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  1. @Randal Shayne Your honour, I'm just a man with a constant craving for food buried under other food buried under cheese.
  2. I actually laughed out loud, stopped shaving and ran to my computer to share this Wyn quote. Exquisite snarkiness.
  3. A line that could sum up the survey away team's entire mission. Bless you, Dr. Milsap.
  4. This needs to go on a plaque somewhere on the Conny.
  5. I'm gonna start the Drajev Flamespeaker fan club. I'm making t-shirts that say, "Diplomatize This" with an arrow pointing down.
  6. Honestly, I haven't even read this sim yet, and the pun wins already. Well played, sir. Well played.
  7. I think we need to start a list of Constitution idioms. I supply my own, from the holodeck party: “When on Qo’noS…”
  8. :: For someone who was trying to get Tad to loosen up, Jordan certainly seemed to be doing her best to keep him off balance. Everything from her surprisingly casual off-duty demeanor to the weird atmosphere of the restaurant she'd picked for their meeting - Tad refused to think of it as a date - was keeping Tad on edge. He decided to cut to the chase and try to make some sense out of the evening. ::Cooper: So why exactly did you invite me here?Jordan: ::shrugging:: I don't like to eat alone. And, also I guess I wanted to say again that I appreciate the help. You Constitution folks are all righ
  9. Someone else definitely dressed him, because this is way beyond any fashion knowledge he has. I'd say Georgio, but then it would be sparkling.
  10. (( USS Constitution - Corridor )) :: There is a cliché, in certain old Earth movies, of two automobile drivers pulling up beside each other at an interchange. They look over each other's vehicles. Perhaps one tilts his sunglasses down. Perhaps the other revs his engine in invitation.:: :: This is not entirely dissimilar to how Ensign T’Reshik and Akeelah D’Sena met for the first time. :: :: Turning a corner on her way back from physiotherapy, T'Reshik had not been expecting to find herself alongside someone at the same eye level, and certainly not someone piloting a similar craf
  11. *insert 1000 emojis signifying perfection*
  12. (( U.S.S. Constitution - Deck 03 - Sol’s Quarters )) (( The Day after the party. )) :: The party the night before had been fun but after she'd had gotten back to her quarters she had spent a lot of time thinking about things. She had found her ribbons and her new pip sitting on the desk. And that had gotten her thinking again. Maybe it was time to talk to the Captain. The worst that could happen was… well a lot of things, actually. :: McLaren: Computer, locate Captain Rajel. Computer: Captain Rajel is in her quarters. :: Sol picked up the PADD containing the official r
  13. ((Isolation Unit 1, Sickbay, USS Constitution)) :: It was warm, far too warm. T’Reshik took a moment to remember where she was. She lifted her head from the ground; her forehead was sticky with blood. Sutek took her arm, and she looked up. For some reason her husband was in his burial robes. She wondered for a moment what it might have been like if their marriage had been something other than a sham. In the right light, his looks were almost graceful. :: T’Reshik: What happened? Sutek: Large-scale hematohidrosis shortly before you murdered me. Do you not remember? T’Reshik: What?
  14. (( U.S.S. Constitution - Deck 27 - Sol's Office - The Next Day )) :: The previous day had been mentally exhausting for Sol. Directing the resources of a Galaxy-class starship was rather taxing. Still, it was good to take a challenge every so often. Of course that also meant that reports had been piling up on her desk. She took a look at the first PADD that had found its way to her desk and laughed when she found a list of potential problem groups that was known to inhabit the Starbase. :: McLaren: oO Oh... if only I had seen this yesterday... Oo :: she sighed to herself and walk
  15. Saveron - https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Saveron
  16. HA! I can't tell if Sindri is going to be Ji-hu's best friend or nemesis in engineering. I'm so excited to get this next sim out.
  17. Hello! I'm Michael, from Toronto, Ontario! I'm a writer/journalist and a long-time RPer. I used to do forum roleplaying when I was in high school, and I've always wanted to find a good text roleplay community, so thrilled to have StarBase 118 introduced to me. I'm currently DMing two D&D 5e homebrew campaigns, and one of my players showed me the sight after our last session. Really excited to get started!
  18. “Oh Turing, what have we gotten ourselves into?” “Speak for yourself, meatsack. I’m only here thanks to you.” Ji-hu had opted for the more scenic arrival to StarBase 118. After a final visit to his parents and a short flight from Seoul to San Francisco, he’d boarded a civilian transport, but found the majority of the passengers were veteran StarFleet returning to the base. A Tellarite woman had probably noticed how freaked out he looked and made smalltalk as the ship shot toward the Trinity Sector. She was a science officer, and had several opinions on one of her Vulcan crew mat
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