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  1. MARS — Protesters gathered at the Utopia Planitia shipyards to voice displeasure at the relaunching of two starships, citing unnecessary expansion. A group calling themselves Citizens Against Expansion gathered at the gates of the Utopia Planitia shipyards on the eve of the launchings to protest the militarization of the Federation and their expansion into areas not aligned with the Federation. A spokesman for the group decried the launches as a power grab. “These ships are proof that the Federation is not interested in exploration, but expansion,” the spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, remarked. “Why else would they be assigning warships instead of research vessels? This blatant grab for territory can only incite needless violence.” Starfleet Public Affairs Officer Commander A.J. Claravolo pushed back against the group’s claims. “Starfleet and the Federation have always committed themselves to the peaceful exploration of space,” said Claravolo. “Any ships that launch, including these two, will continue that commitment.” The two ships will launch in a few days to begin their assignments. The post Starfleet relaunches two ships amid protests appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  2. VULCAN — Starfleet Science announced the first ever international science conference to be hosted this month on Vulcan, and members from Romulan, Klingon, and Ferengi science teams have been invited by the Federation to attend. Dr. Ferreira, director of Starfleet Science, expressed his excitement for the Vulcan Interspecies Science Forum that he and Dr. Brody have been working on most of this past year. “It is an opportunity to exchange many interesting topics between nations and across species,” said Dr. Ferreira. He will be working with the Federation scientific teams to gain insight on multiple space phenomenon in Klingon space, an area where Starfleet Science is lacking information in multiple fields. Several scientists, including the Klingon Magor, expressed doubts about the militarization of the science shared within the Forum. “The Empire will not cooperate with the Federation and the Romulans if our knowledge is used against us!” he said to Dr. Ferreira in a personal call. Dr. Brody, who will be leading the Federation’s efforts in securing archaeological science from the Klingons, acknowledged the Klingon’s concerns and assured the restriction of military tech at the Forum. “The purpose of the forum is in the field of science, and so we must guard against the sharing of military secrets,” said Dr. Brody. “Dissertations and agreements shall be written and signed to those involved to assure to refrain from any military application of the tech and science exchanged.” The forum is scheduled to last for one week, and the Vulcan Science Academy shall open its door to host the event. The director of the Academy, T’Nora, expressed gratitude in hosting the Forum. “It shall be an opportunity for both the Federation and its allies to increase their knowledge of the universe, a pursuit all Vulcans aspire too,” she said. Federation President Narala expressed her support of the event, and Dr. Rajani of Starfleet Medical will also appear with several medical teams to expand their knowledge of Romulan and Klingon medicine. “The Romulan colony of Siolara has suffered a viral epidemic that has affected more than 200,000 people already,” said Dr. Rajani. Dr. Siudok of the Romulans will be working closely with Dr. Rajani to alleviate this problem. Dr. Ferreira has inclined that the Forum shall not be the first and only time it shall be held. He showed that talks are already on their way to include the Bajorans, the Cardassians, and the Breen in another edition next year. He also informed the venue for next year to be shifted to Bajor to increase the likeliness of inclusion of the Cardassians and the Breen. The post Federation hosts interspecies science conference appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  3. CYGNET XIV — After several years of governmental reform, the Cygnetian governmental crisis ends with a new Constitution, government and remains within the Federation. Last week, the reformed Cygnetian Assembly, containing members directly elected from various districts rather than the previous Circles and Councils, passed the Second Cygnetian Treaty of Unification, a treaty that finalizes the new government and constitution, by a vote of 690-63, with most of the holdouts being the core of the previous clans on the Council of Matriarchs. This treaty focuses on liberalizing the political structure and eliminating much of the shadow law that denied male Cygnetians the right to serve in the government, although many blocks still exist in the religious and upper political structures. However, they reaffirmed their desire to stay a full member of the Federation, and are in the process of sending new representatives who are directly elected in a planet-wide plebiscite instead of being named by the Council as was before. “We thank the wisdom of Salura Aronlight and the patience and forbearance of our citizens,” said First Speaker Ali Earoni, formerly a Fourth Circle Councilor. “We are again ratified as one under the heavens, and will face the trials upon our paths with the aid of our fellow starfarers in the Federation.” “The Cygnetians are surprisingly traditional and few leave their home system,” explained Dr. Keahvon, of the Cerebus Group, a San Francisco think tank. “The fact that they have opened positions is by itself a proof positive that the egalitarian ideals of the Federation are changing them, generation by generation.” However, the ongoing legal convulsions surrounding the former members of the Council of Matriarchs and protests from some more traditional members of the populace are a cause for concern, according to Professor Emil Arbelaez, chairman of political science at Pike City University on Cestus III. “About a hundred years or so, they passed many of these same laws to normalize their relations,” clarified Professor Arbelaez. “And the Klingons are beginning to realize what having them as a neutral or favorable power to them would mean, which would explain many of their diplomatic moves in the sector. Couple that with the perception that this new government is persecuting the old one, and the general experience that overthrow of a government has ramifications and it would be wise to keep an eye out on this new government.” In a statement issued to the press, President Narala dismissed any concerns, stating, “We are cheered to see that the Cygnetians remain in the Federation, and take more steps towards true equality in their internal government. We will always be ready to help them on this path.” The post Cygnetian Assembly ratifies new constitution, reaffirms Federation membership appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  4. CARDASSIA IV — Thousands of Bajoran construction workers, employed by companies assisting with the rebuilding of the Cardassian Union, have officially begun to strike, protesting the Federation’s decision to not try suspected war criminal Breloc Tejar on Bajor. “They think that we’ll complain once or twice and get over it,” said Bajoran Union representative Saun Neprem. “This isn’t a minor inconvenience. It’s a disgrace, and we won’t stand for it.” The Bajorans currently assisting Cardassia are part of an exploratory exchange program, designed to continue the healing process between the two peoples that got its tumultuous start approximately ten years after the Occupation came to its bloody close. The Federation’s assistance, along with intensive participation and support from Bajor, has been a deciding factor in Cardassia’s rapid rebuilding process. However, in the face of this incident, one that many Bajorans are taking as a personal affront, this progress may be endangered. Tejar was arrested last year, entering Federation space without license or destination. His trial continues on Andoria, where he is charged with various criminal acts from his time as an Overseer in the Cardassian military, many of them egregious and widespread crimes against sentience. As the leader of the Dakhur Province Labor Camp, his influence was instrumental in maintaining the catastrophic conditions during the Occupation. Bountiful testimony points to his significant involvement in several hundred thousand Bajoran casualties. Despite the insistence of the Bajoran people that, as the aggrieved party and as members in good standing of the United Federation of Planets, the solemn duty of hosting the proceedings should be theirs, the Federation Council disagreed, citing concerns for the accused’s safety. Instead, they elected to call upon Andoria’s services and drafted a multi-species jury to render judgement. Planetary polls show overall Bajoran satisfaction with Federation leadership is at a three-year low, and many who responded cited the Tejar situation as a notable factor. Molor Oyat, the Chief Administrator of the Foreign Exchange Reconstruction Effort, insisted that the strides made between the two peoples in recent years must not be wasted or dissuaded in an impassioned speech this Tuesday. “What we have done cannot be undone, unless we permit it,” said Oyat to a mostly Cardassian audience. “Unless we allow our bonds of friendship, forged in strife and truth and hard-won victories, to fall away.” Still, Saun Neprem is insistent. “Beautiful words contorted to favor the wretched,” she stated, when asked to describe her feelings on Oyat’s speech. It is unclear how the work program will be affected in the long term. The post Bajoran workers down tools in protest over Tejar case appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article This article was written by Lt. Cmdr. Randal Shayne of the USS Eagle. Write your own story and submit it to the FNS or join the team!
