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  1. While it has been explained above two times, I just want to give you my opinion about it. While I understand your concern about the lonely route that someone has to play, it also challenge you to be creative in certain ways. I am experiencing first hand in the training at the moment to my own surprise is that I am enjoying it more. Why? Because I am waiting for an answer and at the same time curious as to what the other player will response with and leave behind with new tags for me to respond to. So for a person, like myself, that is used to creating large RPG logs and doing joint logs with other crew members or players. This system is in its own unique way also curious and fun!
  2. Question is this also open for Academy cadets? (When of course passing all grades) and of course YAY new ship!
  3. The stars, they looked so overwhelming beautiful, emitting the large and brute power that was so intense that it could be seen lightyears away from it. No one could understand the beauty behind it, they understand how it works, how it transport that light and the strength of it. But no the beauty of it, the calming feeling it gives towards one person. Taking a deep breath he looked at his side seeing the empty chairs next to him and those in front of him or behind him. It was no obvious sign that people disapproved of the presence of a Klingon in their space. But he did not care, he was accepted and even under conditions that were harsh but acceptable. Stepping out of the shuttle "Name" A Security Officer stated looking at him with alertness as if he was going to grab his phaser and shoot the Klingon down with any sudden weird moves. This behavior was expected and it made one wonder how Worf could put up with this all. Was this the real trial for every Klingon that wanted to be part of the Federation? Are they all seen as savages beast that lust for war? "Nak'aqi Socxo, cadet towards Starfleet Academy" Nak'aqi stated calmly as he looked at the Security Officer neutral that carefully looked at the rooster and nodded while redirecting his eyes to him "Welcome towards Starbase 118 Cadet Socxo" With that done, Nak'aqi could finally walk down the path to report that he had arrived. The technical wonders of this society was amazing, was unique and all done by combined thinking and creating. This against all definitions of progress and development methods that are presented by the Klingons. They seek answers by force or oppression. The base was impressive and it made Nak'aqi wonder what laid ahead of him, it will be a long for him to get used to being the Klingon here in terms of their resilient towards him. Nak'aqi was used to it in a way, his House members always made fun of him being the Scientist he is or the creativity of creating new Engineering devices. It caused more problems for his father than Nak'aqi even cared to admit at this point. He looked outside seeing those stars, those beautiful stars that were waiting for him to be explored. He smiled and placed his bag on his back as he continues his walk towards the registration point seeing other people stepping aside for him.
  4. Dont know if I may react to this, but congrats to the crew on their new vessel!
  5. Wow to quote a quote from another quote So back to my review Saw it today!
  6. Well I better get my hello strait here to My real name is Patrick (Aka RaWolfe/BlackWolf) and I come from the Netherlands. I've have been roleplaying about 15 years + and this is actually the first community that I am joining one community with my girlfriend. I saw the advert on Facebook recruitment group and thought I will give it a try! I am a Student that currently study's Human Resources and I will hopefully continue my study towards Social Justice.
  7. I keep getting those questions in mind, well it is healthy to have question or life itself might get boring no? I saw here and there the terms Dyson Sphere and images of STO ships. Does this mean we use STO stories in this community as well? Just wondering of course
  8. Thank you for answering the questions thought we start Tuesday and that might be a problem when we leave next week monday. But we might take a laptop with us if we dont make it.
  9. Well its fun that we are accepted (both Lunarstar and myself) into this fine community, but we do have some questions. We looked at the FAQ and received our mails that we begin 2 august our training. Now we also saw in the FAQ that a training can take 6 to 10 days. That might be a problem for us (our fault a bit), as we are going on vacation for 5 days on 8 august. How can we resolve this the best way? (We wish to be part of the cadet course 2 august anyway) I saw that the bio requires to be send towards the Training instructor, now I noticed that both Lunarstar and I got two different trainers. Will this also be the case in the training day itself? Okay so previous group experience does not count, don't mind that but how does your promotion ladder work if I might be daring to ask? Will there be enough to write about or is it something you need to come up for yourself? So as Science Officer do I have to invest a lot of creativity into my post or do I get details that I can work with? While I am used to NOVA system (PBWeb), I wonder how joint posting work in regards of posting in email list? (I presume I get the obvious answer back...you learn this in the academy ) How does assignment go when done with the Academy? Does the trainer pick a place for us or do we have a say in it? How many members or players does each sim have actually? Thanks in advance!
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