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  1. I have a feeling (as long as I can afford it) that I will be playing both of these games. I may or may not decide to use Pietro in STO, but I know for sure I plan on keeping him here. Besides the fact STO is probably still quite a long way from being released anyway - we're running strong, and will continue to.
  2. Lieutenant Commander Pietro Maximoff was officially on emergency leave - and for the moment, he considered himself simply Mr. Pietro Maximoff. Although he had packed a uniform for the return trip, he planned to be a civilian on the trip home and while he was there. The ride from SB118 to Earth was remarkably short - perhaps he'd taken the route enough times, it just seemed faster. No matter - he was back on Earth again. His sister, Wanda, had agreed to pick him up from the spaceport. Normally the two would have bounded to greet each other with hugs and quick words, but on this occasion, they m
  3. I'm, of course, intruiged by all of this, but at the same time a bit let down. I have been a follower of ST for at least two thirds of my life, and I hate the fact there is no series on TV - and yes, I know there are reruns, and I love watching them because a lot of times they still seem so fresh, but you understand what I mean? There's been a lot of stagnation in the ST franchise, I'm afraid. On another note - I don't know how many of you have read ST books (especially those by the Reeves-Stephens pairing), but I think a lot of these could be great movies and/or TV series. I've always wanted
  4. Maybe... or it could just be they needed some reason for T'Pol to take care of him after the anomoly screwed up his brain.
  5. While I do love Enterprise, watching Season 3, I came to realize a few inconsistencies - When the anomaly hits Enterprise and Archer and T'Pol are trying to get away from it, a bulkhead falls on T'Pol's leg and pins her down. Archer must be the one to move it. If I remember, from all canon and non-canon sources, Vulcans are typically several times stronger than humans, no matter if angry or not. So why couldn't she lift it? Secondly - about halfway through the season, they have "Previously" at the beginning, but none of them are in the order they aired, and sometimes it seems like whole episod
  6. Thanks, Solan! And I want to offer my own congrats to Ensign Aresee Ventu for beating me out... You are the superior writer in this case. :bows: But watch out... because next time.... EDIT: Or I should say, an upcoming time...
  7. I hope the decision is coming along... I'm getting a little anxious for some reason. I suppose I've never really submitted a whole lot for this kind of thing before.
  8. You do have quite a few good points there - I'm going to attempt to refute them if possible for the simple joy of debate. 1) - I don't think this is entirely true. If I remember correctly, nowhere in the episode of BoT do they say they had never encountered Romulans before, they just had simply never spoken face to face. You could argue that technically we probably hadn't encountered the Romulans too long before the war, but then again I'm not sure they ever put a true date on the Federation/Romulan war.2) - I think this is mostly because it was a new plot device they wanted to use - the
  9. IMHO, I don't think it was exactly that Braga was trying to make it his own vision rather than Roddenberry's - I think they were trying too hard at times to make it Roddenberry's. Instead of focusing on writing really good scripts that had to do with the beginnings of the Federation, they pretty much did the same sort of thing that TOS did - a lot of random stories that don't exactly fit together well until the end of the next season. Now, that's not to say that TOS is bad at all - I've been watching the DVDs and I'm now well into the third season. But for a ST show now, that formula doesn't
  10. I do blame Berman and Braga for what's happened to the franchise. While I don't think they're ignoring what Roddenberry envisioned, I think they're trying to put too much of their own ideas into it, trying to make it too much of an action show now than a space drama. I'd be happy if they had people like Ira Steven Behr (DS9 writer) start writing for a new show, along with other Trek-staples like D.C. Fontana. I don't know if any of you have ever looked at any fan films online, but the Star Trek: New Voyages fan films are probably some of the best I've seen - its basically a continuation of TOS
  11. Truth be told, I love the TNG crew as much as anyone, but to put it plainly - the TNG crew had maybe two movies that were great... and the TOS crew had at least four of the six that were absolutely wonderful. The problem, I think, is not with the cast, but with the writers. They just haven't been up to par. A DS9 movie I would love - I'm almost certain I've mentioned how much I love DS9 at some point here. Give ENT a break - they were bringing it around in the fourth season - if they hadn't cancelled it, I bet everyone would love it now because it was going the direction it should have been. I
  12. ((Deep in the Recesses of Pietro's Mind)) ::Piet groaned. He shivered. He sighed. Couldn't remember. What happened? He sat up - winced and held his head. Opened his eyes... everything was black and white for some reason. Had he gone color blind? What was going on? He leaned back and took a few breaths, then tried to get up. Caused a little more pain in his side than he liked, but he was still able to stand. Licking his lips, he slowly turned to get a good look at the surrounding area. He didn't know how it was possible, unless the Avenger was in orbit and cloaked, but he was on the bridge of
  13. Recently, I ran across the Star Trek: The Lost Era series of books, and I've been pretty happy with them so far. There are six books in the series, of which I've been able to read four, and I find them to be well written and fit very well into the Star Trek universe. I haven't read the first two in the series, but I've read the last three and am finishing the final book in the series (that I know of). Following is a basic time line of the books (written in this order). If there is not a specific ship, I have listed some of the major characters that play a part in the story. 2298: The Sundered
  14. Starfleet Command I, II, Orion Pirates, and III... all kick [...]. Bridge Commander... pretty good. Elite Force 1 and 2... kick [...]. Armada 1 and 2... pretty good. DS9: The Fallen... I love it. DS9: Dominion Wars.... pretty good.
  15. Actually, First Contact is not the first movie with Data having emotion. The chip was installed in Generations. And though I can see what you mean... I don't think that's enough reason to not make a movie.
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