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  1. Welcome to the fleet, I hope you enjoy it here.

  2. Thanks. I'll definitely poke around there and see what might catch my interest. I see there's been a couple attempts at getting the Counselor's Duty area more active so I'll definitely see if I can help there.
  3. Hello everyone. I recently joined SB118 and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Pete. West Virginia is home but I'm currently living in Albuquerque NM due to a recent promotion at work. Married with no kids. I found SB118 through Google. I've played in other fleets (and even headed one for a while) years ago and considered going back to one of those but the more I looked at the way things were organized here, and the activity of the players, I had to join! I'm currently playing Dr. Kohlar Ren and Civilian Consultant/Counselor on the Tiger-A. I'm looking for ways to help OOC as well and will be poking around the forums to find a good fit. Any ideas are more than welcome Look forward to getting to know some of you Happy Simming!
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