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  1. In Star Trek the various crews are often challenged by various enemies from across the galaxy. However, these antagonists are rarely seen beyond a single episode once our heroes defeat them. Sometimes we barely know anything about their personalities beyond what we can guess based on their actions. Their primary purpose is to provide conflict for our heroes to overcome in that episode or movie. While these foes of the week work well we sometimes get to meet a villain again and again over multiple stories. They could only show up in a few episodes scattered through the series or be one of the central antagonists for the entire series, but we really get to know them and learn about their personality and their background. Sometimes this information can put their actions into context and help us understand why they do the evil things that they do. The Vorta encountered during the Dominion War aren't completely loyal to the Founders by choice. They have been genetically engineered to view the Founders as gods. While he's certainly no hero, Khan is similarly dealing with the extreme ambition that his augmentation has left him with. This by no means forgives them of any wrongdoing but it might make us see these villains in a slightly better light. This week's poll asks you which villain you feel the least sorry for. Who do you feel has the least going for them in your eyes? Which Star Trek villain do you find the least sympathetic?
  2. Whether attending a formal banquet or having a quick bite to eat before a duty shift, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food. One common issue with food in the 24th century seems to be the inferior taste some people feel replicated food has. At first glance it would seem that there wouldn’t be any noticeable difference between the two. This doesn’t stop some people from replacing replicated meals with dishes made from authentic ingredients whenever they can. On the other hand others couldn’t even tell the difference between two dishes, one fresh and one replicated. A topic of even more debate seems to be synthehol. While it is supposed to mimic the taste of alcohol without any of the downsides, others find its taste unpleasant. The question of real or replicated often comes down to a simple matter of taste. Either the difference makes the extra effort worth it or the convenience of a replicator wins out over any potential difference in quality. Where does your character stand on this issue? Can they even tell the difference or would they prefer the real stuff every time? Does your character prefer food and drinks made fresh or replicated?
  3. Missions are great fun and give characters a chance to show how they work under pressure. Whatever the objectives of the mission opportunities often arise to display a character’s expertise in their field. This could be combat with a hostile species, examining a new form of life, or treating an injured colleague just to name a few tasks that might be part of a mission. Besides letting a character show off their skills these moments can also give insight into their personality. Character is communicated through these moments made on duty. However, the way a character chooses to spend their time off the clock can prove just as enlightening when it comes to their personality. The activities they prefer give us hints as to what kind of person they are. Do they prefer quiet, solitary activities or are they more at home around their peers? What is the best way for them to unwind? Where is your character most likely to be found during shore leave?
  4. Starfleet General Order One, more commonly known as the Prime Directive is a very important part of Star Trek. It is the ultimate rule every Starfleet officer is sworn to protect at any cost. Never interfere with the internal affairs and development of alien civilizations. The directive has been at the heart of several episodes across the different series. From the very start dilemmas relating to cultural interference have plagued Starfleet, yet no single answer seems to be the obvious choice. Arguments could be made against all the answers to the question of how Starfleet should interact with other worlds and their internal matters. The Prime Directive makes sense in theory. The potential consequences of shaping the events of another culture are so vast and unknowable that there is no way to make an informed decision. An action that may seem like it will do nothing but help could have horrible consequences that didn’t even seem possible. Does a potential wrong justify leaving an actual wrong unsolved, however? The rough journey so many civilizations must make to take their place in the galactic community could be made so much easier if a more knowledgeable and experienced species acted as guides. Others might argue that simply being able to do something does not justify the actions. Who is an outsider to make decisions for another civilization? What are your personal thoughts on the Prime Directive?
  5. Alternate dimensions and parallel universes are common sights in Star Trek. They pose fascinating what-if questions that change the course of the universe we know and love in new and interesting ways. What if Starfleet was an evil armada enforcing the will of a corrupt and xenophobic empire? What if the Borg had not been stopped by the Enterprise-D after the Battle of Wolf 359? The answers to these questions set the stage for possible realities that greatly vary from the “prime” universe of Star Trek we are used to. A few of these universes have been explored over multiple films or episodes, but many are seen once and mostly forgotten. They all present interesting scenarios, but some might find certain possibilities more interesting than others. The story of a ship of the Terran Empire or a lone ship stranded in occupied territory could give us new and interesting plots that a Starfleet ship normally couldn’t use. Which alternate reality would you like to see further explored?
