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  1. Blaidd loves himself some caramel flavored milkshakes with sprinkles on top. And if we are talking alcoholic beverages: A good beer or a Swimmingpool for his [...]tail, depending on the venue he is visiting.
  2. Amen to that! I hope that the new projects will actually show us new things, rather than mere updated aesthetics and re-interpretations of the lore. And perhaps there is hope still for Discovery, considering how the last season ended... Anyway, I am looking forward to the new series, but I won't get overly exited until I've seen a few episodes of proper quality.
  3. Tried my paws at this test as well: Personality type: “The Campaigner” (ENFP-A) Role: Diplomat Strategy: People Mastery Individual traits: Extraverted – 94% Intuitive – 67% Feeling – 85% Prospecting – 65% Assertive – 79% Strengths: Curious Observant Energic and Enthusiastic Excellent Communicators Know How to Relax
  4. While I prefer to spend most of my time on a ship to see all the wonders the universe has to offer, I wouldn't mind having a place to call home beyond that, too. I would probably be intrigued to see the planets humanity has settled after leaving Earth. With the experience of their past and all the future tech that allows a better balance between an urbanized world and nature conservation. From the list I'd be tempted to see what they have done with the moon, so I voted Luna. But generally speaking I'd probably look for a large planet that also shows some success they had with terraformi
  5. It is true that all captains faced situations where they acted in ways that the morality of their actions became a murky grey. But most of them did so under great duress of their respective situations, like being lost in the Delta quadrant or fighting a war against seemingly overpowering enemies. For me, Archers refusal to provide a cure stands out like a sore spot. There was no need to hurry his decision, no gun to his head, no personal stakes for the man himself. It comes down to this: For all others I usually have an easy time to explain and understand their deeds, even their wrongdo
  6. Thank you so much, those that suggested me and considered me worthy of the award. I feel very humbled by this, barely with you folks for half a year and already being bestowed such honors. I strive for a good balance between carefree cinematic storytelling and a healthy dose of realism and judging by my CO's words I am on the right track, with all those little hick-ups that comes with the territory of being fresh from the academy. I'll promise I am just getting started and there will be more stories to come from my end. Congratulations to all the other duty post award winners, among the
  7. Congratulations to all laureates! The awards are a nice reminder that what we write and dream up is read and deeply cared for by many of our fellow players. May it always be an inspiration and something that brings players in general and a crew in particular closer together. So, three cheers and a tiger!
  8. Congratulations to all for setting examples and offering inspiration to everyone!
  9. I can only agree with Kelrod, new developments with the ships' hulls would be really nice. I second the idea of organic components capable of regenerative effects. And assuming that the 'bridge windows' from the Abramsverse and Disco are here to stay in the prime universe, they can probably be explained with progress on materials, especially transparent ones. I'd like to see more hull/ship design based features and abilities that in part can be shared across different ship types. These should be integral parts of future hull design.
  10. I would jump at the chance to serve with them Space Kitties aboard a Caitain vessel for a while. From the big names among the list, it would be the Romulans that intrigue me. Perhaps even more so nowadays, watching out for possible changes in response to all the challenges they had to overcome in recent years.
  11. Blaidd is probably trying to avoid the fashion show for the most part, rather trying his paws on some new toys from the armory. But after a while someone will most likely drag him over in his sleveless combat outfit. Let us hope he leaves the weapon back where it belongs.
  12. There have often been issues with security in the various series of Star Trek. I am well familiar with the alternating between amusement and frustration upon issues like the unusually high death rate of red shirts in TOS or the initial cluelessness of TNG's security forces, which often reminded me of the competence level of San Angeles PD in the movie 'Demolition Man'. But I still think that all in all the security on the USS Discovery is the worst offender. There is a war going on, the potential for espionage or sabotage is kinda written on the walls when you fly around with a unique p
  13. Not really a fan of the alignment chart, as it often ends up being very clunky and artificial, since people can be different things in different (social) contexts. Think of the tyrant at work who might be a loving husband and father, just to bring up one example. If I had to put my character down to it, it would be most likely Chaotic Good. Blaidd strives to do good, but he trusts his instincts a lot more than just rules and expected structure. He often goes with the flow and is more likely to do what feels right than what is right by the letter of the law, despite, or maybe sometimes o
  14. For me it is Enterprise - and for similar reasons as Discovery: Doing good prequels is no easy feat. You will always have to tangle with canon history, the acceptance (or lack thereof) in regards to updated visuals that might clash with prior works and the temptation of using established characters and concepts that simply shouldn't be tied to the new work for various reasons. Back when Enterprise started I still had hope that they would use the 'prequel'-situation for some serious storytelling in terms of giving us a front seat for the whole 'birth of the federation' thing. However, I
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