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  1. On 1/25/2021 at 3:06 PM, Zinna said:

    Quoting Lt. Cmdr. Fiorr...I love the image of this.

    The reaction was just as good.



    Fiorr: Well let's not forget we don’t know what life form we might be dealing with. If we are going to follow my earlier hypothesis we could end up with small bacteria, small insects, and at the end of the line…. Man size insects with actual blades in their skeleton…


    T’Lea:  Now you’re just getting me excited, Commander.


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  2. Edit: I had the title and author mixed. Hopefully it's correct now.

    Ensign Jansen Orrey, science officer, and I agreed this post should be nominated. He isn't able to start a topic yet.

    Thanks for the help getting this where it belonged.

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