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  1. 'Ello all. I'm Don, been simming in one form or another off and on for years and felt that I needed to get back in to it. Hence why I'm here. Currently I'm in Washington state, though in a few months I'll be moving to Florida, so yay for warm weather. Been a trek nerd for most of my 35 years. Anyway, I play Xerissa, the resident nerdy lizard and hope to get involved in the goings-on of the place.
  2. The trip to Starbase 118 had been uneventful, thankfully, affording Xerissa a chance to continue her studying in preparation for the upcoming training cruise. Now that the shuttle had touched down, she needed to acclimate to the Starbase and find a place for herself to settle until training began. Standing just a hair below 2 meters in height, the tall muscular Gorn female stepped out onto the hanger deck of the Starbase. As she expected, her body didn't like the enviornment at first. It was cold and bright, and the gravity was lower than what she was built for. Also as expected, more than a few eyes turned to look at her. In both cases, though, she would adjust. I wonder what they are thinking, she thought to herself and becoming self-conscious for a brief moment. She had been on Earth in Starfleet Academy and had gotten used to being stared at, but this was a new environment and she found the odd shyness she had felt during her academy days beginning to creep back in to her mind. “Do not let yourself become an introvert again,” she said to herself. “They are silly and strange, but they will be your crew.” With a new training coming and a crew to be a part of, she needed to keep herself outgoing. Once it was out of the way, things would settle in to a normal rhythm...as normal as Starfleet is for her, anyway. She gathered up her pack and slung it over her shoulder, then stepped out towards the lift. The main business section of the Starbase was abuzz with activity. So many people crammed in to such a space made foot traffic hazardous, and for one so large it was difficult to get out of the way. Xerissa looked at her PADD detailing the location of the Cadet check-in and followed the path to a small office space. Situated at the desk was a dark haired human male going over the various paperwork he had in front of him. When he looked up, there was a brief pause as it seemed his mind needed to register what he was seeing. “Um....ID, please?” He said to her. She chuckled a bit at his reaction and turned her PADD over to her cadet orders, which she passed to him. “Ok, let's see,” he continued as he went over the paperwork, looking for any discrepancies that might flag it. “Sorry, sir, security says I need to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. Never know when someone posing as a cadet might try to get on board.” As he continued to scan the orders his eyes finally hit on one spot on her orders. “Oh....female...I'm sorry.” “It is quite alright, sir,” she said to him. “You are not the first to make that error.” She managed a smile. She was right, though. He wasn't the first. She had thought programming her translator with a feminine voice would help, but apparently not. True, she was large and muscular as most of her reptilian species was. Not as bulky as the males, though. She had narrower shoulders and wider hips, and the structure of her face wasn't half so angular as a male Gorn's, but she was lacking a few of the more obvious traits of a mammalian female. Idly, she wondered if wearing a stuffed bra would avoid the confusion in the future, but she pushed the thought aside with a bit of a smirk. “Ok,” the human said sheepishly to her. “65 years old? A little old for a cadet,” he added, making some small talk as he worked to finish filing her paperwork. “Benefits of a long lifespan,” Xerissa said to him with a smile on her face. “I already have a long enlisted career in the Gorn Navy behind me, and some time to get a higher education, but I am just barely even middle aged.” “Oh?” He asked her. “What did you study?” “Quantum Physics,” Xerissa said, grinning as he was tracking on to one of the more enjoyable topics for her. Despite being a big lizard, she was such a nerd at heart. “I graduated from MIT with a doctorate,” she added as she started to launch in to a bit of a babble. “I did my doctoral thesis on the application of Quantum String Theory in other-universe observation, all about how to read the fluctuations of a quantum string in our reality to gather knowledge from another universe and how all of them are interconnected on a quantum level, but then you have to overcome the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal, which I have not yet been able to do. Heisenberg Compensators from a Transporter are not quite fine enough yet for the job and...” She stopped as she noticed the blank stare from him. “Apologies,” she said. “I babble sometimes.” “No worries, Cadet,” he said to her with a smirk then passed back her PADD. “You're all set. Just find a place to sit and relax for a while and they'll contact you when the training cruise is ready to start. Welcome to Starbase 118.” Xerissa nodded and took back her PADD, smiling once more. “Thank you,” she said to him as she hefted her pack and made her way from the office. Now it was only a matter of time. A few hours, then the rest of her life.
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