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  1. Every individual link under the Cadets page option on the main page. Every. Single. One. Srsly. There is a TON of information here that you can just sit and read to help prep you for the world you will be writing in. I figured I would start reading it before going through and starting my character information and immediately regretted it. WAY too much to do in one sitting when you are itching to do something else. I'm hoping to sit down on Saturday and read a good chunk of it. I also found this link helpful: Stafleet Academy Curriculum. It gives you a great place to start planning your character and fill in some back story that may prove useful/interesting later on. The section on majors and minors I found particularly interesting. Hope this helps Vangulka!
  2. RP in general is something I've been doing since my early teens. The text based chats way back in the Yahoo rooms days and I miss it ao a large degree. A friend of mine is here and mentioned it the other day and I immedately latched on to the idea of it (not unlike a honey badger) and here I am! Plus it's Star Trek.
  3. How's it goin folks? Geoff here from Rochester, NY. I'm not new to Role Playing by any means, however the medium is an interesting challenge. I'm a friend of most all things nerdy and can't wait to sink my teeth into this new experience!
  4. oO Stardate 239004.02. The first day of the rest of your life. Keep breathing. You’ve made it this far. What could possibly go wrong now? Oo SHUTTLE PILOT: “How long are you going to wait around here?” Ryan sat in the same seat he had been sitting in for the last hour now. On the same shuttle that had brought him to StarBase 118 that had already landed twenty minutes ago. He pulled a short brown stray hair off of the shoulder of his cracked brown leather coat before he let his hands fall to his lap, curling together against his black slacks. The coat had been his fathers before him and you could still smell a hint of whiskey that had stained it after years and years of it being practically soaked in the stuff. Not to say his father was an alcoholic. It was more that the coat had been passed down to the first born male of his family line since the early 2000’s if his father had the right of it and if there was one thing the first born males of his family loved more than that coat it was drinking. Or his father was an alcoholic. In reality it was a far more likely explanation considering a jacket that old…. SHUTTLE PILOT: “Excuse me? I’m talking to you!” Ryan looked up, his hazel eyes registering the shuttle pilot as if for the first time. He was about 5ft 11. About fifty to seventy pounds overweight for a man of his height. His outfit was clearly purchased about twenty pounds ago, making it fit far too tight around his gut. It was likely a side effect from piloting a shuttle for so long. Ryan was several inches shorter than the pilot and a healthy weight for his height. He looked fairly average. Soft features, cleanly shaven, not particularly athletic, not particularly handsome. Just plain. His hair was a touch too long for his liking, the bangs hanging down just slightly into his line of vision although not blocking his eyes. It was the little individual hairs that crept into view every so slightly. He brushed them away absently and they immediately fell back into his vision again. RYAN: “Can I help you?” The pilot paused for a moment, shocked by the question and attempting some sort of coherent response. Ryan blinked twice and then turned his head slightly to the side. RYAN: “Look. I’m sorry. Now’s a bad time. Could you come back in maybe an hour?” The pilot paused again, whatever sentence he had previously prepared to deliver obliterated by the utterly incomprehensible response. SHUTTLE PILOT: “Come back? What are you..? YOU are on MY shuttle! Now get off before I haul your skinny [...] out of here.” It was now Ryan’s turn to be taken back. Utterly unable to understand how he found himself on this man’s bad side. It was just another in a series of situations he found himself in that he just couldn’t simply explain. How he graduated from the academy, for instance. How he found himself at odds with his family and their odd customs. How he managed to shatter a wine bottle while uncorking it and inadvertently showering his date in wine the night before…. SHUTTLE PILOT: “Ok. You are getting off. Right now.” Ryan picked himself up off of the floor as the shuttle doors closed behind him. He looked around at the people swarming the pathways ahead of him. He slowly made his way along with them. He headed towards the holodeck, taking his time and moving deliberately through the crowd. It was always better to be early than to be late. The early bird catches the worm. A good beginning makes a good ending. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Business before…. PEDESTRIAN: “Hey! Watch it!” …And here we go again.
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