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  1. Kubon Mera, Cadet Starfleet Academy 239311.13 The young dark-haired, lithe bodied woman stepped off the transport carrying a small cloth pack on one shoulder. Her eyes were bright and her disposition seemed very positive. Striding forward she looked like the cookie cutter cadet fresh off the boat. Dreams in her eyes and a need and drive to do her best. Mera blinked a little as the bright sun temporarily blinded her and she lifted her hand to block the light. She could see several other Cadets lined up like dominos to talk to a yound blonde woman, probably signing in. Moving into the line she waited, tapping her foot and running over her list of things she needed to do once she settled here at the Academy. From the ship she had managed to peer over the sleeping ogre who had sat next to her on the trip here, the man had been a complete Troll, playing some game on a Padd, then appearing to be having a less than innocent online liaison with someone who elicited more than a few lecherous smirks. Internally, she had to admit that several times she had nearly reached for the barf bag and as soon as they announced that the Cadets could disembark she had taken task to that and used her lithe frame to squeak into the sluggish line and escape. "Name, please?" Blinking as Mera focused on the task at hand while she smiled and offered the data chip which had her information. "Sorry, long trip. Here you go." Offering it she waited. "Mera, Kubon. Academy Cadet reporting for duty." At first it seemed ok then a moment later the ensign before her frowned a little. "You aren't due in for another few hours." "Yeah, the pilot said the he was able to make up some time." Mera replied. Grabbing a nearby padd the ensign offered her one. "Your due to report to the Holodeck in the Student Union at 1500 hours." Then almost as an after thought she added. "I just suggest you get there early." Pulling out the data stick she offered it back. "Welcome to Starfleet Academy Cadet Kubon. "Thank you." Mera said, while twitching her mouth a little then straightening it. Mera moved out of the line and over to the posted board which had information of all sorts to help new Cadet's get settled and she decided she would wait. Instead she was hungry, having not eaten since this morning and seeing as it was nearly 1300 Mera decided to grab some grub. Walking along the path that lead to the food court. Her Mid-thigh black boots clipped on the stone path. There were so many people, some in Starfleet uniforms, some Cadet and others civilian. Most of those that were on the transport Kubon had come on were Cadets slatted to start the academy this week which left her almost a loner. Which was fine with her. Pacing the shops there she finally decided on something called Thai, it was refreshingly spicy and flavorful, especially the curry dish she had ordered. It almost reminded her of the hasperat her Mother made on Bajor. While she ate she continued to read a mail from her brother; Shon. Her brother, who was 15 years older than she and whom was serving the Bajoran government as a Federation Liason. They had an ongoing debate about wether Bajor was right in joining the Federation. With her lunch done she cleaned up her table and headed to the Union, as she shuffled through the door she saw that she was early enough that there were good seats, but they were becoming less available. Reaching one that was in the main aisle Mera sat down and waited. The room filled quickly but the seat beside her remained empty. A man came out on the stage and the last of the incoming Cadet's found seats while they waited for the meeting to begin.
  2. What's your real first name? Jane Where do you live? California How did you find our group? Google seach. What kind of work do you do? The Maddening Joy of Retail.
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