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  1. Congratulations to Jhen Thelev ("The Mystery of Lengdis VIII"), this round's winner! Our runner up is Della Vetri ("Memories of Fate"). -- I'd like to apologize for the delay in getting these results out, I know that all of you have been waiting for these for far too long. Things come up, and delays have to be made, but I hope the Writing Challenge will never again see one this long. I would have posted this in the official thread, however it is locked (and I'm not a moderator). I'm sure it'll be updated, and Thelev's story moved as soon as possible. I know you're all anxioius to begin the nex
  2. That they were, that they were. It was a complicated situation, but it's all been solved now. Everything's been taken care of, so don't worry about it. Results will be out asap.
  3. I've been holding off posting in this thread, but it's about time I do. From what I know (being a judge this round), is that we're still waiting for another judge. Two judges have had their results in for a long, long time, but we are still waiting for a third to judge the competition. Hopefully it'll be settled soon.
  4. Yes, I sent it out right after I got the PM.
  5. Thanks everyone! I hoped you enjoyed it, it was a blast to write.
  6. Actually, it is not late. I asked Wolf a few months back what the deadline officially was, and he said GMT -8. As such, my submission is still valid. For the post, look here; http://www.starbase118.net/forums/index.ph...st&p=260530
  7. “Vulcan whiskey.” The man said as he took a seat at the bar. His outfit was sleek, modern, and professional. As he handed payment to the bartender his eyes shone with a slight glimmer from a viewscreen above. He sighed as he reached for his shot glass, his face darkening as he avoided the screen. “What do you think?” the voice came from the patron sitting beside him, a nearly empty mug of ale in his grip. The bar was mostly empty, surprising for the events happening on the station. Then again, it was late and the commotion had settled for the day. “About what?” Ale in hand the other man mot
  8. Carte plopped himself down at the table, a tray of meatloaf and pie in his hands. The woman across the table smiled widely, her own tray filled with chocolate ice cream, slowly overflowing the dishes as it melted. "More ice cream, eh?" Carte asked with a chuckle as he shoved a forkful of meatloaf into his mouth. "It's not my fault." She smiled in response. Her fingers helped the spoon lightly, as if it were going to fall to the plate. "Why are you here? I thought your shift hadn't ended yet." "It hasn't." He said, "I just wan
  9. Ancient scripts spoke of the end of the world, the mercy of their god saving the people from the pain, but not death. Molak was never a believer, but now as he fell to his knees it was hard not to be. The people were oblivious to what was coming – the mental pain relieved by the government; the physical pain would be relieved by the laws of physics. There would be no cities, towns, rivers, mountains, or oceans... but worst of all there would be no survivors. At least none on the surface. Those huddled in a cramped cargo bay below would survive. They were the best an
  10. Sounds good, thanks for the clarification Admiral.
  11. Wait... is deadline midnight GMT or midnight EST or midnight Central or what?
  12. After a year I think its about time I returned. I'll have my submission posted on time.
  13. Evolution by Nemitor Atimen ----------- “Tell me” was yelled in its face as he held up the captive by the throat. “Tell me what you’re planning” “Lt. Saul Get away from that thing” yelled another voice from across the room as the sound of tens of charging phasers echoed in his ears. “We don’t know what it can still do” The Lieutenant dropped it, the machine falling right back on its feet. Jones backed up a few feet, and was handed his rifle. “We removed its implants – all it’s got is brute strength – it’s about as harmful as an ape.” he replied, calming himself consciously, his eyes st
  14. Whew, I just realized that it ends tomorrow! I had almost missed the end date!
  15. Mine has been finished, and edited. So its definitely coming, even though you wont see it for another month or so.
  16. Thank you very much for extending the deadline. Unfortunately, I was in Spain and completely spaced on posting mine before I went. Whew.
  17. any news on when we'll get our feedback for the last challenge? Just wondering.
  18. The Choice By Nemitor Atimen Some say deceit is in our blood. The Romulans would say so, so would the Klingons. However, we could say the same thing about them. All people, all species, have lied before. Even Vulcans, with their logic, and the Borg, with their collective mind, all have lied to someone, at some time. Its part of free will, perhaps even the soul – the part of every sentient being that allows them to make choices. This choice is key, and this free will defines us to the core. It is this free will that gives us the chance to experience hate, love, fear, and joy. ---- The joys o
  19. well, I'm working on one. I should have it done by sunday, but we'll see, since I'm going out of town for the weekend. I plan to finish it on the plane
  20. awesome. Yesterday a lot happened in two hours: First Promotion then Award then First Place. pretty amazing. Congrats to the other participants- they were good stories. Hopefully next time we can get a few more submissions.
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