  5. PAR’THA EXPANSE — The high demand for durasteel has led to black market sales and other struggles for the industry. A highly prized metal compound, used for building everything from homes to starships, ultralightweight and long-lasting, durasteel is the hot new commodity in high demand across the Federation, outside of the Par’tha Expanse. But getting it to buyers can be a dangerous game as Expanse entities try to circumnavigate stringent tariffs and regulations set by the Freeworlds Region. Commissioner Farl Ma’larth of Jenatris Heads Count, a political and social justice campaign group, says this affects not just the prices for the metal compound. “Real people are mining this stuff, smelting and molding it, creating parts and raw materials for sale,” said Ma’larth. “The bottleneck into the Federation means they work less and make less.” And that’s not all. The high demand can mean high prices, although the people in the middle class “don’t see an ounce more in their income.” “The Freeworlds, the mining companies, and the other sectors keep that extra cashflow,” added Ma’larth. As one might expect, some workers are forced to turn to black market sales and less-than-savory means of supplementing their income. The situation is not all bad though, as slowly the extra returns on the durasteel-grab trickle downstream in the markets and more established systems. Some people make a decent wage if they have the drive and seniority within their workplaces. And they and others in the Expanse are encouraged by this gradual change. The hope is that the throttle will be opened slowly, all the while keeping the demand high. But it makes one wonder – surely others in the galaxy struggle the same as in the Par’tha Expanse? The post Durasteel producers experience growing pains on the Federation marketplace appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article This article was written by Ensign Valoru of the USS Veritas! Submit your own story to the FNS at fednewsservice.com !
  6. MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Starfleet forces have engaged a massive Tholian fleet headed for the space station Astrofori One. After the withdrawal of Romulan and Breen forces from Astrofori One, Starfleet and the Kubarey have been left to keep the project operational, with Starfleet providing much of the remaining defensive support for the station. During their patrol, the USS Minerva and USS Stalwart reported that they were engaged in fierce combat with 322 Tholian vessels on an intercept course for Astrofori One. The crew of the Minerva forwarded a message from the Tholians: “Federation vessel, this will be your only advisement. Your presence in this sector is a violation of Tholian sovereignty. Furthermore, the Assembly will no longer tolerate the threat to our security from the illegal outpost that you have installed. You have precisely one hour to evacuate from the outpost before its neutralization.” Contact with both Starfleet vessels was lost shortly afterward. This is a developing story and more information will be published as soon as it becomes available. The post BREAKING: USS Minerva leads Federation forces against hostile Tholian fleet on approach to Astrofori 1 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  7. NEW ATLANTIS, RISA — This week marks the return of the Federation’s own comic book hero, Jamie Galactic and the Atom Blasters, kicking off their new adventure in style. A mysterious absence, a long-lost love, and an old enemy rising from the ashes, this new holoseries promises to wipe out everything you knew about the galaxies number one action hero. Things have changed in the universe and not for the better. Our first look at the fresh series has this reporter already chomping at the bit for more. We left the Atom Blasters in the previous series at a turning-point and a cruel twist of fate. Major Star, the series’ long-running nemesis had been brought to heel but not in the manner many of the dedicated fans had been hoping for. An ancient evil, known only as Agent Extreme has resurfaced from the cracked ruins of an Iconian Gateway and threatens the very existence of the universe as they know it. “Jamie is facing some of the hardest tests of her young life in the coming series,” Trill showrunner Barzess Tugol elaborated. “We’re hoping that as Jamie’s fan base has grown up, they will appreciate this fresh take on the adventures and love what we’ve got in store.” When questioned at a recent panel about their switch in direction for the series, namely taking a darker turn in the years preceding the death of the Princess Mighty, Tugol placated as much as possible. “Yeah, we’ve still got some of the old adage in there,” said Tugol. “Can’t have the Atomblasters without the Gyrofoxes, am I right?” It is still unknown if Evan Zap will be making an appearance in the new series, or if the “long-lost love” teased will be a new interest. Tugol declined to quote on the controversial topic; however, there have been rumours of delays in production due to complications in contracts. Understandably, the show has had problems in the past concerning previous cast members such as Professor Cobalt. “Some just want more,” Tugol was overheard at a recent Risan convention. “Sometimes we just have to cut a story dead. There wasn’t a way we could introduce certain characters into the story again without rewriting entire backstories, and that just makes fans agitated if we don’t stick to the canon.” Will this be an epic journey to protect the universe from cataclysmic destruction? Will Jamie ever see Evan Zap again? Who is the mysterious Agent Extreme? Find out in the next exciting episode of Jamie Galactic and the Atom Blasters coming to a holodeck near you! The post Comic book hero returns: a look at the spectacular new Jamie Galactic holonovel appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  8. BENZAR — Increasing evidence suggests what appeared to be randomised attacks of Federation and Starfleet locations and vessels since the anniversary date of the attack on Ohmallera (stardate 238802.22) have been part of a networked effort to destabilise the peace. The seventh anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera by a hijacked Starfleet vessel bypassed the Federation News Service without much coverage; however, the events of that fateful day, of the 1.2 million souls lost, have endured for many. The tragedy sparked a backlash against Starfleet and the Federation government, leading to the formation of the Maquis Reborn, a terrorist organization who views itself as a militia and a resurrection of the original Maquis resistance. Their leader Nikael Kalre, who lost his wife and two children in Ohmallera, made his first strike against Starfleet in 2391, taking control of Deep Space 10. Though the group have not been able to launch another attack of that scale since, observers warn that a recent string of attacks could be part of a new campaign. On stardate 239504.08, an Andorian freight transport found itself under attack by an unknown vessel. Sensor data has not been made available to the FNS but there are indications that this information has been passed on to Starfleet Command. Managing to hold their own against the attacker, the vessel was still able to disable sections of the Andorian ship’s shield, and transported sections of cargo from the hold, allegedly weapons. “This unprecedented attack on a freight transport ship is an uncommon occurrence,” said Tenob