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  1. 'Ello all. I'm Don, been simming in one form or another off and on for years and felt that I needed to get back in to it. Hence why I'm here. Currently I'm in Washington state, though in a few months I'll be moving to Florida, so yay for warm weather. Been a trek nerd for most of my 35 years. Anyway, I play Xerissa, the resident nerdy lizard and hope to get involved in the goings-on of the place.
  2. The trip to Starbase 118 had been uneventful, thankfully, affording Xerissa a chance to continue her studying in preparation for the upcoming training cruise. Now that the shuttle had touched down, she needed to acclimate to the Starbase and find a place for herself to settle until training began. Standing just a hair below 2 meters in height, the tall muscular Gorn female stepped out onto the hanger deck of the Starbase. As she expected, her body didn't like the enviornment at first. It was cold and bright, and the gravity was lower than what she was built for. Also as expected, more than a f
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