  6. ((USS Blackwell, Deck 4, Captain's Quarters.)) ((Time Index: Some time after Theo's physical examination.)) ::Sat at his desk, which felt strangely alien to him despite greatly resembling the desk in his former office aboard StarBase 118, Theo Whittaker cast his eyes over the letter he had just finished composing. It had been a strange, surreal few hours and putting down his thoughts and feelings had proven beneficial- he felt much more relaxed, even if had yet to feel at home. With a carefully discerning eye, he began to read his words.:: ::To: Captain Madeline Whittaker, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Orb of Prophecy & Change From: Commander Theo Whittaker, Commanding, U.S.S. Blackwell, Andaris Task Force Hello Mother, No, your eyes do not deceive you- my assignment is correct. I am no longer stationed at StarBase 118, which will come as much as a surprise to you as it did to me. Everything has happened so quickly to the point where I feel like I haven't been able to sit down and take stock until sitting down just now to begin writing to you. Everything began about four days ago when word reached Captain Taybrim that Admiral Renos had requested Columbia's reassignment to the Andaris Task Force- the Federation presence here in the Par'tha Expanse. He had also asked for my presence and before I knew it- we were heading through the Jenatris Corridor. Nobody knew what the Admiral wanted or even whether the ship's reassignment was a temporary arrangement or a permanent one. We rendezvoused with the Blackwell en route to the planet Arndall- and before I knew it, Admiral Renos had placed me in command and he and the vessel's previous CO- Captain Zaekia (do you know him?)- had departed. Quite the adventure and quite the whirlwind as you can probably imagine! I had never aspired to command when joined Starfleet. I didn't think I had it in me- despite what you thought! I was content to spend my career tinkering with engines, upgrading holodecks and modifying deflector dishes (which seemed to happen on Columbia an awful lot!). Even after being asked to serve as Captain Taybrim's XO- I never envisioned myself in the centre seat. There was something so alien about it and I've always felt I've been missing that special... something (?) that makes a truly outstanding CO. Perhaps, I am being too hard on myself (not for the first time) but even now, as a newly minted commanding officer, I keep waiting for somebody to tell me there has been a mistake or for somebody else to tell me that this is an elaborate farce and that I'm actually in a holodeck. The back of my left hand is rather red since I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! How did you respond when Captain Adams made you CO of the Sparrow? Did you feel unprepared? Or maybe you felt as though somebody was about to catch you out, telling you that were not command material? Thinking about it and knowing you as well as I do, you probably took to command like a Betazoid Goose to water! You always seemed so sure of yourself even as XO. I have always envied that in you, mother. Truly. I don't know how you do it. Perhaps, one day I will be more like you. Before I head down the rabbit hole of overthinking and remonstrations, perhaps I should tell you about the Blackwell and her crew. Olympic-class- primarily a medical vessel, but it seems to have been modified to serve as a command ship for the Task Force. It must be the only Olympic in service with a full time Intelligence officer AND Strategic Ops officer! The crew is unusually varied. In the senior staff alone, there are Rekarians, Rodulans, Trill, Vulcans, Gorn and my First Officer is a Pelian! I don't recall such a diverse crew, but what a wonderful example of the spirit of the Federation! Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, indeed! Even a cursory glance at the personnel files shows me that I am going to enjoy serving alongside everybody. Our Chief Science Officer, for example, who was previously the XO is a Rodulan who was (at least) partially educated on Vulcan and whose physiology has been altered by some form of Borg modification! My XO, the aforementioned Pelian, is an excitable and insatiably curious man who delights and confuses me in equal measure, my CMO is half-Klingon, half-Vulcan... a stoic warrior, perhaps... only time will tell! What can I tell you about the Par'tha Expanse? Not much of yet- I've barely had time to get my feet under the table, so says the saying, let alone delve into the complex socio-political situation. I'm aware of the Valcarian-Caraadian Cold War, which may or may not have heated up in recent weeks- and I'm more than acutely aware of the difficulties of navigating the region- Columbia will be undergoing extensive refits to better adapt it to this unique region. I just hope they don't take too long with her. I miss her already. Tragic, perhaps, but I'm still an engineer inside! In my next letter, I will have something more to report on I am sure- the Par'tha Expanse rarely stays quiet for long and with my nose for trouble, I expect that a situation is just around the corner! With that, I shall leave you be mother. I hope I hear from you soon, All my love, always, your loving son, Theo x.:: ::Satisfied that he had covered all the important information and that his jumbled thoughts were somewhat more orderly, Theo Whittaker smiled to himself and pressed the send button.:: -- Commander Theo Whittaker Commanding Officer USS Blackwell Andaris Task Force C239203TW0
  7. The new year is often a time for reflection on past events and committing to doing things better next year. It is a time often defined by change, which leads to this week’s topic. One of the biggest changes in a Starfleet officer’s career is the move from directing a single department on the ship to the position of first officer. When an officer is first working in a department of their choice, the required skill set predominantly focuses on the functions of that department. The ideal skill sets for a chief engineer and a chief science officer are quite different. Yet, members of all these departments might one day be promoted to first officer and suddenly find themselves helping the captain supervise and operate an entire ship as opposed to one department. There are so many characters in Star Trek who are very good at their jobs, but how might they react when they need to get used to supervising the entire crew? Doctor Bashir might feel a bit out of his element if asked to go from healing the sick and injured to handling disputes between departments or overseeing a special engineering project for the captain. How smoothly would Scotty make the jump from the engine room to being on the bridge full time? Which character outside of a command role would make the best transition to first officer?