Ch’eqolras, merchant fleet Captain of the Challorn. “As such, our merchant fleet has been placed on high alert for further conflict in the near future. We are fully cooperating with Starfleet regarding this matter.” A Tellarite civilian transport vessel was left adrift on stardate 239506.28, again suffering under the actions of an unknown vessel. It has been established that no communication was offered from the vessel before it opened fire. The engines were disabled quickly, a sensor performed, before the offending vessel vacated the area with no further action. “It was a small ship, about the size of a Defiant-class starship,” Tellarite Captain Grarsh Clolunsh said in his initial report. “It came out of nowhere, we could barely find it on the scanner before it started taking potshots at the shield to see where we were weakest. We didn’t have what it wanted and it disappeared just as quickly.” Stardate 239508.22 saw the destruction of the Bajoran Freighter Kastor during a cargo transport between Betazed and Deep Space 9. The crew were not recovered. Bajoran authorities have issued a request for any and all information regarding the attack to be reported as soon as possible, but two months later the investigation has turned stagnant. More recently on stardate 239510.08, the USS Degault, a Galaxy class starship and sister ship to the USS Constitution which had been used in the attack on Ohmallera, suffered extensive damage during a resupply stop at Benzar when cargo beamed aboard suddenly detonated upon materialization in its cargo bays. Starfleet is investigating the circumstances. “We are looking at all possibilities, including accidental and malicious,” said Deputy Director T’Pres of the Starfleet Investigative Services. “Until we have something more definitive, we are not asserting any connections to other previous incidents.” While speculation suggests that randomised attacks on civilian and Starfleet vessels are to be expected during the recent events taking place in our galaxy, there is an undercurrent of unspoken fear rising from the increase in activity from both the Maquis Reborn faction and the Orion Syndicate, with some suggesting they may be acting in unison, though there are few willing to surmise to what end. The post Suspicions of increasing terrorist activity linked to Maquis Reborn and Orion Syndicate appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article This article was written Lt. Jocelyn Marshall of the USS Gorkon. Write your own stories by submitting them to the FNS through our website or joining the FNS team!
  9. VOLCHOK PRIME — A small art auction held by a Ferengi trader quickly became a bidding war after bidders learned that an ink brush drawing by famed Cardassian artist Nanpart Malor was available. The particular drawing at the auction was a drawing of a Gettle pack in red ink titled Sights of the Lakat Province #17. This piece was previously believed to be lost and was one of six missing pieces in the collection. Once assured of the piece’s authenticity by an art expert from the University of Culat, the bidding began. With a starting bid of seven thousand bars of gold-pressed latinum, the price skyrocketed with nearly every collector at the auction trying to outbid the others. Representatives of the Central Museum of Remmil VI and the Royal Museum of Epsilon Hydra VII were among those in attendance. The bidding continued for ten minutes until Sights of the Lakat Province #17 sold for a final price of two thousand bricks of gold-pressed latinum. The drawing was sold to wealthy Betazoid art collector Lulo Karenn. Professor Hanon Prelle from the Cardassian Central University explained that original works by Nanpart Malor are still being rediscovered long after his death. “During his career, someone broke into Malor’s studio and a portfolio of his original drawings was never recovered,” said Prelle. “The culprits were never apprehended and to this day some pieces of art thought lost to history are being recovered across the Alpha Quadrant. A sample of Malor’s experiments with calligraphy in his art was found just last year inside a warehouse on Celtris III.” A representative of the Cardassian Ministry of Justice declined to comment on whether or not an investigation into the Ferengi auction house’s acquisition of the art was being considered. Many in the Cardassian art community consider Nanpart Malor a pioneer for his innovative uses of ink in his work in addition to his paintings. His work founded the Valonnan School movement. Traces of his style can be found throughout Cardassian art and copies of his work are highly prized by independent collectors and institutions alike. The post Original Nanpart Malor artwork sells for two thousand bricks of latinum appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  10. RATOR III — The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire declared it was withdrawing all Romulan support immediately from the joint operations of the interstellar station Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor. As tensions continue to rise between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire in the fallout of the Romulans’ failed invasion of Duronis II, the Romulans retaliated against sanctions imposed by the Federation Council last week by announcing their sudden withdrawal from Astrofori One. “The Romulan people are very demanding of where our resources are spent,” said Senator Mavok, who also sits on the powerful Continuing Committee. “We no longer see the expenditure of such resources into this project as a fruitful one.” As one of the four major powers operating the station, the others being the Federation, Breen Confederacy, and Kubarey Confederation, the loss of Romulan support puts into question the sustainability of the station, both operationally and defensively. In a further blow to what was once hailed as Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu’s magnum opus and a major part of former President Nan Bacco’s legacy when it was launched in 2392, the Breen have given the indication that they too will no longer support the massive station once the Romulans leave. While there was no official comment from Federation President Narala or members of the Federation Council yet, Starfleet officials were quick to downplay the significance of the Romulans’ departure. “The Starfleet contingent along with our Kubarey partners are prepared to take over all major station operational duties if necessary,” said Rear Admiral Joseph Washington, the commander for Starfleet operations who oversees the Menthar Corridor along with the rest of the Tholian region. Political insiders, however, expressed severe doubt on the viability of the station and the Federation’s continued presence in the Menthar Corridor without the support of both the Romulans and Breen. Isolated from most other Federation installations, Astrofori One has relied on the combined logistical support of all four powers to keep it running. “The truth is, the project hasn’t turned into the ‘forum amongst the stars’ that its designers had hoped. That much is obvious by the way things have deteriorated between Earth and Rator,” said a senior official within the Narala administration who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “The President herself has stated from the beginning of her campaign that she wasn’t a fan of the Astrofori One project either. Her stance has always been clear: we need to focus on serving the needs of all Federation members and colonies. I don’t see her shifting away resources she’s promised back to the colonies to prop up what amounts to a vanity project in the middle of nowhere.” The Federation presence in the Menthar Corridor began originally with a lone Federation starship, the USS Mercury, which was granted access to the area from the Cardassian Detapa Council in late 2388. Starfleet’s exploration of the region grew with larger starships, culminating in the launch of both Astrofori One and the Invicta Expedition, one of four major expeditionary task forces launched in 2392 by President Bacco. The Invicta Expedition comprised five vessels that set out on a three-year mission in the Menthar Corridor from 2392 to 2395. Although initial plans included the possibility of additional multi-year missions, the Narala administration decided not to renew the expeditionary task forces to instead redirect Starfleet forces to other areas deemed more urgent. The post Romulan Star Empire withdraws support from Astrofori One in response to Federation sanctions appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  11. VURAL IX — Federation efforts to establish a colony on Vural III have suffered a major setback as