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  1. Mara shifted her weight to her right leg nervously. As she took in her surroundings with cautious glances she didn't pay mind to her left hand unconsciously fiddling with her right sleeve. Her wide blue-green eyes flicked from one scene to another as if she was trying to memorize every detail. After what may have been three minutes, she really couldn't say, she began walking away from the hustle and bustle and towards, well she didn't really know where she was headed. She just began walking, messenger bag of necessities thumping against her leg in a soothing rhythm. Honestly Mara believed she had never been as nervous as she was right then. Even when she started at the Academy she had been completely calm, having worked herself into a mind-set that allowed her to only think on one thing. It was a trick she had perfected over the years but now she was too jumpy to attempt it. The brunette woman was a bit taller than average but managed to pull it off somehow, not being overly thin nor chubby in any sense. Her athletic build came from nights spent working off the extra energy that stemmed from hours reading or studying. Her arms were lightly tanned with darker freckles adorning them in random patterns. She was in her most comfortable clothes that were acceptable for going out in public, that being a pair of broken-in dark washed denim jeans and a soft long sleeved white cotton shirt under a black vest. Mara normally wouldn't have worn the ensemble but it gave her a sense of home that she hadn't felt in years. Eventually she'd settle in to her new position and all thoughts of her former life in Arizona would be gone, her parents pushed to the back of her mind again, but at the moment she needed to be sentimental. She couldn't really remember when she'd gotten the news. The news saying she was to graduate and move on to her cadet cruise. But time and place didn't matter, it only mattered that her hard work had paid off. The relentless hours pouring over study material and more than one night crying from stress. Not exactly her finest moment but it was in the past and she needed to dwell in the present and look forward to the future. Her mind went back to her kindly old grandmother smiling gently at her and saying those exact words. She shook her head and stopped suddenly. She found herself in front of a library. At the sight of it a Cheshire cat smile appeared on her face and she stepped inside. Suddenly she was much more calm and at home in this foreign place.
  2. Hello world!! My name (well automatic alias. I don't really like my first name) would be Nicole. I live in the great US of A, in the South, in a little town no one has heard of. I found this great site because of, wait for it, Google. Yep, a simple search and you guys came up. But I'm glad I clicked on that link. I'm a middle schooler currently wasting my weekend away when I should be um studying. I'll be perfectly honest, I didn't care for Star Trek at all until about three days ago. I was a proud Star Wars fan then I decided I couldn't say I didn't like it until I watched it. So I let my dad choose one off Netflix and ended up watching the first episode of the first season of the Next Generation. I took to it like a pig to mud. So I've spent all today browsing wikis and reading fanfiction but really that isn't unusual. I'll leave this off here before I begin rambling. I tend to lapse into that fairly easily. Sincerely, The Maddest Hatter
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