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  1. Cadet Grigoriy stepped off his shuttle with a smile on his face. His Father had told him he would never graduate the academy, And here he was aboard Station 118. He could still see the expression on his fathers face a couple of days ago when he tole him he graduated Eleventh in his class. He took a couple steps forward and fell to to the ground smashing his nose on the bulkhead. "Are you all right sir?"Grigoriy looked up to see an elderly shopkeeper standing over him. "Yeah im fine," he said as he stood up took a bad step." "Are you sure?" He asked again. Grigoriy felt his face and winced and pain. "I think i broke my nose." he said as he looked at the blood on his hand. The old gentleman pointed, "sickbays that way" "Thank you sir, first minute here and I've smashed my face," _________________________________ Name:Grigoriy Davis Height:5'11 Age:23 Place of birth:Russia (Did i do this right? And are there any peregrine class fighters?
  2. Hello My names Jeremy i'm from Texas. My Mom is a huge star trek fan, so by default so am i. (Hoping this is still going) I like DS9 the best. I'm writing my own book so i went on to get ideas and here i am... I don't work i'm a stay at home student, Planning on attending the Coast Guard Academy when i'm older. Hopefully i can improve my writing skills here.
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