the construction team slowly recovers from an outbreak of Anchilles fever. An expeditionary team of scientists has found themselves all dressed up with nowhere to go as an outbreak of the dreaded Anchilles fever has grounded their mission before it could begin. The scientists, along with a team of construction workers, had been tasked by Federation leaders to establish a colony on the Class K planet of Vural III through the use of pressure domes and were due to travel some days ago from their base on Vural IX, an already colonized Class M planet in the same system. “Anchilles fever is a highly contagious and virulent disease, not dissimilar in its symptoms to the bubonic plague that ravaged Earth as recently as the nineteenth century,” said Doctor Rajani of Starfleet Medical. “Sufferers may experience a variety of complaints, including high fever, seizures, general malaise and puss-filled buboes occurring all over the body.” Incredibly, the scientific contingent of the expedition was spared contraction of the virus when a quick-thinking construction team member recognized the symptoms his colleagues were experiencing and initiated a quarantine protocol built into their complex, which is separated from the science complex. As yet it is unclear as to how or when the virus was brought into the colony, as the incubation period can last up to two weeks. However, one possible source could be the tropical planet of Pyentes, where at least one construction worker had been vacationing before reporting for duty on Vural IX. The last notable outbreak of Anchilles fever occurred on Selos III in 2392, when near 1.5 million people died from the disease. Though a vaccine has been developed against the infection, it is extremely rare and unable to be replicated easily for mass distribution. The nearly eight-month long Federation Transport Union strike that year delayed shipments of the vaccine and medical supplies to Selos III, which contributed to the high death toll. Fortunately for the current inhabitants of Vural IX, the vaccine is more readily available since that last outbreak. Doctor Justin Dean, the colony’s on-site physician, has been treating the construction workers with corophizine, felicium, and respiratory support while he awaits the arrival of the actual vaccine from nearby Starbase 174. “The scenes inside the construction workers’ complex have been difficult to stomach even for a seasoned physician such as myself,” Doctor Dean stated. “Luckily, the outbreak was identified very early, and I have been able to administer some form of treatment to minimize the progression of the disease.” Early indications are that all members of the construction team should make a full recovery. The post Colonization efforts halted by the outbreak of Anchilles fever appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  12. PARIS, EARTH — The Federation Council voted today to impose sanctions against the Romulan Star Empire for its invasion attempt of Duronis II earlier this year. “The Federation Council condemns the Romulan Star Empire’s blatant violation of Laudean sovereignty,” said Councillor Mara Kell, Senior Councilor from Betazed. “Such Romulan aggression that threatens the stability of the quadrant will not be tolerated.” Though not a Federation member, the Laudean homeworld has enjoyed cordial relations with the Federation in recent years due in much part to the presence of the Federation embassy there. A large Starfleet contingent is currently assigned at the embassy with both the USS Thunder and USS Thor permanently assigned to the planet’s defense. The Laudeans first achieved warp drive in 2379, and soon after, they garnered the attention of both the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire along with the Zalkonians. Though all three established embassies on Duronis II, the Laudean government at the time soon allied itself with the Romulans, and the Federation and Zalkonians left the planet in 2383. Romulan influence over the local government continued until the destruction of the Romulan homeworlds of Romulus and Remus in 2387. The following year, riots broke out on the planet, the Romulan ambassador was recalled, and the Laudeans established diplomatic contact with the Federation, seeking protection from Romulan renegades who remained behind and the threat of future invasion. After periodic skirmishes over the years, the Romulans finally launched a full invasion against the planet earlier this year. Though the invasion was successfully repelled by Starfleet forces from the Federation embassy, experts warn that the Romulans may only be temporarily halted. “It’s really not a surprise the Romulans have kept their interest in seizing Duronis II,” said Dr. Katoh Erasi of the Federation Border Defense Think Tank, in Terra Nova. “They’ve long coveted the Laudeans’ ability to sense energy fields, hoping to exploit that for tactical advantage.” Thilene Herskoya, who served as security advisor to former Federation President Jaresh-Inyo, added that despite the Starfleet presence maintained at the embassy, the Romulan military leadership that survived the destruction of Romulus is a new generation of more hawkish commanders. “Though the loss of their homeworlds halted their immediate plans for Duronis, the subsequent rebuilding of their empire and the restrengthening of their fleet have clearly made some Romulan admirals more daring,” said Herskoya. “That the Praetor though would go ahead with a full-scale invasion is what’s truly troubling, especially given the overtures of peace a few years ago.” Romulan Praetor Taron met with Federation President Nan Bacco during her final diplomatic function as president before her term ended in 2393. The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire had invited President Nan Bacco for a historic state visit to the new Romulan capital of Rator III in 2392, and after much planning — and over the objection of the newly formed Romulan Republic, which the Romulan Star Empire considers a rogue state — President Bacco and Praetor Taron shared speeches touting a future of new possibilities between the two great powers. Relations since that visit however have not reflected those ambitions, and Praetor Taron has not met current Federation President Narala in-person since she took office two years ago. Following the Federation Council’s vote to impose sanctions against the Romulans, President Narala made a statement from the Palais de la Concorde in Paris, Earth. Though she denounced the Romulan’s attack against Duronis, she also expressed her disappointment in the Federation Council’s decision to move forward with sanctions. Narala administration officials had been working with their Romulan counterparts to cool diplomatic tensions since the invasion; however, many members of the council were not satisfied with the administration’s progress. “Peace cannot be achieved through closed doors,” said President Narala to reporters gathered in the Press Room. The President, who served as Chief Administrator for Nimbus III before she was elected in 2392, called on her homeworld as an example for the rest of the quadrant. “On Nimbus III, Klingons, Romulans, and Federation citizens found a way to live and work in harmony. I still firmly believe such is possible in the wider galactic community,” she said. The Romulan Star Empire has not formally responded to the sanctions yet, but this week’s scheduled events at the Romulan Embassy on Earth have since been canceled. The post Federation Council announces sanctions against Romulan Star Empire for failed Duronis invasion appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  13. