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  1. Sahriv is one of my crew from the guild I run in STO... But don't hold that against him! ^~.o^
  2. I've been running a simming group in STO since a little after launch, my handle is @sbutler373.
  3. T'nar pak sorat y'rani. Hello, there! Glad to be here, my name is Shawn. I'm 28 and I work in a battery store. I am also a fully licensed and accredited paranormal investigator. I found 118 because I founded a simming group when STO started, and one of our new members was inquiring what courses a Security cadet may have taken in the Academy. Once I saw how detailed the wiki on such matters was, I thought I'd have to find out more about you guys. That said, I love everything having to do with Vulcans, and just did my very first cosplay as Kirk this past weekend. I'm looking forward to meeting a
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