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  1. Am I new here? I have no idea anymore...

  2. "Well...here I am." Jake Sjet had come a long way in four years, five if you counted the extra stint at Starfleet medical but Jake liked to think of it as adding on a decade to that time. In that time he had learned more than he thought he could know, seen some pretty impressive and memorable sights, and had crossed a distance to Starbase 118 from Earth that was just shy of staggering. It was amazing that any mind, human or otherwise, could conceptualise the crossing of so many light years so casually. From Mars, to Earth, and then to Starbase 118: it was a long trek and no doubt about it. But it was also just the first step in that journey. And he was lost. He stood on the Starbase's commercial promenade, main drag, or whatever it wanted to call itself. Back home on Mars the crush of people and businesses would have been called a bizaar. But unlike a Martian bazaar, with its spice laden air and call of traders, there was just a seemingly efficient bustle of people going from one shop to another. He thought he could even see patterns in those waves, swilling about from boutique to replicator cafe. It seemed as soulless as the sign he stood before, which like himself proudly proclaimed 'You are here' with a blinking icon on a map of someone's lower intestines. No, wait, not intestines: the GI track doesn't have a House of Quarks at the end of it. "I am not lost." he said, eyeing the map again, and then looking around for a land mark "I am a Starfleet officer, a trained doctor, and a dust rat from the Rust Works. I cannot be lost." But he was, and no matter how much he looked at the sign, willing it telepathically to give him the answers he sought, the sign stubbornly refused. Well if the worst came to the worst and he had to rough it on the promenade, he could fashion a tent from a coat stand and make a fire pit from a pair of decorative planters. Maybe even given enough time he could learn his way free of the concourse and find civilisation again?
  3. Hello all: just arrived...huh. I feel I should say that, but it seems I had to 'retrieve my password' to get in here. Which means either I'm a old hand coming back to roost, or my subconscious has been playing here and didn't leave me a post-it note. Either way 'hola' to one and all, glad to be here. (Again?)
  4. Thanks for the welcome, and welcome back Kieran. This is certainly a warmer welcome than I got with the SLA five years back, a much more community focused simming group...and my mind is drawing a comparison to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No idea why.
  5. Like wise! And you forgot crumpets, the stiff upper lip and of course and endless supply of whit and charm... Okay I'll be honest and say we import those last two in bulk from France. Its amazing what you can bring back on the ferry these days.
  6. Just remember I have tea and high standards, and I have no fear of using them!
  7. BTW Mk2: Oh I know Britain will never win a gold. The only way we'll walk away with the close cousin of lead is if the Korean team gets mugged by some 'British youths' on their way out of the stadium. BTW Mk2: So it's a PDF then?...I'll need to get some good photographic paper. Oh, by the by, I to look forward to the torment. I'm British after all, making others squirm and suffer is our cup of earl grey.
  8. Whoo-hoo!...Er...so does the cheque come in the post, or is there an award cerimony or something for being the 1000th soul duped by the SB118 banner ad?>
  9. A hive of scum and villainy you say? Then I have come dressed to blend in! Do you think the eye patch is too much, or does it off set the peg leg nicely??
  10. Hello all. My name is Andrew, I'm a Brit live on the grand old island nation that still think we'll walk away with a gold at the up coming Olympics. I've just signed up to join your merry band of rogues, and look forward to tormenting you all to some degree or another. No idea where I'll end up, but it'll be interesting to see where I'll end up. I've written for a while, working retail allows for a lot of time to think and plot, so we'll just have to see.
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