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  1. Too bad my name still needs sorting out! lol Now in the training group, lol. Cadet, Kydo.
  2. Another question? Average wait time for admission into a training group? I am eager... and patiently waiting...
  3. Starbase 118 - Full Circle: Cadet Kydo Kydo's smile filled her face with the joy, pleasure and ease she had been seeking. She was due, in a couple hours, to visit the Holodeck Briefing for the all important Cadet's Cruise, necessary for her assignment to a fleet posting. Like her fellow classmates, she had felt the burden of this last important exam. An opportunity to explore the entertainment sector had been welcome. She wanted to be around people, people enjoying themselves, and soak in the pleasure of those around her. A Saurian mother and daughter had just walked past, on their way back to a more serious world, most likely, but for now they were clearly filled with fresh memories of the joys of an afternoon of fun in the entertainment sector. The little innocent girl's mirth was paticularly intoxicating, as Kydo welcomed the emotions in, empathically. A giggle played accross Kydo like a happy sonnet, arousing the attention of other passerby's... especially one male. She wasn't certain his species, but he was certainly... "checking her out". Kydo suppressed a grin as she brushed a wave of blonde hair over her shoulders, that held a sizeable bust on her slim figure, contained neatly within her Cadet Medical uniform. She considered herself to be pretty by most Federation standards, the attention she has got in the Academy had made certain of that assumption, and being Argellian had only seemed to reinforce that notion. She was proud of her race's heritage, though that pride came with more than a few entanglements of pain she kept hidden most of the time. Kydo smiled at the gentleman, feeling his interest, but not desiring to lead this anywhere, she sent a silent thank you for the flattered attention, and continued on her way. The encounter, that had just taken place, if it could be glorified to such a status, reminded her of stories her mother had told her. Her mother and father were native born Argellians, typical of their kind. Unfortunately, Kydo had no recollection of her father. He had died in an accident on Argelius, while her mother was pregnant with her. The short story was that a handsome Starfleet Medical Officer found this pregnant Argelian most attractive, and the gaze they shared, like the one Kydo had just experienced, had went from innocent attraction to the bonds of marriage. When this Starfleeter left the planet, he took his bride with him. Kydo was soon born afterwards, far from her native planet. Kydo shook her head, intent on keeping pleasant memories in her head and not dwelling, for the time being, on the struggles that followed her development into the adult she was now. The irony however of advancing forward in a career of Starfleet Medical, like her step father - a full circle of sorts, was sufficient to return the mirth to Kydo's spirit, for now. The time for her exam, was quickly spent in peace and joy. Now for the exam.
  4. I have always been a fan of star trek. My sister you play role playing star trek a great deal. Having some free time, she suggested I find one to get into. Her old role playing games are no longer active. SB118 looks like it has the serviceability and long time standing to be the place for me. I am really looking forward to getting into the game. (On a side note, I am GREATLY
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