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  1. Ah, good point. See its always best to ask! Thank you :-)
  2. Cadet Talya Robins stepped out of the transport, and took her first breath of Starbase 118's air. It was crisper, cleaner, than the air on board the transport; she'd booked an earlier flight on a commercial transport so as to avoid the rowdy mass of cadets streaming from the Academy. And she'd made the right choice, too - even if she did have to suffer the stench of two slightly drunk Klingons who obviously hadn't seen the inside of a sonic shower in a few weeks. As she looked around at her new surroundings, her crystal blue eyes flicking from area to area, she tried to make a mental note of which direction everything was in, just in case she was to spend any length of time here. Even from her position next to the docking bay, she could see markers pointing towards Sickbay. Soon, that's where I'll be. Soon. She slung her duffel bag over her shoulder, a sudden thought flitting through her mind. Why wait? She had several hours to kill, and it seemed the best place to spend them would be in her prospective post. Making her way along the corridors, almost completely devoid of crewmen at this time of morning, she was glad to be here. She'd spent almost her entire life in the city, and although she'd spent holidays in the country, Talya always felt more comfortable and at home when surrounded by Starfleet-stamped walls. And there was nowhere more so 'stamped' as here. She rounded a corner and saw directly ahead of her Sickbay. As she plowed on, determined to step inside before she thought of food, she tucked her dark curls behind her ear, revealing even more of the dark spots that lined her forehead and sides of her face. Upon entry, she saw a man leaning a hand against the bulkhead while he studied a PADD. He didn't look entirely too pleased at what he was reading, and Talya decided that maybe it was best to come back later, if she had spare time. But the doctor had seen her. "Are you alright, Cadet?" Now she felt embarrassed, having interrupted his domain. "Yes, I'm fine, thank you, sir. I just came to look around. I hope you don't mind." His face cleared and he smiled warmly. "Not at all. As you can see, this place is rather empty. You may as well have a ganders while you can. You certainly won't get chance once you begin the Cruise." "Thank you," she said, but she remained rooted to the spot. He must have sensed her unease, for the next moment she knew, he was beckoning her to follow him around Sickbay. "You don't mind my asking, but you're not a complete Trill, are you?" he asked kindly, and without sounding at all accusing. She nodded to confirm his suspicion. It wasn't generally something she talked about often. "My mother was human. My father died soon after my youngest sister was born, and then mother remarried. All of us kids are missing one spot," she said, gently touching her right temple, where there was a distinct lack of Trill markings. "So where were you raised? I ask this from a purely medical perspective, of course," he said, holding his hands up in defence. "I've been cursed with a case of insatiable curiosity where it comes to hybrids." She grinned. "As have I, Dr. I was raised on Mallus IV." "I'm not sure I know where that is, Cadet." "No reason you should, sir. Mallus IV was one of the first colony worlds. Shortly after colonization, though, our leaders decided to opt for independence from the Federation. Our traditions are somewhat...different to those of Earth. My people don't exactly welcome newcomers, but when my father rescued my mother - well, he obeyed my people's traditions." The doctor nodded but made no comment. Instead, he held out his hand with a smile. "Cadet, come see me when your training is finished, if you have time."
  3. I have a really stupid question. Is it okay for my character to be pregnant?? I have some ideas for a cultural thing, (not explicit stuff) that i think i could use. Is it allowed or should i leave that be? Thanks! By the way, I'm new here!
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