Star Fleet that is. The casual observer will undoubtedly discern that Mr. Turak is most assuredly human with the shape of a man that is fit from all the training that Harold has gone through for the last four years. Some nervous ticks are trying to be subdued through focusing on his holo-reader. From Harold's reckless legs to be out and about and probably one thing is predominately going through his head at the moment... lets get this over with. You see, to understand the Turak family is to understand that we have a family legacy going back generations of Navy officers, to Star Fleet commanders like my Grandfather, to if truth is to be reliable... a history of pirates. That of course, was way back in the family lineage to be sure, but no son can buck this tradition in this family. Hence, why the nervousness because there will be hell to pay if I do not eventually become an officer. A cold and smooth voice is heard on the overhead of the transport shuttle, " Attention passengers, we are on final approach, so please be courteous to the others around you. Be ready to disembark in ten minutes, and welcome to Star Base 118. That is all." As the transport shuttle arrives, Harold lets the other passengers precede him to the exit. He is not really that tall when everything is said in done, all of 5'9" with maybe an extra inch from these dress shoes. His wiry frame usually has people underestimate his true strength. Definitely not strong, but one of the few things that I did excel at is that i can withstand endurance challenges with the best of them, both mental and physical. The first real smile comes to Harold's face when he gets out of the shuttle and onto the starbase. I can deal without the tests, but there is just something about the bustling of people of all different species that gets the blood pumping. A clock displays that the shuttle made some good time and not to many stops along the way and still have some time to explore the star base before a debriefing and how this Cadet Cruise is going to start. My Father and Grandfather both give a go ahead into my head as there last departing advice was given when I was given the notice that I would be arriving at Star Base 118. " Know thy ship, people are all well and good, but the journey is one through space. Know what your ship can do, but most importantly what it can't do" ... easy for him to say. My father is a shipwright by trade after the academy. Grandfather gave the more direct approach to things saying," Every Journey is a beginning, trust in your crew and mates, they will be the ones with the knowledge you don't. Plus, without them you would probably go insane, Turak or not." Harold Turak stands at an intersection with his travel bag in one hand and his holo-reader in the other. "Take a deep breath, you Turak, and don't screw this up," you can hear Harold mutter as he gives a big sigh. Im already 23, but this is the intersection in my life at the moment. What path to take, what side of the family do you lean, but more importantly then ever this is my decision. Harold then braces his shoulders, starts to take long confident strides, only to find himself in a maintenance closet five minutes later. I must carve out my own path in life and best not anyone hear about this first adventure to maintenance. First things first, find a map, find a drink, and find thy self.
  3. Hello There and I am new to this community. My real first name is Travis from West Michigan, USA. I found this group ironically enough when i was looking for Star Trek RPG. Only thing that are out there really is the Online Video game, the Audio Drama Podcast : Star Trek Outpost, and RPG Podcast from Burn Everything. I thought i would give this a go and I work the Pepsi Beverage Group and no you can not have free Pepsi haha.
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