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  1. Congratulations to both Quinn Reynolds, Roshanara Rahman for getting the Special Commendation. I don't know of anyone more deserving of this recognition.

    Also my sincere congratulations to these fine members of staff:

    Tristan Wolf,as Head of Executive Council, works harder than anyone and very well could be Staff Member of this Year Award, but every year as well.

    The James T. Kirk Cross is quite an honor for Mei’konda, USS Astraeus, a newly minted Captain.


    Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition for Jarred Thoran is a well- deserved honor.

    The Sarek Star given to Theo Whittaker, USS Columbia works closely with the EC to find the answers to unique problems that arise.

    Jalana Rajel, USS Constitution, recipient of the Christopher Pike Pendant, has often inspired me with her many talents.

    I don't know how Alex Blair, FO of USS Constitution keeps up with all the news and events and delivers it for us to read in email, but he is certainly deserving of Chief’s Citation for doing it on top of all his other duties.

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  2. Congratulations to all the winners of this year's General Awards, and especially the members of my crew. :)
    The Genesis Award is The Most Improved Simmer Award, which was well-earned by Daylan Daroo by showing conspicuous effort in improving their simming skills and improving her sim rate. Congratulations. I'm very proud of you. 

     The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class (TOSMA) goes to Quen Deena for her great dedication in her behavior and simming abilities. She regularly contributes good, solid ideas to the plot and character development. They also take the time to edit and proofread their sims to ensure quality in their writing.
    The Laudean Commendation is awarded to Ben Garcia achievements in exploration with new lifeforms. He has shown his creativity in the lives of the Laudean people who work within the Embassy and report back to the Laudean government. His species expansion, including physiological, psychological, cultural, social, and more, and his creativity inspires his fellow simmers . This award, although named for the Laudeans, is rare to be awarded to an Embassy crewmember. Thank you for bringing it home, Garcia.
    Stefan Germanovich, during his short time at the Embassy, has earned the B. Plot Award, for managing to show a good part of his character's life in the Starfleet Marines despite the demands of the main plot. He has shown how to do it through flashbacks to an earlier time. Well done, Germanovich.
    Sheathed Sword is presented to Lorian Lovar for his portrayal of a Vulcan inflicted with a trauma that takes away his Vulcan-like personality, making him human-like in demeanor. Great imagination, Lovar!
    Boris Hendon is awarded the Khan Award because he thoughtfully developed a three-dimensional villain in the Glass Android mission. Over the course of a mission he awakened many emotions, including but not limited to hate, fear, humor, and at the end, sorrow, over the course of a mission. Job well-done, Boris!
    Nebula Bar is awarded to Hannibal Parker for is great imagination when creating or expanding upon planets, stars, stellar phenomena. His descriptions of other physical environments and settings, literally " takes you there" . . .
    Silver Palm goes to Alexander Brodie awarded to him for consistently helping the crew by giving sound advice that enhances morale. He not only helps the crew with a variety of problems but also uses his skills to improve in value of the missions' planning and execution. His humor also adds a spark of enjoyment to a lagging story while keeping his sim relevant and realistic (e.g. Aadi's dilemma in asking Hannibal's permission to marry his sister). 
    Rode Mitchell is the recipient of the Russ Bar.  Rode is a writer whose knowledge of Trek lore, and although not much has been written about fighter pilots in our timeline, his knowledge of the Starfleet vessels clearly brings them into focus. Good job, Rode! 
    As a First Officer Krindo Pandorn wears many hats so it stands to reason he would be awarded several bars. Among those awarded to him is the Scotty Cross, for the plot twists he comes up with that feeds your imagination.

