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  1. I shot with DS9 - I think they did a great job of giving us insight into the characters, took the brave step of making the doctor not particularly likeable (which then set up a fantastic evolution over the course of the 7 series) and the setting was absolute magic - there was no starship and everything was vulnerable - a fragile station guarding the wormhole to another part of the galaxy as well as a fragile world. Plus, Gul Dukat - best villain in Trek imo!

    What he said! Totally agree. DS9 was the series that got me Trekified. The thing that got me as well was the look into civilian life on a station and that there was a few sub plots going on all the time.

    Sure, each episode was watchable out of sequence, stood on its own. But the beauty was in the collective narrative, watching them in sequence. Plus Garak, in my top 3 characters. Well written and badass, in his own unflappable way.

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  2. Hey all

    Just found this today as its the first chance I have had to peruse the forums properly. My name is Kyle and I live in North Yorkshire, England. I work for Mercedes-benz. Love reading and playing video games, current one been Witched 3.

    Used to do these types of things as a teenager and stumbled across this on Facebook and wanted to give it a go again.

    All ready started training and I keep checking my emails every 10 minutes! Hooked all ready :)

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  3. The shuttle bay door hissed open. The many people who filled the transport hurriedly made their way out onto the Promenade, making their way to their chosen destinations. Last out, and unhurried by anything at the present, Daniel Cain walked out onto the Promenade. Duffle bag slung over one shoulder, he looked about wondering what to do next. As far as he knew he had a few hours to kill before he had to be anywhere. "Definitely bigger than home" he said aloud and turned to tour the entire Promenade and to get a general feeling of life here, as he was apt to be here for a while.

    Standing at over 6ft he could more or less see over most peoples heads who were milling about. No one species was dominant here but on a Starbase within the Federation, he expected nothing less. His eyes did keep drifting, however, to the more, shall we say, excitable races among the inhabitants. He couldn't help it though.

    His training at the academy was pretty standard, middle of his class in pretty much everything except for Security and Tactics. He wasn't first in his class for that but certainly had a keen mind for anything remotely linked to it. Back on Earth, he always had an eye for the trouble makers in his village, and was normally the one to deal with any incidents. Hence his chosen career path of Security and Tactical.

    Nothing happened on his wander, not that he thought it would. There was a definite security presence on the Starbase. Probably due to the proximity of the Starbase to Romulan and Klingon Space.

    "At least I wont be bored here, no matter where I go".

    With this in mind he aimed for the Holodeck, and the start of his career.

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