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  1. @Wes Greaves is a great scene creator, and the flavour he give to each scene he creates could introduce you fully in a strange new world, as much as give a LOT of space for his fellow writers to developt the plot themselves. Awesome cooperative writing on display of a great writer. Good job man! -------- Capt Wes Greaves - Extravagance Greaves’s Personal Log – It’s a strange feeling. The skipper put me in charge the away team to meet with one of the Zet. A pretty important one by all accounts. I’ve led teams before, but not like this. This is
  2. @Geoffrey Teller speaks in Corporate JUST TOO WELL and I don't like it (well, I LOVE it, and it has killed me, 100% ROI here) _____________________________________________________________________________ (( Basic operating chamber for impulse and energy / Reactor chamber - Endless Golden Penetrator)) Jehe: We really are here to help sir. Let the doctor take a look at you, and then we can go tend to any of your...colleagues. The Vulcan nodded briefly, her attention focused on the device she was holding in her hands. Alieth: ::monotonously::
  3. I love new year resolutions! And i must say you've pinpoint here most of what i've in mind: improve as a writer is always a MUST for me, and it's super high on my list, yet there are some IC storylines i want to explore plus a career improvement for my mischief hobgoblin. Also... MOAR images, now that we have most of our emblems updated i need image-stuff to put my greedy hands into What are yours @Genkos Adea?
  4. It's always a pleasure to see a writer put himself in the skin (or chitin) of a new species, but @Wes Greaves does it magnificently here, giving us a great perspective about the Zets. The trick with the font (which unfortunately doesn't display correctly in half the browsers, so I don't know how it will translate here) is just top notch. Excellent work! __________________________________ Acting Shipmaster Nokzu – The UMF Comes to the Rescue? ((Management & Oversight Center - Endless Golden Penetrator)) The last several hexaclicks had been some of the worst
  5. Amanda (the writer behind Alora) has let me read this marvel today and, of course, I think it should be here. I think the positiveness, how well she knows the characters, the rhyme, everything, makes her a great and super considerate sim with her fellow writers. @Alora DeVeau you do better this site being here Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Merry Christmas" (FAO: ALL) OOC: Since the mission started way before Christmas, I thought it would be nice to assume they celebrate Christmas afterward ICly. I was going to hold off on this for a few more days, but you k
  6. the "adjustment system for vital enjoyment" is my new fav part of a starship EVER
  7. I have always said that one of the great advantages of our format (and one of the things I really like to read and aspire to be able to portray one day with my writing) is consequences. Although we write in an episodic way, more or less, what we write affects our characters, polishes them or breaks them and changes their way of seeing the world and relating to others. To witness these two wonderful writers here, dealing with the consequences of the previous mission as the starting gun for a new one is delightful, and I could have read six more parts of it. @Alex Brodieand @Tony, aka Kells
  8. I must be a heathen here and vote for the JJ ones due they are actually a nice redesign of the old ones... and kinda looks comfy to throw yourself into an alien planet into them XD
  9. I'm literally in love with this scene and SUPER honoured that @Geoffrey Teller has decided to put on display here all his awesome writing skills and the fine officer i know that lurks under the silly ;). Both are INCREDIBLE btw so, thanks!
  10. A crazy little idea made me start a light JP with @Ikaia Wong that has unleashed in this sample of talent and hilarity, and I can't help but appreciate the amount of skill and comedy that ravages every single line of it. I hope your CO won't catch you or, if does, at least have a good laugh at the expense of this before grounds you FOREVER XD.
  11. i just came here to drop this here too due @Wes Greavesmade a hell of a job here, as usual. Now if we lost our skill to turn the ship, i know we have the marines as back up force Awesome as usual, man!
  12. And finally the last part of this little arch. It was wonderful to be able to read it and see the change unfolding little by little in front of all of us. I just want to mention that there may not be any tattoo parlors, but of course DS224 has tattoo artist Good job guys! @Addison MacKenzie @Genkos Adea @Geoffrey Teller
  13. There are no two without a three and as such this JP SHOULD be here. Mainly because of this: This is it, more than enough Jokes aside, as I always say, it is wonderful to witness the evolution of the characters, how an arch is built in front of our eyes and how it renders them real and credible, even more so if they leave us with little bits of details from previous adventures, from different times, other vessels, which give us a sense of a solid and deep story, of a continuity and inner lore that leaves us wanting to know more and wondering how many si
  14. @Addison MacKenzie @Geoffrey Teller @Genkos Adea you know, the lack of peg legs is dissapoing! Jokes aside, i've had this sim on hold till i've had some quiet minutes to appreciate It as It deserved, and oh boy it's a ride. This gang KNOWS how to write comedy and the flow between the characters is just perfect! Eager to catch up the last part!
  15. Do you know the best thing about pranking another writer's character? Having him follow it. That he incorporates it into his character's day-to-day life, even in a serious circumstance, and that he is capable of putting a light sim into the general narrative of the ship with elegance and humour. If on top of that the poor victim is our ill-treated captain... what more can I ask for? I think the gamma quadrant still has reserves of G1TT3RB0MB, skipper. I'm just warning you @Tony, aka Kells
  16. @Meidra Sinir Is a real pleasute to write with, and i'm really glad to have had the chance of a little mischief with her... More to come
  17. Someone else due i can't voteboth Shran and Weyoun and BOTH are incredible. I'm here waiting Combs made a regular in one of the current Trek shows tbh 🥰
  18. I have said it many times: it is wonderful to witness how characters who have had a personal development for a long time interact with each other. Plus, the fact that they have the sass and charm that @Addison MacKenzieMackenzie and @Geoffrey Teller have together adds a lot to the mix. And if they also include an (unknown to me until now IC) incredible talented @Genkos Adea in the mix they create an explosive and hilarious combo. Furthermore, I have ALWAYS said that I love writers who dare to deal with the consequences of their characters' actions in missions and drag them through time to
  19. Ah, you're ahead of me in sharing this JP: I love how @Geoffrey Teller , @Wil Ukinix and @Roshanara Rahman show so many aspects of their characters here, from the most mischievous and goofy part to the deepest and most emotional. From the friend to the master and all the ranges in between showing the relationships and bonds so great between the characters. A wonderful work. The only thing left to know is WHO cleaned up all that glitter
  20. Write a completely different character for a full mission, but developt It fully and give the character a full arc and development is a feat, even more writing his main and 3-4 npcs more? A real feat, even more keeping the high standard of writing expertise (delightful to read), helping to keep the plot in track and being a steady presente OOC. Once more, @Geoffrey Teller displaying all the skills of a future GREAT captain, imho. Good job man!
  21. Because it needs to be stressed again due I've laughed more with this than I really should
  22. Greaves: Dear god! Sir! Photon! They're photon grenades! I could just put that as the summary of this sim and just with that it could be awesome, but, as usual @Wes Greaves have a increasingly amazing skill for action scenes, a perfect timing on those and the appropriate dose of humour. A GREAT sim as he uses to pamper us. Good job man
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