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  1. Doree stepped off the transport and onto the arrival deck of the starbase. She glanced around at all the hustle and bustle, the different species, the different lifestyles, and was struck with a mixture of awe and trepidation. I guess we're not in Kansas anymore, she thought to herself as she took in the sights. This is, of course, what she had wanted for as long as she could remember: to escape her small, country upbringing on Earth and see the universe. Her parents had never understood her desire to leave home but they were proud of her accomplishments. She glanced at a chronometer and realized she had some time to kill and decided she might as well explore, so she set out to see what she could find. Doree was a small, young woman with strikingly green eyes and shoulder length, brown hair that she kept pulled tightly back into a pony tail. Her face was young, and there was a slight hint of freckles across her cheeks that had never quite gone away, a fact which was a constant annoyance to her. She moved with purpose in her steps but also a somewhat graceful nature which came from years of dancing. She was typically quiet and reserved, preferring to sit back and study her surroundings, though her friends back home would be able to tell many stories about her wilder nature. She found a small cafe where she could watch the foot traffic passing by and sat down at a table with her bag. Doree looked up and smiled as a waiter arrived at her table. "Hello there cadet. So are you coming or going?" he asked motioning to her duffel bag. "I'm just arriving here for my cadet cruise," she replied. "Ah, well welcome aboard! I'm Jarett, friend to all cadets here. What department are you in?" "Thank you Jarett, it's very nice to meet you. I'm Doree Greene and I'm a medical and science cadet." "Well Dr. Greene, it's nice to meet you as well. Judging from your accent I'm thinking you might like a nice glass of sweet tea?" She nodded with a smile and went back to watching the steady stream of people walking by the cafe. The tea, it turned out, was delicious and exactly what she needed after her long transport ride to the base. As she slowly sipped it, she thought about the days and weeks ahead of her. The final test to see if she was really cut out to be a Starfleet officer was at hand. Admittedly, she felt a certain amount of anxiety but she was confident that she could handle whatever she was presented with. After another glance at a chronometer, she finished her sweet tea, and stood up from the table. She called out her thanks to Jarett, "friend to all cadets," picked up her duffel bag, and set off toward the holodeck and her future. Cadet Doree Greene
  2. Hey everyone. I'm Doree. I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee for school but I'm originally from Portland, Oregon. My cousin introduced me to all this Star Trek stuff and I'm fascinated so I found UFOP on the internet and here I am
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