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — With the quantum slipstream liner Red Star still missing, a press conference was called at Starfleet headquarters spearheaded by Starfleet officials alongside Red Carrier, the owner of the commercial passenger liner at the center of the media storm. “It is with our strongest endeavor to do everything in our power to find the Red Star and return the passengers and crew to their families,” said Alexander Ohera, a spokesperson from Starfleet. Red Carrier chairman Seeshu Rebal was, unfortunately, unable to attend the press conference due to private circumstances on Bajor following the disappearance of the liner; however, Public Relations representative Maria Karn delivered the official information from Red Carrier in his stead. “Red Carrier is doing everything we can to assist the investigation and gain much-needed answers for families of the affected,” Karn asserted. “The specialized search and rescue operation launched by Starfleet receives Red Carrier’s full support. We feel like that is the best possible course of action at this time.” As suspicions and accusations regarding what could have possibly caused the disappearance of the illustrious liner circle social media outlets and local news, including a widely publicised accusation of the mishandling of the vessel, the reputation of Captain Amadeus has come under fire. Red Carrier could only provide high praise and commend him for his actions thus far in a long and distinguished career. “Captain Amadeus and First Officer Maria Gomez are highly experienced,” Karn reassured. “It is unlikely there was individual error involved and we fully advise against speculation without supporting information.” When questioned about what Starfleet is planning to do, Ohera gave a fuller picture of the response thus far. “Starfleet has cancelled multiple shore leave requests and issued overriding orders to find the Red Star to a select number of specialized vessels across our fleet,” said Ohera. “All other vessels have been informed and are on alert.” While this does mean that Starfleet is performing a search and rescue operation of a civilian vessel, the intentions of Starfleet has come under attack. Questioned heavily regarding the increased level of response to a commercial matter, whether this is to find closure for the families in the event the vessel is officially declared lost or to prevent the quantum slipstream technology from being retrieved by hostile entities operating inside of Federation space, Ohera was quick to dismiss such notions. “Starfleet sympathizes with the families and friends of those affected, and our first priority is to recover crew and passengers,” he said, amidst growing tension in the room. “We must not forget the quantum slipstream technology is a complex applied science utilized throughout the Federation. We will act strongly to prevent this becoming available outside of our jurisdiction.” As the “quantum struggle” is awakened again, this matter is rapidly receiving increased attention. Issues raised following the accident aboard the SS Atlantic are transmigrating to the Red Star, with such concerns as whether the technology is viable for commercial liners at present alongside the fear of an increased number of missing vessels. Starfleet wishes to remind the public that any information about the Red Star should be forwarded to Starfleet Command. The post Hopes mounting as Starfleet responds to commercial quantum slipstream liner disappearance appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  14. TELLAR PRIME — Following three months of quarter-finals and semi-finals, two teams in the Tellarite Debate Championship remain. The Debate Championship is a popular spectator sport on Tellar Prime, traditionally reaching an audience of millions across the Federation every year. This year’s debate finals have drawn a crowd of 175,000 spectators watching the debate in person while millions more watch a broadcast of the deliberations. The popular Rurlet City Debate Association is now engaged in a verbal duel with the Tellar Prime University Debate Team for the championship title. The Rurlet City Debate Association had a strong showing in the qualifying round after earning an unprecedented perfect score from two judges. The team’s thorough defense of the necessity of the Khitomer Accords ban on subspace weapons and their argument against the utility of espionage in Federation-Romulan relations both earned them a substantial following early on. An unexpectedly persuasive rebuttal against the Tuwe Foundation’s argument for warp speed restrictions saved the team’s chances of advancing to the final round by a very thin margin. Meanwhile, the team from Tellar Prime University was not favored to advance past the third round. A series of subpar performances and a seeming inability to obey time constraints left the team of students without much chance to enter the finals. An unexpected forfeit from their opponents in the final round of regular debate allowed them to secure their spot in the quarter-finals. The debate finals have so far seen neither team advance substantially. The first round of the finals focused on the Dominion War. Subjects included the amount of blame that the Tenth Fleet deserves for the Battle of Betazed, whether or not addiction to Ketracel-white indicated an inability to control the Jem’Hadar, and the motivating forces behind the creation of the Cardassian Liberation Front. No clear winner emerged after exhausting the list of topics so the judges began the second round of debate. This week marks the start of the fourth week of debate and the opening arguments for the rights of non-organic life. “The scorecards from the judges in round one are illuminating,” said Tarne’Gil, a former judge for the Tellarite Debate Championship. “Tellar Prime University’s team has matched the Rurlet City team’s natural gift for rebuttal and counter-arguments with their unique style of presenting and structuring their arguments.” While this year’s championship match-up has lasted longer than expected, it is not the longest by any means. During each round of debate, typically lasting two days per topic, the panel of judges assign a numerical score to each team based on various aspects of their debate performance. The finals continue until one team has earned a majority of the points available or all eight rounds have ended. The current record is 143 days with a previous Tellar Prime University team winning the championship by six points after all debate topics had been exhausted. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that the art of debate is alive and thriving on Tellar Prime. The post Tellarite Debate Championship Final enters fourth week appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  15. CARDASSIA IV — A recent report compiled by a variety of Federation scientists and xenocultural experts found that the Cardassian Union is rebuilding its architecture and infrastructure with surprising speed. “To be perfectly frank, the rapidity with which they are repairing their shattered world is astonishing,” confided Tw’ev Gaith, a statistics professor from the Grizzelan University of Applied Mathematics. “The damage their world has sustained over the past half-century is cataclysmic, and yet the evidence does not lie.” Cardassia has been subject to a variety of extraordinarily fractious events in recent decades. Political divides and militaristic dictatorships presided over planet-wide famines, the results of which led to a far more aggressive Cardassia. This hostility was exceptionally visible during the skirmishes with the Federation and other galactic powers throughout the 2350s and 60s. Modern history has been even more catastrophic for the reptilian species, with the Dominion War exacting an almost irreparable toll on Cardassian influence throughout the quadrant. The alliance with the Dominion resulted in the establishment of an even more oppressive police state, where the rights and privileges of Cardassian citizens were curtailed ruthlessly, and Cardassian nationals were used as fodder for the wars being waged by their silent conquerors. As the war finally came to a close, and the Cardassian people began to follow the uprising led by Legate Damar, Dominion troops and ships began to rain fire onto the already abused world, reducing most cities and structures to smoking cinders and culminating in the deaths of nearly a billion sentients, helplessly caught in the crossfire. Upon the Dominion’s surrender, and after Starfleet and the Federation had repaired sufficiently to aid others, the restoration of Cardassia became a top priority for relief efforts. Industrial replicators and triage centers were established all across the ravaged planet, and over the following two decades, medical assistance and operational support were plentiful. Two years ago, the final detachment of Starfleet personnel, left over from the Dominion War, were recalled. Researches at the Daystrom Institute projected a full recovery to be all but impossible for Cardassia, and certainly not achievable within the next century or so. Despite this, recent developments have pointed to an unprecedented spike in infrastructure repair across the planet. “The cities are starting to take shape again,” Hywyn Oovmal confided. Oovmal, regional director of the Allamat Infirmary Complex on the world’s northern frontier, has been on the front lines of the rebuilding process since it began. “There’s only rarely starvation here. The buildings can be remade,” said Oovmal. “The culture, the history, the art… that will be a longer struggle.” The post Reconstruction within Cardassian Union surges ahead of expected timetable appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article This article was written by Lt. Cmdr. Randal Shayne of the USS Columbia.
