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  1. I'm torn between the two - if it was a short battle, the dominion would win hands down but if it went on for a long period of time, given the borgs ability to adapt, then borg would win. An interesting question though - Can Founders/changelings be assimilated?
  2. Just one point really, why is everyone obessed about going backwards in time?? Decent script and decent researching, thats all I ask for!
  3. TOS: "Shore Leave" - I have never watched such a trippy trek episode as this one and I doubt they will never make another one of the same calibre. TNG: "Chain of Command I/II" - "There are FOUR lights" I was in tears watching Patrick Stewarts' performance, totally moving and such a fine actor. DS9: 95% of the Seven Seasons *laughs* "Return to Grace" springs to mind though. A good stand off between Kira and Dukat. "The Die Is Cast" A fascinating stand off between Odo and Garak. VOY: "Heroes and Demons" - Grabbed you from start to finish and an early gem from the first season. ENT: "Demon
  4. I`ll ask at my end but I know what the reply will be "you sad person"
  5. Starbase 118 phoneline:- 0800 435787255 (BTW, mins the 0800, and there IS a hidden message...)
  6. To be brainwashed or not to be brainwashed, THAT is the question.....
  7. I agree with Idril Mar here, following Enterprise since the start to end (even the bad ones!) The ending was utterly disappointing. No flashback, no friendly gathering just a fat dude from a different series all together shouting :/ OK, so we followed the story through Riker but "end programme" WHAT? IMHO, they should have finished with Artcher giving his speech then, if they writers insisted on it "end programme" I was left feeling cheated. So Enterprise didnt have a 7/8/9 series run but there still were fans watching - we were totally forgotten about!
  8. I really dont like the jumpsuits in either enterprise or Voy. I like the grey shoulder unis as white is so unpractical, you`d be replicating uniforms all over from the dirt!
  9. You Are Deanna Troi (erm...tequilla anyone? ooo, I`m sensing pain....) You are a caring and loving individual. You understand people's emotions and you are able to comfort and counsel them. (Cool, I have met with a few counsellors in my time....*G*) Deanna Troi - 80% Uhura - 75% Chekov/Data - 70% Kirk/Riker - 65% Right down to An Expendable Character (Redshirt)/Spock - 19%
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