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  1. OOC: My first entry - be gentle! Leanna hadn’t been certain of this mission from the get go. She had been reactivated rather suddenly, but then she supposed that was how the Intelligence service worked. They had required someone with her ‘particular skill set’ for a matter of ‘Federation security’, like she had never heard that brand of codswallop before. It had been over a decade since they had used it on her though, and she had been quite enjoying her career back in the mainstream. It had somewhat surprised Captain Hollis when his Chief Medical Officer had requested an urgent leave of absen
  2. So to submit do we just create a new thread in this forum?
  3. Kieran stretched as he came out of the airlock and onto the wide open space of a Starbase docking ring. As he looked around he was struck by it's similarity to Spacedock in the Sol system where he'd had the opportunity to serve as a second year cadet waiting for the start of the first trimester of his third year at the Academy. He shouldn't have been surprised at this, he supposed, after all Starfleet Architecture and Design wasn't exactly known for it's variety and cutting-edge. With a yawn the stretch was complete and he shook his head to get rid of the sleepy feeling that hung over him from
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