  16. STARBASE 118 — After an extensive retrofit, the venerable starship USS Columbia was reactivated under the command of newly promoted Captain Theo Whittaker. The Nebula class USS Columbia (NCC-85279) has taken part in many missions for the Federation, her last assignment being one of the ships attached to the Andaris Task Force in the Par’tha Expanse. Although still connected to the Andaris Task Force, the Columbia will leave the Par’tha Expanse to its new responsibility of exploring the Sagittarius Reach, a vast unexplored region outside of Federation space. Joining Captain Whittaker will be the crew of his previous assignment, the Olympic class medical vessel USS Blackwell, which is being decommissioned for an expected overhaul. The USS Blackwell has seen quite a few adventures herself: confronting an ancient enemy, the Hur’q, and the most recent transpired to a search and rescue of a very old and previously deemed lost crew of the starship USS Fortwith on a lifeless planetoid, P-409 Sigma. The Blackwell has been recalled after requiring many repairs and refitting due to the dangerous nature of the Par’tha Expanse. Vastly improved since it was last in service, the Columbia has been retrofitted with the latest technology, including a top-rated propulsion system, state of the art sensors, cutting-edge medical facilities, and expanded sciences laboratories. The vessel holds a special place in the hearts of a few of the senior staff, including Captain Whittaker, as the Columbia was the first ship they had served on before the retrofit. Some of the newer crew members expressed excitement in transferring to their new ship. “I wasn’t in Starfleet when the Columbia was first launched, but I am excited to serve aboard a ship with the history the Columbia has,” remarked Chief Tactical Officer Krindo Pandorn. Admiral Vivian Hauke at Starfleet Command spoke to the press as well about the relaunch. “We at Starfleet Command extend our best wishes to the Columbia and her crew on their endeavours in the Sagittarius Reach,” she said. The post Starfleet relaunches USS Columbia after major refit appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article This article was written by Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn of the USS Columbia
  17. ALDEBARAN III — Despite protests from some faculty members, the Aldebaran Music Academy has decided to accept the application of a holographic student for the first time in the school’s history. The student in question, Cecilia, first applied to the school in 2394. Her application to the academy’s program for musical composition was originally dismissed on the grounds that a hologram was definitionally incapable of exercising a creative talent such as composing music. Cecilia was originally part of a jazz club holoprogram created by a Tycho City holoprogrammer. Unusually high levels of activity caused Cecilia to develop a distinct personality and hone her musical talents beyond the original scope of her programming. The program’s original creator noticed this abnormal activity and allowed her program to run continuously so that she could have a degree of autonomy. After several months, Cecilia decided to compose an original piece of music and apply to the Aldebaran Music Academy, only to have her application disregarded. Cecilia reapplied this year after the school’s Admissions Department underwent numerous staff changes. Last month, Egrim Urdaar, the school’s director of admissions, announced that the Admissions Department had overturned their previous decision and accepted Cecilia’s application for consideration. Among his reasons for overturning the decision, Urdaar cited the case of Emergency Medical Hologram v. Broht & Forrester as evidence that holographic beings were capable of producing artistic works. While not case law, the legal dispute did provide sufficient cause to reverse the school’s stance on accepting applications from holographic beings. Yesterday, Cecilia announced that the Aldebaran Music Academy accepted her application and that she will be admitted to the school next year as a member of the Class of 2399. Advocates for the rights of holograms are celebrating this decision as another step towards the extension of full rights to sentient holograms. “The Aldebaran Music Academy has a long history of fostering some of the greatest musical talents for generations,” said Urdaar in a public statement. “We will continue to offer the opportunity for any and all future musicians and composers to study music at our institution.” Experts expect this decision to renew debate surrounding the rights of sentient holograms both in general and as artists specifically. The Aldebaran Music Academy, with the permission of Cecilia, has released the original composition included in her application for public enjoyment. This article was written by Lieutenant Anath G'Renn of the USS Columbia. The post First holographic student accepted to Aldebaran Music Academy appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  18. CESTUS III — The thriving baseball league on the Federation world of Cestus III has seen a new team, the Traerston Tigers, join its ranks. All baseball lovers Federation-wide are aware of the state of the league on Cestus III when it comes to its quality of play. While always fair and a good show, it has yet to happen that a team from the Top League of the Cestus III Baseball League reaches a high ranking in the Federation Galactic Cup. The Traerston Tigers are hoping to change that by inviting multi-title winners Bill Cleansy (batter, Earth planetary team regular, Ex-Achilles) and top pitcher Jammy Allen (pitcher, Alpha Centauri planetary team regular, former player for the Black Gladiators) to their line-up, as well as some new local and old veteran league talents. Rumour has it the team has been receiving regular donations and sponsorships, allowing them to reach such high-quality players. “I am very happy to have joined the Tigers,” said Bill Cleansy. “The group is known for fair play and as a real underdog. Helping them to the top would be a challenge Jammy and I are certainly looking forward to!” When the never-so-talkative Jammy was asked about a chance in the local Federation Cup, not to be confused with the coveted Galactic Cup, he reacted with it being a “possibility.” According to Sports Analytics, the Tigers are already a contender for the Cestus III League Title, simply because of their lineup. However, a chance at winning a multi-system Federation title such as their local Federation Cup might still be far off. This article was written by Ensign Wallace Williams of the Duronis II Embassy. The post Cestus III gains new baseball team, possible league title contender appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  19. THE SHOALS — After weeks of no contact, Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim has been declared missing in action as search parties find no trace of the Starfleet ranger or his runabout. The Starfleet Rangers are the individual supporters of colonies – Starfleet’s answer to calls for more presence in the areas of up and coming settlements when resources are scarce. Those with the best qualities Starfleet has to offer leave the collective safety of a crewed starship or deep space installation and venture out solo to assist civilians in their quest to explore strange new worlds and call them home. One such officer was Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim, sent to a remote world on the border of what Starfleet has considered contested space in a little-known area of the Shoals region. Lieutenant na-Soldim’s mission was to survey the Thura system in preparation for the establishment of an observatory outpost. When na-Soldim missed two scheduled check-ins, Colonial Coalition Marshals Service deputies began a search for him, but no sign of the ranger was found. The area is known for rare appearances of Tholian scout vessels, though none have ever ventured as close to Federation territory as the Thura system, which is close to the Colonial Coalition colony world of Havley’s Hope. “We are doing everything in our power to locate Lieutenant na-Soldim. At this time, we have ruled the Thura system off-limits to civilian vessels. Though we are looking into other possibilities, Tholian involvement has not been ruled out,” said Coalition Marshals spokesperson Saeyai Jea in a statement to the FNS. “Our thoughts go to Lieutenant na-Soldim’s family, and we ask that any information regarding his whereabouts be sent to us immediately.” To date, there are just