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  1. The Dome on the hostile planet was lit up with the bright light from the nearest sun, rays breaking through the glass in infinite shades of yellow and red. Parker sat outside one of the many bars they had around here, or what the locals referred to as sprinklers. At least they had a sturdy seating situation here. It would not be the first piece of furniture his enhanced muscles crushed under their weight. Just one more cup of coffee, and he will have the pleasure to finally get away from this dump. Granted it was a good looking one, but he did not shy away from looking behind all that sparkle
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Marc, I'm playing Tobias Steiger and I'm hailing from Germany. In around a week I'm going to be 33 years old. Thanks to the recent Corona-Outbreak I've quite a lot of free time to spare. After playing a TON of Pen and Paper RPGs over the years I've decided to "branch out" to the English community to train my general English skills and to have fun playing RPGs online. So forgive me for my bad writing skills for now! 😁 If you spot an error or want to give me some tips or pointers, feel free to! Right now I'm working with my gut feeling and a little bit of
  3. A human male in his mid-twenties who just stepped out of a random shuttle makes his way across the end of the gangway. A duffel bag over his shoulder and a wide smile on his face he meets the officer on the other side to finish his arrival. β€œTobias Steiger. Science Department. Fresh from the academy. I’m here for the Cadet Cruise.” A short but informational introduction. Moving into the commercial section, he runs a hand through his short brown hair in amazement. So much going on around here. He takes a long and good look around the place, grinning to himself and figuring out what to do
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