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  1. I've noticed that the people who call themselves "#PATRIOT" on Twitter actually mean "#FASICST" and/or "#ASSHOLE." Someone should tell them.

  2. @EatProper Where can I find nutrition information for your food?

  3. #GunControl is NOT about stopping ALL crime or gun violence – that's impossible. It's about making it harder to kill.

  4. HALLELUJAH, YES! "Why It's Time to Repeal the Second Amendment" https://t.co/Kzw7uM9Uke #Guns #2a #LGBT #Orlando via @dsc250 @RollingStone

  5. RT @asherhuey: Ted Cruz filibustered because people were getting Healthcare. Chris Murphy is filibustering because people are dying.

  6. RT @juliarosen: Absolutely ridiculous that this is what it takes to try and get a minor but important piece of gun legislation passed.

  7. RT @GavinNewsom: In the past 72 hours...93 people have died and 205 people have been injured due to gun violence in America. This does not…

  8. RT @armstrongtr: Always enough money for bombs, tho. | NYT Dismisses Social Programs, Routine in Much of the World, as Unsustainable https:…

  9. RT @FiveThirtyEight: Hate crimes against LGBT people are sadly common: https://t.co/SoyLRLH23S https://t.co/UDFhftt3yI

  10. RT @equalitynetwork: YOU DON'T NEED ANYONE'S PERMISSION TO TAKE ACTION. Corporate LGBT non-profits don't control us. DO SOMETHING. STAND UP…

  11. Wrapping up at 2h mark. Organizer asks us to breathe, allow space for grieving, let go of fear. #Orlando #lgbt

  12. Muslim speaker decries Isis and asks for audience to share in fellowship at local mosques to see what Islam is about. #orlando #lgbt

  13. RT @RollingStone: How the NRA thwarts regulation and helps put military-grade weapons in the hands of killers https://t.co/xyM2vDJwrL

  14. @alinabrouwer Easy access to guns means more gun deaths, and a higher number of deaths at any one time. This is not a debate. Facts.

  15. RT @BCapJe: Gay member of Congress, unable to donate his O+ blood because of ridiculous, bigoted laws https://t.co/vhn94frH0e

  16. RT @girlziplocked: I wish all those little girls Hillary sent back to El Salvador were alive to see this historic moment in feminism.

  17. "Democrats will learn all the wrong lessons from #BernieSanders": https://t.co/ARkUNdryDN via @mtaibbi #p2

  18. Post-Reagan #GOP is all about getting rich off exploiting the poor. No surprise an unrepentant parasite now heads the party.

  19. RT @ciscoshoots: USA Today: Hundreds allege #Trump2016 doesn’t pay his bills. https://t.co/QAgucMevwJ #DeleteYourAccount #ThankfulThursday

  20. RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: #rapecultureiswhen they are still calling this convicted rapist a "swimmer" in headlines https://t.co/H0Jf0ppbXM

  21. @Outlook Um... the OUTLOOK iOS app. You guys know you have one of those, right? https://t.co/ENMuY4PIKC

  22. RT @im_srishabh21: #ThankYouBernie for fighting the same fight for the last 50 years https://t.co/aPPxqxgcjL

  23. .@BernieSanders showing me the way! https://t.co/DFr1SEw2Kg

  24. If you think @iamjohnoliver's debt forgiveness show on @LastWeekTonight was awesome, wait 'til you learn about https://t.co/6K6Pp8SwNi

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