a handful of Starfleet rangers within the Shoals, sometimes even assigned to watch over entire sectors – far beyond any one person’s typical capability. Since na-Soldim’s disappearance, there have been calls for the rangers to “return home.” “These are individuals asked to ‘handle’ entire an entire star system’s worth of people!” said Coalition activist Sarah Scotsman on Antor II. “Colonies ask for patrolling vessels to make us feel safer, crews to lead the way and assist with scientific endeavors, and they send one person? They ask us to wait for confirmation from their one-man surveyor before we can establish an observatory, and he mysteriously goes missing near Tholian space. Starfleet’s response is for our Marshals to look for him? We are better off on our own. Starfleet should send a crew or none at all.” Aagan Eislas, a member of the Twentieth House of Betazed, which is known for its ongoing support of Betazoid colonies far from the homeworld, believes it’s not that simple. “Starfleet is not here to manage civilian colonies, and they’re not here to provide resources,” said Eislas as he addressed concerns on Donova IV. “Colonies that branch away from home must be prepared for a certain lack of support. Starfleet are explorers, defenders, and diplomats. To have them is a luxury – they simply cannot be everywhere and anywhere, at every settlement’s beck and call – nor should they be. We are losing focus on what’s important: a man is missing. The Coalition’s focus should not be on a political statement but on ensuring that a missing Starfleet officer is returned home safely to his family.” Anyone with information regarding Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim is asked to contact authorities immediately. This article was written by Lt. Cmdr. Sky Blake of the USS Veritas. The post Starfleet ranger missing in action near Tholian border appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  20. FERENGINAR – Executives of the Slug-o-Cola company announced this morning a surprise merger agreement with upstart competitor Lappa IV Beverages. The long-standing conglomerate Slug-o-Cola has fought a bitter war over the production of soft drinks in recent decades with both Eelwasser as a primary competitor and the newly formed Lappa IV Beverages in the last few years. While some prefer the slimy texture and sweet flavour of the Slug-o-Cola signature brand, the soured grittiness of the Lappa IV Lap-It-Up, made from the Zan Periculi flower native to the planet, has appealed to a select group of drinkers and has taken the galactic market by storm. The sharp rivalry escalated recently over the Lappa IV Beverages challenge “Lap Around Lappa IV,” in which contestants were encouraged to perform loops of the planet in private vessels. “Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity!” said the challenge’s winner Ubonk, son of Slug-o-Cola’s chairman Commissioner Nilva. “Right, father?” The challenge courted controversy on social media, with calls for a reassessment of the race following Ubonk’s surprise victory. The Ferengi Commerce Authority was prompted to investigate the alleged breach of the terms and conditions stipulated by Lappa IV and determined the rules were not breached; however, Commissioner Nilva has declined to comment further. The merger of both companies is a combining of efforts and recipes to secure the Slug-o-Cola brand and Lappa IV Beverages names into household history books for centuries to come. Market experts were astounded that a merger had been negotiated, yet there were many hopes for a bright future. Profit seemed to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds as the market leaders met today for a final discussion on the particulars of the asset consolidation. “Sales have already increased; our stock prices have soared,” said Leralis, stock leader at Slug-o-Cola, while sipping down a hearty Lappa IV Lap-It-Up soft drink. “You know that old Ferengi rule 45: Expand or die!” This article was written by Lieutenant Jocelyn Marshall of the USS Gorkon. The post Merger in the Ferengi beverage industry surprises market experts appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  21. PSI EPSILON III — The recently decommissioned USS Melroy has been restored to its original state and turned into a museum that documents a previous era in Starfleet history. The USS Melroy was launched in 2296 from the San Francisco Fleet Yards and was finally decommissioned in late 2394. The ship’s career spanned decades of exploration, border defense, and fighting with the Seventh Fleet in the Dominion War. After suffering heavy damage during the war, the USS Melroy was fully repaired and assigned to patrol the Cardassian border. After its decommissioning, the ship was moved to Psi Epsilon III to serve as a museum ship administered by the Federation Science Bureau. The USS Melroy has been restored to its original 2296 configuration, undoing a minor refit after the Dominion War. Furniture mimicking the original style has been installed. Modern technical upgrades were removed, and a recreation of the original computer interface was installed on the ship’s computer. Visitors to the ship are beamed from the planet’s surface to the USS Melroy’s transporter room before being guided on a tour of the ship. Important stops on the tour include the main bridge, the captain’s ready room, main engineering, and the shuttlebay. Visitors also tour crew quarters, the crew lounge, and the museum facility located in the Deck 21 Cargo Bay where items from across the ship’s long career are on display. Former Melroy science officer and retired Starfleet Commander Marcus Taylor gave a speech at the museum’s opening ceremony praising the efforts being undertaken to preserve the Melroy and the era of Starfleet history it represents. “When I walk down the corridor to my old quarters on Deck 7 or I pass by the lounge where I got coffee every morning before reporting to the lab with Jim, I can almost convince myself that I’m back in 2312,” remarked Taylor. The USS Melroy Historical Center is open to the public and hosts six tours each day. Visitors are advised to book in advance due to high demand. The post Decommissioned Excelsior-class starship becomes a museum appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  22. BETAZED – Rich and intriguing fables and myths passed down through generations for thousands of years have now found a new home in the contemporary art scene of the Federation. Hotly debated by many Tellarite contemporaries, the Scroll of Eternal Feasting is a blood-soaked battlefield of callous ancestors, ancient enemies, early settlements decimated by failed terraforming projects, and stolen agricultural land amidst the promise of flourishing hydroponic farms. It is a tale transcribed in distinguished language, however, never truly agreed upon, and has now become the feature of a tapestry on display at the University of Betazed. “You know you are standing beneath something truly magnificent when a Tellarite is stunned into silence,” Senral Usei, Secretary of Culture on Betazed advised, during a recent interview. “University students from around the Federation have created this marvelous homage to the mythology. It is positively breathtaking.” The tapestry delves into the mythological stories surrounding and leading up to the creation of the Scroll of Eternal Feasting, starting with the conception of the universe under the supreme being Hovah, the embodiment of the gleaming qualities associated with the soul, and the pitched battle with Krognik, the wolf-like demon personifying the depths of blackness the Tellarite heart can reach. The confrontation is a heavily symbolic fight of good nature against evil essence. The epic saga is encapsulated with the tale of the Eternal Feast itself; a magnificent celebration of raw fruits and vegetables, symbolising the Tellarite dominance in agricultural engineering, while the hollow bell line plays, symbolising a refusal to submit to the temptations of Krognik and rise into the good graces of their soulful entity Hovah. It is unsurprising that the most consistently debated element to this tale is the presence of Grablin Tlorsh. Though highly venerated in the Hall of Heroes for his early hydroponic techniques, Tlorsh allegedly caused the destruction of an ancient settlement on Tellar due to misuse of inaccurate drilling apparatuses. The featured tale has also been the subject of a revival with a recent holonovel series, A Feast of Farmers, and the three-part epic holonovel, The Hollow Bell Chimes. Both works were written and published by non-Tellarites. While these retellings of the significant historic saga differ considerably in