  8. ((Wilmer’s Quarters, Deck 7, Cabin J9, USS Blackwell)) ::Nate and Charlie sat at the dining room table. Each of them had their fair share of dramatic turns and bad delays. The mission had gone on slightly longer than expected. Nate had been injured, and dramatically and permanently scarred over his right eye. He had later been assigned to a very intimate fact-finding mission with his ex-girlfriend, much to Charlie’s chagrin. And as far Charlotte herself...well...she had only managed to vomit in front of most of the engineering team.:: ::Quite a week, indeed.:: ::Charlotte fidgeted with Nate’s scar, making a sad and somewhat concerned face, as she traced the J-hooked line with an outstretched index finger.:: Farnsworth: Does it hurt bad? ::Nate grimaced, hating to be the center of such negative attention.:: Wilmer: No, it only hurts when Voldemort is near…. ::Charlotte’s face was a puzzle.:: Farnsworth: Who? ::Nate dismissed his comment with a passive attempt at comedy.:: Wilmer: Sorry, obscure joke. ::He tenderly grabbed Charlotte’s hand and kissed her fingers.:: I told you Charlie. There’s nothing to worry about. It looks worse than it feels. ::Charlotte was a smart cookie. Nate knew her concern about his face had nothing to do with aesthetic reasons, and more to do with a subconscious guilt about her not having been there to protect him. However, space was a dangerous and infinite expanse. And though they were getting married soon, neither would be fully capable of suspending that danger, even for a nanosecond.:: ::Nate smiled, and rested both his hands, atop hers, and placed them on the cool glass surface of their dining room table.:: Wilmer: Shayne will be here soon. Let’s not focus on the negative… ::Charlotte slumped in as if deflated by concern and possible letdown. Her body was always so expressive, so easy to read. Her emotions were always worn on her sleeve, and her face always told the tale before her mouth could speak it.:: Farnsworth: Do you think he’ll say yes? I was so hoping your friend Sarjak would say yes...but now… ::Nate shrugged. Starfleet was an ever-revolving door of comings and goings. It came with the trade.:: Wilmer: Jak’s got his hands full with diplomatic nonsense. But it was nice to see him again. And as far as Shayne, I’m sure he… ::It was at that moment, the door chime rang. Shayne was early. Nate should have expected as much. Nate’s reading of the man had given hints of a person who excelled at punctuality. Nate liked that. He hoped that behaviour would translate into the same efficiency at his upcoming nuptials.:: Wilmer and Farnsworth: ::simultaneously:: Come in! ::Nate and Charlie shot each other a sidewise glance of serendipitous glee. They were not even married yet, and already their brains were linking up like a pair of old married elderly people.:: ::The doors to their cabin parted to reveal the visage of Lt. Cmdr. Randal Shayne.:: ::It was the one complaint he had with the Starfleet uniform that he almost never took off. It was a smart looking thing, dignified and functional. But it was abysmal at allowing people to breath. Under the best of circumstances, it was irritating. But for someone as uncomfortable as he was regarding social interaction, it was downright miserable. He clawed at his throat, aching for relief. He stepped inside, immediately concerned by the fact that both Charlie and Wilmer were present. He could relate to Wilmer as a good friend, and a fellow pilot. He could relate to Charlie...somehow. Their relationship was still a bit of a mystery to him. But them both together? It was a dynamic he was unaccustomed to, and the image of them seated next to each other sent another painful pang of loneliness through him.:: Wilmer: oO Speak of the devil. Oo ::Nate thought with a smile.:: Shayne: Um...hi. Shayne: oO Shakespearian, that was. Oo ::Charlotte being the consummate gracious hostess, stood and motioned for Shayne to enter their abode. Setting some of her garments and Nate’s discarded old dirty uniforms aside, she made a place for him to sit next to them.:: Farnsworth: Randal, please sit down. Shayne: Hm? Oh, thank you. ::Rather sheepishly, he entered. He’d noticed early on that, to make an error, one had to actually do something. If Shayne refused to do anything without being invited to do so, no trespass could inadvertently be committed. A siege mentality, but it had worked for nearly 20 years of social interaction.:: ::Nate smiled, following Charlie’s lead on hospitality.:: Wilmer: Shayne, can I get you something to drink? Shayne: Uh, no thank you- that’s fine. ::Still unsure of what to expect.:: ::Nate and Charlie sat next to one another, almost like a pair of conjoined siamese twins who were attached at the hip. Nate felt a sudden moment of giddiness, that somehow jumped into his fiancee with a joining of hands and they smiled.:: Farnsworth: I don’t know why I’m so nervous…. Shayne: oO Whoa, hang on. I’m the only person allowed to be nervous here… Oo ::Was was going on? Curiosity blended with mild terror, and a fair bit of joy- a result of the couple’s infectious mood- swamped together, creating a confusion quite unlike anything he was accustomed to. Their giggling excitement was obvious, and it took no genius to deduce that their upcoming event had something to do with the mood. But what? And what could Shayne possibly have been called for? He was more than willing to come, despite the discomfort it caused. Now it had gone from, “why me?!” to “why...me?”:: Wilmer: I know, it's like I’m asking my dad for permission to borrow the hopper… Shayne: ::An inadvertently delighted beginning to grow on his face.:: What is going on here? ::Confound their happy mood! His stony visage was failing!:: ::Nate sometimes had a predilection for not being able to get to the point. He decided to spare Shayne’s frayed nerves by getting right to the point.:: Wilmer: Shayne, I just want to say with our wedding fast approaching, and with my sense of family growing aboard the Blackwell…. ::Nate stopped, realizing he was still not getting to the point.:: ::The joy was beginning to fall away. If Nate was stalling this insistently, he could make a few well-educated, equally disturbing assumptions about the nature of this conversation. Assumption one- it was a big deal. To the couple, at least, though perhaps whatever this was about would have ramifications for others. Assumption two- it was awkward. Shayne hated awkward- but, seeing as this was one of the few times awkwardness had been in play without him being the sole cause, maybe he could appreciate it, in a demented sort of way. Assumption three- Shayne wouldn’t want to be a part of whatever information was about to be revealed. Any way he looked at it, this was beginning to feel a little...frightening.:: ::Naturally, Charlie then spoke, putting the neurotic helmsman slightly more at ease.:: Farnsworth: What he means to say Randal, is that his best man was intending to stand with him...but with Starfleet being Starfleet and all Sarjak was suddenly called away… Shayne: oO Sorry, Charlie- you’re no better at this. Oo ::Nate completed Charlie’s thought, he wanted the request to come from him directly.:: Wilmer: ...well, I just heard about how you handled the situation with Charlie and her embarrassment in space, and...I was just wondering, from one helmsman to another… Shayne: oO I’m going to kill someone if I don’t get an explanation, from one helmsman to another...Oo ::Charlotte grinned as if someone had engaged a gaggle of transporter beams full of happiness inside her brain.:: Wilmer: ...I was just wondering if you’d be willing to stand in as my best man. ::Shayne’s world stopped for a full two seconds. It was as if his mind simply shut down. “Sorry, we’re closed.”:: ::Did that just happen? Had he been asked to be someone’s best man? His eyes widened slowly, in a daze. All the irritation, the uncomfortable sensations...they melted away. In their place, a single, sparkling surge of energy and happiness. The smile that quickly enveloped his face must have made him appear as a madman would.:: Shayne: Fan-tastic! Oh! I would be honored! ::Now it was Shayne’s turn to be giddy- a rarity for someone as restrained as him. His hands clasped together and he gave an odd little cackle. This was astonishing! He couldn’t get his mind quite round what had just occurred.:: Farnsworth: ::slightly giggling:: Wonderful! Wilmer: Absolutely! Top man! Shayne: This is...I mean, I can’t- I’ve never… Best man! Whew! ::Electric excitement enlivened his veins, and in the back of his mind, the slightest shadows of doubts slipped betwixt his hemispheres. It was almost like they were acknowledging his right to be unfettered in this moment. Later...later, they would return with a vengeance. But for now, maybe even the devil’s musings had some scrap of mercy in them after all.:: ::With an accepting praise and warm smile, Nate clapped Shayne on the shoulder, and shook his hand.:: Wilmer: It’ll be great! You won’t regret it. And after all, I’m sure you’ve already got some great ideas for planning the bachelor party! Shayne: