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  1. ‘There you are, been looking all over for you.’ ‘I’ve been here all the time.’ He replied with a smile. ‘I should have known…you’re always out here by the lake, usually with the others its more shoot’em ups and save the world stuff in the holodeck.’ She replied sitting next to him on the ground. ‘Why aren’t you with everyone else?’ ‘I came here for a little alone time.’ He said with a smile. ‘This place helps me to think.’ ‘I can see why…’ She replied, absorbing the calm created by the scene. The far reaching trees of the forest seem to complement the pebbled path that separated it from the o
  2. I usually have fight scenes but ironically this time around there won't be one...
  3. Sorry for my entry (or lack of), its still alive but I've been so down lately I just can't force myself to do anything but the deadline is still a while away so...
  4. no problem, now i just have to stop being lazy and actually write mine
  5. Like you thought I wasn't gonna enter? I mean come on, A challenge isn't complete without the obligetory entry from me and here's the title but more to come.
  6. i already know i failed, my entry sucked so its all good.
  7. FltAdml. Wolf: Would anyone be opposed to this? Nerreht: Nope Well I- Nerreht: I said "Nope", sit down! eep! lol hmm nah i too would agree to that. with december being my birthday month and christmas and a barrage of deadlines...
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