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  1. Mara shifted her weight to her right leg nervously. As she took in her surroundings with cautious glances she didn't pay mind to her left hand unconsciously fiddling with her right sleeve. Her wide blue-green eyes flicked from one scene to another as if she was trying to memorize every detail. After what may have been three minutes, she really couldn't say, she began walking away from the hustle and bustle and towards, well she didn't really know where she was headed. She just began walking, messenger bag of necessities thumping against her leg in a soothing rhythm. Honestly Mara believed she
  2. Hello world!! My name (well automatic alias. I don't really like my first name) would be Nicole. I live in the great US of A, in the South, in a little town no one has heard of. I found this great site because of, wait for it, Google. Yep, a simple search and you guys came up. But I'm glad I clicked on that link. I'm a middle schooler currently wasting my weekend away when I should be um studying. I'll be perfectly honest, I didn't care for Star Trek at all until about three days ago. I was a proud Star Wars fan then I decided I couldn't say I didn't like it until I watched it. So I let my da
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