    Krindo Pandorn wins the Neelix Award for his extra, out-of-character simming devotion. This includes, but isn't limited to, helping fellow officers who are in need of simming aid, visibility on the forums, OOC list presence, upkeep of wiki pages, filing reports, and generally doing the things that I don't have time to do.
    And last, but not least, Krindo Pandorn wins the Q Award for continually surprising crewmates with unexpected, devious plot twists. Well done, Krindo!
    Lastly, I get to proudly stand with you all in this award ceremony. I was overcome with emotion to read what so many of you had to say. I can't express how much I appreciated all the kind words. What is all boiled down to summed with this sentence: "We thank the Admiral for all her support and encouragement, and for helping fellow members at the Embassy find their path of development." Pathfinder Award is awarded to Toni Turner
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  3. Congratulations to all winners of these Awards. Your sims and creativity have been the inspiration that keeps SB118 group so wonderful!

    Congratulations to Renos for winning the Kathryn Janeway Award. She will surely go down in the history of our group for the impact she has had on it.

    Maxwell Traenor was a great pick for the Chief’s Citation. He, up to now, has been one of our unsung heroes who truly are the backbone of our fleet. Congratulations, Maxwell! 

    Christopher Pike Pendant went to Roshnara Rahman, as it the perfect example of someone who serves with honor and dedication to provide a creative atmosphere which fosters outstanding simming. Job well done! Congratulations Rich!

    Jalana Rajel, winner of the Sarek Star, certainly has the ability show what a great diplomat she is when working with members and staff. She always has something nice to say about everyone. 

    Congratulations to Nugra for wiinning Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition for his work on the Publicity Team.

     Quinn Reynolds, winning the T'Pau Cluster of Distinction, for her work in the Academy is second to none and, in my books, she number Uno in the ways she works with the cadets, and tries to bring out the best in the training team. Congratulations, Emma!

    The James T. Kirk Cross now rests with Brell. who has always shown outstanding potential to be in command. He has the knack to make simming fun and bring out the best in his officers. I'm so happy that he is recognized for his good works! Congratulation, Lee!

    Congratulations again to Quinn Reynolds! This is the highest honor given to those officers of Admiral rank, and is richly deserved for her devotion to SB118.

    Staff Member of the Year Award winner, Sal Taybrim, has tirelessly contributed to the organization and as I said in the write up above, "She works diligently to ensure fun and quality for each person. . . " no matter what she is doing. Congratulations! job well done! 

    Again, Congratulations Everyone!

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  4. Congratulations to all the lucky CO's who have these winners on their crew! They are truly a CO's dream team.

    I am proud of  Savan,  Oddas, Pavlova, T'Mihn, Brayden Jorey, Tyr Waltas and Hannibal Parker, plus the members nominated but had already won the award. That says a lot for their consistent simming abilities and the entire crew. Way to go Team!

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  5. Aww, Brell, simming with you has always been a terrific adventure that started more than 10 years ago when I was so new to simming. You helped me then, and I'm proud to see you come back to sim with us, and getting the recognition you so richly deserve. :)

    I thank you, and everyone for all the kind words, and encouragements. Y'all are the best when making simming fun and enjoyable.

    Rich, you're like a breath of fresh air, offering help when all seems lost. I am in awe of you for all the things you do to make SB118 a better place. It just seems to me that you have boundless energy and a creative flair for everything.

    James, working with you the most, I have found you helpful in many ways. And most deserving of your awards. I'm also in awe of your abilities to lead and be so involved with the Fleet at large.

    Tony, I miss your take on the problems we have and your considered input on how to turn things around. You were always the voice of reason that I always appreciated.

    Sal, while it's true we have not worked much together, it hasn't been because I haven't wanted to - I have. But maybe we can find a way to mesh the distance between the Embassy and  SB118 Ops some day soon. I think we both have a mutual goal of keeping this game fun, and that seems to have the makings of a fun mission.

    Emma (Rear Admiral Reynolds) I feel privileged to work with you on the CC and EC. I've come to respect your honesty in everything you do.

    Fleet Admiral Wolf thank you for all the doors you have opened for me to do the best I can with limited resources, and making it so easy to fall in love with the game you have provided us all.


    Congratulations Everyone! 












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