Hmm? Yes, of course! I’ve- Shayne: oO -never actually been to...a bachelor party. Oo ::That was his job? Why didn’t he know things like this? Single people probably understood the nature of this role- why did it elude him so? A curious feeling of dread was whisked into the already churned mix of joy and surprise.:: Shayne: oO Add some onions and I’ll be an omlette. Oo Shayne: Bachelor party. ::He repeated it, trying not to display the doubts cropping up.:: ::Charlotte’s smile was infectious.:: Farnsworth: Well yes, as the best man, naturally it will be your job to plan something truly astonishing for Nate’s last day as a single man…. ::Charlotte wasn’t joking and neither was Nate. The commitment to stand had suddenly developed into a social event extraordinaire with Randal Shayne as its newly appointed ringmaster. There was no backing out now. It was do or die time, and Nate had firm confidence that the cracking young helmsman had the chops for the job.:: ::No pressure for him, then. Just the hopes, and the marriage ceremony, of two close friends hanging in the balance.:: Wilmer: Oh, and did I mention you have about 17 hours to make this happen??? ::He felt his head beginning to spin.:: Shayne: oO Don’t tell me! You also want this to take place on an active Borg cube, right? Oo ::He felt utterly inadequate, but he had rarely looked forward to putting on a good show more.:: Shayne: Well, then, I’d best get cracking- Shayne: oO Under the pressure. Oo Shayne: oO Shut up! Oo Shayne: oO You don’t have to shout! Oo ::He stepped out, smiling all the way, and as soon as the doors closed, proceeded to sprint to the nearest computer console. He had some work to do!:: An awkwardly exciting JP as crafted by... Lt. Cmdr. Nate Wilmer Helm Officer USS Blackwell (NCC-58999) E239107NW0 And Lieutenant Commander Randal Shayne Helmsman/Ops Officer/Second Officer USS Blackwell NCC 58999 G239202RS0
  9. Anath has some martial arts training and could probably hold her own in a fight if she needed to. That being said, whether she would go on the offensive or hold back would vary by situation. The intent behind a given threat and the level of risk it poses would decide if she would react with a more aggressive or defensive response. Unless she lost her temper, Anath would also refrain from anything not proportional to the initial threat. Different situations call for different responses.
  10. Sure, use them if you feel that you absolutely must. But you need to always keep starships in reserve. Think of cases like Thomas Riker, child Picard, those poor people in the Motion Picture. We can't even trust the regular transporters. Transporter malfunctions are terrifying enough without the added terror of then being trapped years away from the nearest allied base. If we got rid of starships and we find out about some unforeseen problems with the transwarp beaming devices, how could you mount a rescue? We can use new fringe technologies but we need to keep what we know works around until we're absolutely sure about this new technology.
  11. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Someone has to do something now and when all is said and done, hopefully Starfleet Command can see the necessity of the action. If not I'd say that guarding against the potential loss of millions of lives is worth whatever punishment Starfleet settles on.
  12. I would probably enjoy having Data on the ship more, but just in terms of sickbay I would love to have Anath work with Dr. McCoy.
  13. Given that these holodeck characters have already demonstrated that they are aware of their nature as holograms and that they do not possess control of their environment, they clearly possess some degree of self-awareness that can't be ignored. Depending on how many holodecks are available I would either give them the holodeck they currently inhabit or create another holographic environment using holoemitters in another room, a cargo bay for example. I would however tell my engineers to isolate the computer systems of whichever holodeck they inhabit from the rest of the ship for the time being. I wouldn't want them to have access to the ship's systems until learning more about where they came from and what their nature is. Furthermore, it seems that given their demands for control these newly sentient holograms might appreciate their holodeck being given a degree of autonomy and independence from the main computer. Until establishing their origin and working on a more permanent living arrangement, this would be my holding pattern to prevent a conflict.