their adaptations, Tellarite fans are quick to advise that it does not mean they are incorrect. The legend has been adapted to fit a variety of purposes throughout the thousands of years it remained oral history before being transcribed, and, in the case of The Hollow Bell Chimes, has provided a fresh spin on the events taking place prior to the Eternal Feast. The author Tis Ch’evhaahlol apparently studied classical Tellarite language to provide her own translation of the literature. Toblis Skaorn, Secretary of Culture on Tellar, was only too happy to be invited to the official unveiling later this month. She spoke joyously of the labour and debate techniques of those students who endured the famous Tellarite stubbornness and pride to craft the masterpiece. “My people are thoroughly honoured by the dedication and commitment shown in preparing this piece,” said Skaorn, upon arriving at Betazed for a pre-unveiling meeting. “I hope this will pique interest in our long and beautiful mythological culture.” The tapestry will be on display at the University of Betazed until late 2397 when it will be transported to Tellar to be hosted. While the unveiling is by invitation only, the exhibition itself is open to all. The Hollow Bell Chimes by Tis Ch’evhaahlol and A Feast of Farmers by Erud Vex are available now at libraries and holosuite providers. This article was written by Lieutenant Jocelyn Marshall of the USS Gorkon. The post Tellarite mythology undergoes a reawakening in contemporary art culture appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  23. STARBASE 74 – The court-martial proceedings against Commander Victor Yaeger, previously the commanding officer of the USS Astraeus, are scheduled to begin today. Yaeger presided over the accidental stranding of the Astraeus, resulting in the deaths of 46 members of his crew. Though Yeager and his attorneys have been tight-lipped about the specifics of their defense strategy, Yeager is expected to plead not guilty to more than a dozen separate charges, including conduct unbecoming an officer, dereliction of duty, and gross negligence. The incident occurred while Yeager was serving as commanding officer of the Astraeus for a highly regimented shakedown cruise intended to test the capabilities of several experimental modifications to the newly-refit Galaxy-class starship. At Yeager’s order, the ship diverted from its planned course to cross into the Shoals, a volatile region of space known for its high concentration of dangerous tetryon anomalies. So dangerous, in fact, that Starfleet has forbidden starships with a mass in excess of two million tons from even entering the region. With subspace warning buoys lining the border to the Shoals and automated audio warnings hard-wired into every Federation computer core, Yeager is alleged to have willfully ignored that ban. “Starfleet officers have long been regarded as the best the Federation has to offer,” said Commander Varo of the Starfleet JAG office. “If it’s true that Yeager decided to ignore standing orders, no matter the reason, he is simply not compatible with that legacy, and this office will do everything in its power to ensure Mr. Yeager is held responsible for his actions.” A spokesman for the aggrieved families issued a statement on the eve of the court-martial, with several parents of the deceased standing behind him. “Our sons and daughters knew that a life in Starfleet was a life of risk,” said Keith Couzens, on behalf of the families. “But no one – Starfleet or civilian – should lose their life to support the prideful arrogance of a superior. We expect Yeager and his senior staff to be held fully accountable for the lives lost as a direct result of their decisions.” If found guilty, Yeager could face expulsion from Starfleet and up to twenty years in a Federation penal colony. While a number of high ranking officers have been dismissed from Starfleet in the wake of the accident, including Vice Admiral Sh’Hiel, formerly the Commander of Starfleet Operations along the Tholian border, Yeager is the first officer to be brought up on charges. Lieutenant Commander Kreeta, Yeager’s former first officer, and Master Chief Petty Officer Linford Styles, the senior enlisted officer, will also face court martials later this year. This article was written by Lt. Cmdr. Evan Delano of the USS Veritas. The post Court martial set to begin in aftermath of USS Astraeus disaster appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  24. BAJOR – The Red Star, the flagship quantum slipstream starliner of Red Carrier, has disappeared during a routine transport to Risa. Mounting fears greeted friends and family of travelers on board the Red Star this morning as the vessel was declared officially missing. A search and rescue mission has now been implemented to cover the distance traveled by the vessel from its point of origin on Bajor to its last known location heading in the direction of Risa. The operation, set in motion from the Mars headquarters of Red Carrier by chairman Seeshu Rebal, will traverse the distance via conventional warp drive and is already looking at a long voyage ahead. “It is with great sadness that Red Carrier must report the untimely disappearance of our flagship vessel under Captain Amadeus,” Seeshu lamented, during this morning’s press conference. “While notable issues have befallen our fellow commercial slipstream liners in recent years, this is an unprecedented loss for all. Our thoughts are with the families at this pressing time.” The Red Star departed from Bajor earlier this week with a full crew complement of 264 and 2131 passengers. The last known transmitted navigational location was the Kalandra sector, with sensor data collected by a stationary buoy in the area. While previously known for heavy action during the Dominion War, the sector has since been used as a thoroughfare for transport and cargo ships to Bajor and Deep Space 9. Speculations have already been made regarding the disappearance. The commercial efforts of implementing the quantum slipstream drive have come under fire due to failures in the technology prior to this event. Starlight Transport’s SS Atlantic famously suffered a slipstream failure in 2391 during her third voyage, which delayed the implementation of slipstream technology into the commercial market. Lieutenant Commander Adam Frost, industry expert and Quantum Slipstream Drive (QSD) Principal Lead Technician for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, believes that a technological failure is severely unlikely. “The slipstream drive has had its problems in the past, but like with any technology, it is continuously developing,” he candidly reported. “Starfleet would like to remind everyone that slipstream travel for commercial passenger transport is still statistically one of the safest ways to travel. This is a localised incident and we hope for a swift conclusion.” When questioned regarding updates received from the rescue vessel, Seeshu declined to comment. Such information is likely to be kept out of public eye until more is known about the fate of the Red Star. Reporters were assured that every measure has been taken to ensure the safe retrieval of passengers if the vessel is found intact. “There isn’t much information to go on,” Nacu Zes, said a family member of one of the missing passengers. “Our family is devastated at the news. My son and his husband are going on their honeymoon. How can a starship vanish into thin air? I only hope they find them soon.” Officials have asked for any suspected sightings of the Red Star to be reported immediately to Starfleet and local authorities. Red Carrier has also arranged for counseling resources for families of those missing during this trying time. The post Risa-bound starliner disappears carrying 2,400 passengers appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  25. LUNAR ONE COLONY — A wedding party was denied boarding onto a transport from Lunaport space station after reportedly drinking four cases of Romulan Ale in fifteen minutes in response to being informed that they could not take thirty-five cases of the substance as hand luggage. The bachelorette at the centre of the allegations, a Starfleet Officer named only as Thalaa to protect her identity, was determined by staff at the Federation Port Authority to be severely under the influence of alcohol and a risk to the safety of other passengers. She was only one among twelve Andorians and Klingons who were reportedly too inebriated to fly. Read the rest of the article here: Wedding party denied boarding at Lunaport after binging on Romulan Ale on Federation News Service.
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