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  1. Graduated and assigned to U.S.S Mercury!

  2. Training sim has been fantastic so far. Hope I graduate!

  3. Ah don't worry, it's not mine either! English first, German second, Welsh third!
  4. Haha yes, please don't! Thanks very much! Ydycg chi'n siarad Cymraeg? Glad to be here! I'm sure i'll love it
  5. Very excited to be here!

  6. Hi all! I'm Aidan. My character's name is Sahriv, a Vulcan. I'm 21 years old and British. I live in Wales. I'm a musician and singer/songwriter by trade. I've been a Trek fan all my life. I play Star Trek Online. I love writing and roleplaying. My other hobbies include acting, drawing, dancing and cooking. I look forward to simming with you all. Get in touch! Bye for now!
  7. The Vulcan male gazed impassively out of the window, barely registering the sparse traffic of shuttles and the occasional freighter making and leaving dock. His mind was fixed on his singular situation - the impending meeting with the anonymous contact, who had used a heavily encrypted subspace frequency to reach him. The message, in text format, had simply read: Starbase 234 Stardate: 90582.27 1800 hours. We have a proposition for you. A mixture of logic, intrigue and lack of better things to do had led him here. He had arrived an hour ahead of time, as was his custom. His expansive mind raced with possible explanations, but with so little to go on his theories were spurious at best. This irked him - he did not like being unsure of anything. There was one minute to go until the appointment was due to start. He continued to stare out into space, hands clasped behind his back and legs apart at shoulder width, finding calm solace in the infinite expanse before him. He was of average height for a Vulcanoid and of slender build. Piercing obsidian eyes lay shadowed beneath the exaggerated brow of his species and his immaculate Auburn hair seemed to aid in drawing attention to them. A simple long tunic hung over his modest frame. His size belied an inexplicable strength of presence and power however, something which even the elders at the ShiKahr Academy had made note of. You have a most curious effect on those around you, Sahriv. It is both fascinating and concerning. Setting aside that memory, the ever-present calculator in him mind told him that the time was now 1800 hours. He turned to face the door of the private lounge that had been set aside for him. At that instant, the door slid open and a Vulcan female walked in.
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