  14. I've always felt that the Federation holo-communicator used in DS9 exactly twice was such a missed opportunity! Every Starfleet officer can't have (or may not want to have, depending on the mission) any of their family or non-Starfleet close friends aboard their ship with them. It is of course important to bond with your crewmates, but Starfleet has always seemed to be very understanding of the fact that people appreciate being allowed to maintain relationships with those they knew before joining Starfleet, even allowing civilian families on the Starfleet flagship. It is possible to accidentally create a hologram on a holodeck that takes on a life of its own, so why should people in the 24th century be forced to settle for the closest they get to seeing their families while away on assignment be a computer monitor? It's such a shame they cut the device after only a few episodes! I know they did it for production reasons, but it would still be nice for Starfleet ships to have.
  15. I decided to try my hand at pasting this together myself, so please excuse the relative lack of image-editing ability.
  16. Beam down a camera crew to document the incident, then market it as a science fiction movie trilogy? But in all seriousness, I think that interference would be unwise regardless of the Prime Directive. There are just too many unknowns about this situation. Where did the machines on this world come from? Do they have some ulterior motive besides using the native population for computing power (were the machines at one point the slaves, perhaps)? Would they really be better off free and either at war or having to start anew from the ground up? Unless I saw direct evidence of harm being inflicted on the aliens, there's not enough information and too many value judgments necessary to make a logical choice for the good of all involved.
  17. Hello, new member here! Just thought I'd introduce myself. I prefer to just go by J, and as any of my friends could tell you, I am a proud nerd. I really enjoy talking about academics, science fiction, computers, philosophy, and pretty much any other subject imaginable. I live in north Texas, and graduated high school early, and decided to jump into college at a community college for a few semesters before applying to a larger university. I currently am and always have dreamed of a career in the sciences, barring space exploration (I'm deathly afraid of heights).
  18. Anath G'Renn sat at a small table at 8x8, a cup of coffee sitting by her right hand. But the primary focus of her attention was the chess board set up on the table in front of her, the only thought in her mind being what her next move should be. The chess clock was running out, and the tellarite across the board was eagerly awaiting his next turn. The rook, that was the key. She picked up the metal piece and slid it into position, blocking off the last path of escape for her opponent's king. The tellarite knew he was beat, and tipped his king, having no way to stop what would no doubt be checkmate the next move. "A thoroughly enjoyable game, a rematch!" he said, already resetting the board. "I'm sorry, but I really should be making my way back to the holodeck. I don't think it would make a good impression if I got there late after boarding three hours early!" Anath replied, slinging her duffel bag over her shoulder and pushing in her chair. The small ring of observers dispersed, and cleared a way for her to leave. "If you wind up getting stationed here full time, let me know whenever you want a rematch!" her opponent called out as she headed for the door. All Anath managed in reply was a short wave as she stepped out onto the streets of the Shi'Kahr district of the commercial level. After briefly consulting a map of the level, she turned away from the shop and set off to catch a turbolift. Visiting the game shop and playing a few rounds of chess was a fun diversion, but it wasn't the reason she was here. After four years and more than a bit of strife, Anath was finally ready for her training cruise. The journey had not been an easy one. Anath had only herself to blame for a lot of her troubles. Most of the problems she had came from her conflicting natures. Her mother was a vulcan scholar. Quiet, thoughtful, and always ready to play a nice game of chess. Her father on the other hand was a klingon field medic. He would often tell Anath stories of how his colleagues never accepted his decision to aid the wounded over face the enemy on the battlefield, a struggle she knew all too well. When some people saw her long, unkempt hair and distinctive forehead ridges, they expected her to act like a Klingon. Whether they realized it or not, they had certain expectations of what to expect just by her appearance. Not high on that list of expectations however, was medical student and chess master. Anath's klingon side didn't really take over unless she was really and truly angry, a state of mind she was in more frequently than she'd like. But the final stretch of training between her and a Starfleet commission was not a time to be angry. She managed to find the right turbolift, and straightened her uniform as the car rushed upward towards her destination. "Cadet cruise, it can't be that hard..." was the only thought that came to mind as the turbolift slowed to a stop.
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